Outwith the traditional judging at the Showcase, there was also a range of off-site judging events for food products, hand-made sticks and handcrafts.

Here are the results:

Scottish Bread Championships

Joint supreme – Wild Hearth Bakery – Seriously Fruit and Sesame, Scotland the Bread Wholemeal. Reserve – Company Bakery, Baguette.

Classic sourdough – Gold – Company Bakery, baguette; Wild Hearth Bakery, rustic french country; Wild Hearth Bakery, tinned Yorkshire wholewheat. Silver – Christopher Young, wheat and rye batard; Wild Hearth Bakery, Yorkshire wholewheat loaf; Wild Hearth Bakery, ‘white sourdough’. Bronze – Ballintaggart, Signature malted sourdough; Ballintaggart Farm, Signature white sourdough; Company Bakery, Signature family sourdough; Dainty Monkey sourdough, three grain sourdough; Hajnalka Vasilescu, white sourdough.

Enriched Sourdough – Gold – Wild Hearth Bakery, sourdough Christmas stollen; Wild Hearth Bakery, seriously fruit and sesame. Silver – Company Bakery, Rye Multiseed; Company Bakery, ciabatta. Bronze – Ilgin Beaton, organic ancient grains, heritage wheat seeded sourdough; Company Bakery, raisin and cinnamon boulle; Wild Hearth Bakery, fig and walnut sourdough; Wild Hearth Bakery, sourdough rosemary focaccia.

Bread from Scottish-grown grain, milled in Scotland – Gold – Hajnalka Vasilescu, wholemeal sourdough; Wild Hearth Bakery, Scottish lowland rye. Bronze – Endingell Thomson, plain brown organic bloomer.

Breads reflecting Scotland’s food culture – Gold ¬– Hajnalka Vasilescu, cinnamon bun; Wild Hearth Bakery, sourdough bambrack. Silver – Company Bakery, New York Rye; Sabine Binder, wholemeal spelt with potato; Wild Hearth Bakery, Scottish bere barley bread. Bronze – Wild Hearth Bakery, white sourdough Scottish plain loaf; Wild Hearth Bakery, wholemeal sourdough Scottish plain loaf.

A Bread excelling in nutritional quality – Gold – Wild Hearth, Scotland the bread wholemeal. Silver – Hajnalka Vasilescu, seaweed bread; Sabine Binder, seeded loaf, wholemeal ancient grains. Bronze – Wild Hearth Bakery, oat and rye schrotbrot.

Bread using fully certified organic ingredients – Bronze – Hajnalka Vasilescu, Country loaf wild hearth bakery, oat porridge bread.

Lockdown loaf – Gold – Lesley McFadyean, Oval country grain, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Silver – Wild Bakery, Malted Sourdough; Elvingston Stud, old fashioned sandwich loaf. Bronze – Bridging the Gap High Rise Bakers , Zoom Soordough-Zhila Dadouihi; Sabine Binder, Farmers Country Crust Bread.


Champion – St Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Co, Traditional Farmhouse Cheddar.

Reserve – Strathearn Cheese Company, Soft and creamy cheese with a bloomy rind and flavoured with pieces of Truffle.

Overall non-Scottish cheese – South Caernarfon Creameries, Mature Traditional Cheddar.

Best overall Scottish cheese – St Andrews Farmhouse, Cheese Co, Traditional Farmhouse Cheddar.

Best cheddar – St Andrews Farmhouse Cheese.

Best Scottish cheddar – St Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Co, Traditional Farmhouse Cheddar.

Best speciality cheese – Strathearn Cheese Company, Soft and creamy cheese with a bloomy rind and flavoured with pieces of Truffle.

Best speciality Scottish cheese – Strathearn Cheese Company, Soft and creamy cheese with a bloomy rind and flavoured with pieces of truffle.

Best small producer – The Wee Dalry Dairy, Crème Fraiche.

Champion cultured – The Wee Dalry Dairy, Crème Fraiche.

Reserve cultured – Yester Farm Dairies, Cottage.

Cheese Gold awards

Mild cheddar – South Caernarfon Creameries, mild cheddar.

Mature, traditional cheddar – South Caernarfon Creameries, mature traditional cheddar.

Flavour added – Strathearn Cheese Company, soft and creamy cheese with a bloomy rind and flavoured with pieces of truffle.

Yoghurt – Rora Dairy, greek style yoghurt; Rora Dairy, fudge yoghurt.

Cultured creams – Graham’s Family Dairy, sour cream.

