Gregor 14 years

Amy 13 years

Sam 8 years

Can we have a bit of background about you and your family?

We live at Bridgehouse Farm, near Whithorn. It is a dairy, beef and sheep farm. We have Holstiens, Commercial beef cows, pedigree Texel and Blue Faced Leicester (crossing type) ewes.

How did you start to get involved in the showing side of things?

Gregor and Amy: We got into showing as our Mum and Dad have been showing for years. You could say it is in our breeding!

Sam: I got into showing as my brother and sister were doing it , so I wanted to join in.

Do you have certain breeds that you like more than others?

Gregor: For showing, I like Commercial cattle and Blue Faced Leicester sheep. I like the Blue Faced Leicester because they have a very noble ring presence, it is as if they are above the rest of the breeds.

Commercial cattle for their conformation and style, but the breed that I really admire is the Holstien cow. They are such hard working, docile cows.

Amy: I like Commercial and Limousin cattle, I like them because they have nice showy heads and well put together.

Sam: My favourite are Blue Faced Leicester sheep and Limouisin/British Blue cross calves. I like the Blue Faced Leicester as they are good for showing - they follow you around like dogs. I like their long necks for holding onto and giving a cuddle to.

What are your first show memories?

Gregor, Amy and Sam: We have been going to the shows since we were born, so always been involved on show day, with Mum and Dad. The first show we all showed at would be our local show, Wigtown.

Gregor showed his first calf there when he was just two-years-old!

Do you have a favourite show?

Gregor: Stranraer show is my favourite show as the sun always shines that week, but the next week at Wigtown, they are never so lucky.

Amy and Sam: The Great Yorkshire Show is our favourite show, as its our holidays and we get to meet up with all our friends that live far away.

What is the best bit about showing, for you?

Gregor: I really enjoy meeting up with friends and getting the stock ready, making them look their best for the judge.

Amy: I have always been told its the taking part... but for me its all about the winning!

Sam: My favourite thing is winning a rosette and some sweeties.

What as been the biggest success of your show career so far?

Gregor: I won my age group and reserve overall handler in the Beef Young Handlers at the Royal Highland Show, in 2019. I had never competed in this section before, so I was really pleased.

Amy: Winning the Junior Young Handler competition at the Young Limousin Breeders in 2019 was really good, but I also enjoyed winning the Beef Young Handler at the Royal Highland Showcase this year, and Agri Expo 2019

Sam: I have had a second place at Wigtown Show, but it was my sister who beat me... she better watch out next year !

Have you had any disappointments, yet?

Gregor: I wasn't a big fan of when Amy started beating at the young handlers with the cattle, so I decided to start showing my Bluefaced Leicester sheep. Amy doesn't like sheep so we wont be against each other!

Amy: I don't think I really do disappointment, its not really my thing. There is always another day.

Sam: Yes, my big disappointment was when my sister beat me at Wigtown show!

Who do you look up to and admire on the show circuit?

Gregor and Amy: We would both say that Dougie McBeath would be the person who has always given us good advice. He tells us to always have a plan B.

There are lots of other people who have always encouraged us and helped us at the shows, too.

Sam: I look up to Amy, as I think she is really good at the young handlers, and at working with cattle. Although really I just look up to everybody - I'm just wee!

What is the best bit of advice that sticks in your mind?

Gregor: Don't worry, there is always other shows, its only one judges opinion.

Amy: Keep eye contact with the judge and don't let go!

Sam: Make sure your calf stands right and its feet are in the right place.

Do you like to help out on the farm at home?

Gregor: Yes I sometimes take time off school to help at silage time but its ok - I see it as giving the rest of the class time to catch up!

Amy: Yes there is always something to do, I have my ponies to look after too. I usually help mum with the halter training of the cattle.

Sam: We all help out on the farm. I like feeding the dairy calves and going round the beef cows with Dad to point out the calves with the big bums, there are quite a few of them this year.

How do you like to make use of your spare time?

Gregor: I play for Newton Stewart RFC under 16s, which I enjoy. I also like going to farm sales, and I like my vintage Massey Fergusson tractors.

Amy: I have a pony and a horse which keeps me busy, I am a member of the |Galloway Pony Club which is great fun. Hopefully once the shows get started again I will be able to take them to the shows too - show days are going to be busy!

Sam: I like to play football and rugby.

What are your plans for the future just now?

Gregor: I hope to leave school as soon as possible to go to Barony College to do engineering and agriculture.

Amy: In the future I hope to become an equine vet and have a few horses of my own. I would still like to show as much as I can and start my own herd of Limousin cattle.

Sam: When I grow up I want to become a farmer and show my own stock.

What would you say to someone that was keen to give showing a bash?

Gregor and Amy: If you are interested in showing, go to the shows and speak to the exhibitors, offer to help - there is always someone needing a hand on show day, even if its just holding as beast, a bucket or a comb. Offering a hand is a good place to start. Learn as you go!

Sam: Always smile and give the judge a wink, it works for me !