Taking to technology and gathering members to take part in the Blackface Sheep Breeders’ Association's on-line show has proved a success, with 276 entries among the three types – North, North of England and South type.

Judging took place over six weeks through August and September, and using their expertise and putting the classes in order based on photos and videos were judges – David Nicol (North), Jonjo Pattinson (North of England) and Ian Latimer (South).

In the North section, taking supreme and reserve champions was Mathew Hamilton, Woolfords. His champion was a shearling by a £200 Harkin, with the reserve being a ewe lamb by a £12,000 Conway and out of a £8000 Eastmill ewe.

From the North of England types, it was the first prize ram lamb that secured the title for Stewie Weatherson, Edges Green. He is by a home-bred son of a Shepherds Croft and out of a ewe by £8500 Kirkstead. Female champion and taking the blue and white sash was a ewe lamb from Neil Robson, Townshields – she is a daughter of a £7500 Frank Hall and out of a Prospect House draft, by the £5900 Townshields.

A ewe, by a £16,000 Merkland tup, from Michael Robertson, Clonrae, came out on top in the South-type judging. Securing the reserve championship was the first prize tup lamb from Upper Cleugh – by a Madrissa son of a £13,000 Elmscleugh and out of a Troloss ewe by a £5000 Nunnerie.


North type – Aged tups – 1, Auchnacloich; 2, Ian and Gary Watson; 3, Cam. Ewe – 1, Calla; 2, Bomakelloch; 3, Scarhill. Shearlings –1 and 2, Woolfords; 3, Calla. Gimmers – 1, Woolfords; 2, Cam; 3, Jason Morrow. Tup lambs – 1, Danny Kennedy; 2, Calla; 3, Cam. Ewe lambs – 1, Woolfords; 2, Calla; 3, Bomakelloch.

North of England – Aged tups – 1, Neil Robson. Ewe – 1, Allensgreen; 2, David Robson; 3, Sewingshields. Shearling –1,Townfoot; 2, Allensgreen. Gimmer – 1, Allensgreen; 2 and 3, Townshields. Tup lambs – 1, Edges Green; 2, Harry Moreshead; 3, Stell Green. Ewe lambs – 1, Townshields; 2, Edges Green; 3, Allensgreen.

South type – Aged rams – 1, Gosland; 2, Gosland; 3, Burnhead Darvel. Ewes – 1, Clonrae; 2, Dyke; 3, North Amulree. Shearlings – 1, Craigdarroch; 2, Lorgbaw Croft; 3, Upper Cleugh. Gimmers – 1, Clonrae; 2, Gosland; 3, Moorfoot. Ram lamb – 1, Upper Cleugh; 2, South Cobbinshaw; 3, South Cobbinshaw. Ewe lambs – 1, Upper Cleugh; 2, Lorgbaw Croft; 3, South Cobbinshaw.