Other cultured products – Graham’s Family Dairy, passionfruit, mango and papaya kefir.

Goats or ewes milk – Drumturk Cheeses, A plain salted soft Lactic curd.

Speciality smoked – The Kedar Cheese Company, smoked mozzarella ball.

Cheese Silver awards

Vintage cheddar – Caledonian Creameries, white vintage cheddar.

Speciality Blue Cheese – Highland Fine Cheeses, Mould Ripened and meaty with fine threads of blue running through the creamy, white paste.

Speciality hard cheese – Isle of Mull Cheese, Cheddar; Highland Fine Cheese, Buttery, nutty, sweet and milky with a hint of orchard fruits.

Cultured creams – Yester Farm Dairies, soured cream; Yester Farm Dairies, Crème Fraiche.

Other cultured products – Graham’s Family Dairy, Graham’s low fat cottage cheese.

Small producer Silver awards

Fresh, Young – The Wee Dalry Dairy, Crowdie.

Cheese Bronze Awards

Mild Cheddar – Caledonian Creamery, Galloway coloured medium.

Mature Cheddar – Caledonian Creameries, White.

Mature Cheddar

Speciality Blue – Highland Fine Cheeses, butter cream Icing on the nose, voluptuous maturity on the palate.

Yoghurt – Graham’s Family Dairy, Icelandic style Strawberry yoghurt; Graham’s Family Dairy, Icelandic style Raspberry yoghurt; Graham’s Family Dairy, Icelandic style Superberry yoghurt; Graham’s Family Dairy, Raspberry yoghurt; Rora Dairy, Live Raspberry yoghurt; Yester Farm Dairies, Natural yoghurt; Yester Farm Dairies, Natural yoghurt with mixed berries.

Speciality Blue – Isle of Mull Cheese, Hebridean Blue.

Speciality semi-soft cheese – Strathearn Cheese Company, a mild and mellow buttery flavour with a natural rind; Kedar cheese company, Kedar Tomme.

Speciality smoked – St Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Co, Traditional Farmhouse Cheddar matured then smoked over whisky barrel oak chips; The Kedar Cheese Company, Smoked Mozzarella log.

Scottish Butter

Champion butter – Graham’s Family Dairy, Butter with Isle of Skye Sea Salt.

Reserve butter – Graham’s Family Dairy, Graham’s slightly salted Scottish Butter.

Gold Awards

Salted Butter – Graham’s Family Dairy, Butter with Isle of Skye Sea Salt; Graham’s Family Dairy, Graham’s slightly salted Scottish butter; Graham’s Family Dairy, Graham’s Organic slightly salted butter.

Silver Awards

Salted butter – Graham’s Organic slightly salted Scottish butter.

Flavour added – Carole Arnott, Homemade Lemon and Parsley butter.

Bronze Awards

Salted butter – Graham’s Family Dairy, Graham’s unsalted Scottish butter.

Scottish ice-cream

Champion – Alanda’s.

Reserve – Perfect Scoop.

Gold Awards

Vanilla – Perfect Scoop.

Chocolate – Fochabers Ice Cream Parlour.

Open Flavour – Alanda’s Apple Strudel.

Silver Awards

Vanilla – Equi’s.

Strawberry – Equi’s.

Chocolate – Perfect Scoop.

Any Flavour – Alanda’s: Chocolate, Pear and Mascarpone; Perfect Scoop: scone, butter and jam.

Sorbet – Perfect Scoop, wonderfully creamy mango sorbet.

Frozen yoghurt – Giacopazzi's Wholesale Ice Cream Limited, Raspberry Yoghurt.

Bronze Awards

Vanilla – Nelson’s of Culross; Taylor’s of Biggar; The Blue Door Coffee shop and diner; Loop and Scoop; Arran Ice Cream, Gizzi; Alanda’s Gelato; Fochabers Ice Cream Parlour; Giacopazzi’s Wholesale Ice Cream Limited; Oscar’s Gelato.

Strawberry – Nelson’s of Culross; Loop and Scoop ; Oscar’s Gelato; Arran Ice Cream.

Chocolate – Equi’s; Nelson’s of Culross; Loop and Scoop; Giacopazzi's Wholesale Ice Cream Limited; Alanda’s Gelato; Oscar’s Gelato.

