THE JUDGES have been confirmed for the heavy horse section of the Royal Highland Showcase.

They are:

Clydesdale males: James Ingram, Aberdeenshire.

Clydesdale females: Eric Johnstone, Ross-shire.

Clydesdale young handler: Alasdair Fletcher, Renfrewshire.

Harness, grooming and decoration: Alastair Ferguson, Perthshire.

HOYS ridden Clydesdale: Alasdair Fletcher (conformation) and Mrs Virginia Osborne-Antolovi, Angus (riding).

Heavy horse turnout pairs: William Craig, Ayrshire.

HOYS private driving: Mrs Heather Noad, Bristol.

Highland pony males: Mrs Pat Stirling, Selkirkshire.

Highland pony females: Bruce Haliburton, Perthshire.

Shetland ponies: Miss Irene Spence, Aberdeenshire.

Miniature Shetland ponies: Derek Burnett, Aberdeenshire.

Working native harness: Eric Starke, Angus

Highland ponies under saddle: Mrs Katherine Bowing-Hartenfeld, Lancashire.