Open Flavour – Alanda’s, Pistachio and raspberry; Perfect Scoop, Lotus biscoff millionaire; Alanda’s, milk chocolate with pecan praline chunks; Alanda’s, milk chocolate with salted honeycomb; Alanda’s milk chocolate and orange; Fochaber’s Ice Cream Parlour, coffee and cardamom; Loop and Scoop Malteser; Alanda’s, milk chocolate, chocolate sponge and wild italian amarena cherries; Alanda’s , dark chocolate with crystallised ginger, ginger shortbread and milk chocolate; Alanda’s milk chocolate gelato with brownies, chocolate fudge swirl and Dulce de Leche; Alanda’s, chocolate and champagne; Perfect scoop, coconut Crème Brulee; Perfect Scoop, cool summer breeze with a hint of lime; Perfect Scoop, lemon shortbread and blueberry yoghurt; Equi’s peach and jalapeño; Alanda’s, mint, raspberry and white chocolate; Alanda’s, walnut and date; The Blue Door Coffee Shop and Diner, whisky and pecan; Equi’s, lemon and elderflower; Alanda’s, strawberry shortcake; Alanda’s, Cranachan gizzi, white chocolate and hazelnut; Perfect Scoop, fry’s raspberry cream; Loop and Scoop, banoffee; Equi’s, Hazelnut; Loop and Scoop salted caramel; Fochabers Ice Cream Parlour, Earl Grey Tea and Citrus Ripple; Alanda’s hazelnut, Dulce de Leche and Belgian milk chocolate; Loop and Scoop Biscoff; Oscar’s Gelato Pistachio; Perfect Scoop, black and white toffee; Alanda’s, Alphonso mango, passionfruit and meringue; Alanda’s, Pistachio.

Sorbet – Alanda’s Gelato, lemon sorbet; - Equi’s mango sorbet; Giacopazzi's Wholesale Ice Cream Limited, Blackcurrant; Taylor’s of Biggar, chocolate sorbet; Oscar’s Gelato; Taylor’s of Biggar, mango sorbet; Fochabers Ice Cream Parlour, Victoria plum sorbet.

Frozen yoghurt – Fochabers Ice Cream Parlour, cherry yoghurt with a cherry ripple.


Champion masterclass prize for best overall exhibit – Janice McCabe.

BRCS perpetual silver challenge Quaich for best overall exhibit – Janice McCabe.

Reserve – May MacCormick.

EW Thomson memorial trophy for best exhibit with special reference to colour and design – Betty Wallace.

Jean Bruce for best exhibit in handweaving, knitting, spinning or crooks from Scottish crofting countries – Kathleen Anderson.

Agnes F Bryson perpetual challenge trophy for exhibit of most outstanding merit in the embroidery classes – Jane Plumb.

Thomas Archibald memorial and rosette for best shepherd’s Crook, walking stick or piece of woodwork – George Mabon.

Perpetual challenge silver cup for best crook or walking stick – George Mabon.

Mrs Allister Campbell memorial trophy for best set of four crooks and sticks by one competitor consisting of one horn crook, one wood crook, one horn stick and one wood stick – George Mabon.

Edinburgh knitting and crochet guild perpetual challenge trophy for innovation and creativity in knotting and/ or crochet – May MacCormick.

Jamieson and Smith for best exhibit or article in fine (cobweb) wool, hand knitted – Joey Stickle.

Mabel Ross Memorial prize for best exhibit of a ‘fancy’ hand-spun yarn – Margaret Beith.

Scottish Basketmakers’ Circle prize for best exhibit in the basketmaking – Katharine Huggett.

Annette Williamson memorial trophy for best woven item – Katharine Huggett

Edinburgh Lace Club award for best exhibit of lace in section G with special reference to creativity – Kathleen Brander.

Jean Parker for best exhibit of two-ply handspun, extra fine, Shetland yarn for lace knitting – Rowena Barnet.

Best in patchwork, applique and quilting – Joan Duncan.

Best exhibit in painting – Gillian Chapman.

Best exhibit in felt – Janice McCabe.

Medley of crafts, theme: Olympics – Sunglasses case in canvas work – 1, Alison Cran; 2, Margaret Beith. Sporting hoodie sewn – 1, Joan Duncan. Presentation pillow – Incorporating ribbon work – 1, Katherine Huggett; 2, J Christie; 3, Hazel Alexander. 3D winter sports theme interpreted in hand made felt – 1, Katherine Huggett; 2, Sarah Urie. A Horse in needle felting – 1, Janice McCabe; 2, Katharine Huggett; 3, Katriona Templeton. Bottle holder, any basketry technique – 1, Katherine Huggett. Painting of surfing – 1, Gilliam Chapman; 2, Anne Baxter. Watersport watercolour – 1, Anne Baxter; 2, Gillian Chapman. Sporting action mounted photograph – 1, Gillian Chapman; 2, Phyllis Hannah; 3, Lynn Winpenny. Sporting celebrations mounted photograph – 1, Gillian Chapman; 2, Lynn Winpenny. Poster advertising any sporting event – 1, Gillian Chapman; 2, Helen MacIver. Sporting mascot – 1, Joan Duncan; 2, Phyllis Hannah; 3, Hazel Alexander. An item in origami – 1, Phyllis Hannah; 2, Edingell Thomson.

Trio made by the same person – ‘Gold, Silver and Bronze’ – Three items, three different crafts displayed on a 30cm square board – 1, Phyllis Hannah; 2, Doris Dingsdale; 3, Hazel Alexander.

Novice – ‘Open to newcomers’ – Ski hat, knitted any ply – 1, Betty Wallace; 2, E Bladon.

Crochet theme – Supporters hat any style – 1, Katriona Templeton; 2, Rosalind Stuart- Menteth; 3, Hazel Alexander. knee rug – 1, Katriona Templeton; 2, Rosalind Stuart-Menteth; 3, Katherine Huggett.

Hand knitting, theme winter sports – fingerless gloves – 1, May MacCormick; 2, Mary Stewart; 3, E Blandon. Snood – 1, Eileen Parkin; 2, Claire Tuck; 3, Elizabeth MacGregor. Apres ski jumper – 1, E Bladon; 2, Eileen Parkin; 3, Elizabeth MacGregor. Ski socks – 1, Elizabeth MacGregor; 2, Muriel Farquharson; 3, Mary Steward. Article in fine Shetland type yarn other than a shawl – 1, Joey Stickle; 2, Kathleen Anderson; 3, Doris Dingsdale.

Handspinning, weaving and dyeing, theme field sports – hank of Shetland yarn – 1, Rowena Barnet; 2, Katharine Huggett; 3, Penny Skett. Hank of fancy yarn – 1, Margaret Beith; 2, Katherine Huggett; 3, Penny Skett. Article in homespun yarn – 1, Penny Skett; 2, Katharine Huggett; 3, E Bladon. Wall hanging – 1, Penny Skett; 2, Jess McCaffery; 3, Joanne Hamilton. A satchel – 1, Katherine Huggett; 2, Penny Skett.

Lace and tatting, theme competitor’s party – congratulations card – 1, Jane Plumb. Coasters – 1, Kathleen Brander. An accessory in lace – 1, Kathleen Brander; 2, Jane Currie; 3, Hazel Alexander.

Embroidery theme, anyone for tennis – Hand towel – 1, Hazel Alexander. Cross stick pictures – 1, Jane Plumb. Seat pad – 1, Hazel Alexander.

Patchwork, applique and quilting, theme, ball sports – sports bag – 1, Phyllis Hannah. Quilted body warmer – 1, Joan Duncan. Racket cover – 1, Phyllis Hannah.

Children, theme sports day – Collage – 1, Archie Lawrie. Papier Mache trophy – 1, James Lawrie. Handmade medal – 1, Jamie Webster; 2, Struan Webster.

Crooks and walking sticks – Neck crook – plain wood head, one piece or two piece – 1, George Mabon; 2, George Mabon. Plain horn head – 1, David Broadbent; 2, George Mabon. Fancy horn head – 1, David Broadbent. Fancy wood head one or two piece – 1, David Broadbent. Walking stick – plain wood, one or two piece – 1, George Mabon; 2, Steven Docherty; 3, David Broadbent. Plain horn head – 1, George Mabon; 2, Steven Docherty; 3, David Broadbent. Fancy wood head one of two piece – 1, Steven Docherty; 2, George Mabon; 3, Richard Russell. Fancy horn head – 1, George Mabon; 2, David Broadbent. Leg cleek – wood – 1, Steven Docherty; 2, David Broadbent. Thymb stick horn or wood – 1, George Mabon; 2, Richard Russell. Walking stick – plain buffalo horn – 1, Steven Docherty. Fancy buffalo horn – 1, Steven Docherty. Half head sportsman’s stick – 1, Richard Russell. Walking stick, horn head – 1, Richard Rusell; 2, Nick Gough. Horn or wood by novice – 1, Richard Russell; 2, Nick Gough.