The next generation of Mzuri’s direct drill will be launched at this year’s LAMMA – the system has proved popular with farmers looking to reduce cultivation and invest in a reliable one-pass establishment system over the last decade.

Now the British manufacturer has launched an additional drill into its existing range – the Mzuri IPASS. Built on the same core principles as the existing range, this has been developed to offer growers higher output, efficient low disturbance seeding.

It comes with a 5000-litre pressurised tank to meter and convey high application seed and fertiliser rates accurately at higher forward speeds. This large capacity tank has four variable speed electric metering units for accurate delivery across the width of the machine.

Two units control fertiliser and two control seed giving operators the option to shut off half of the width.

A unique coulter configuration means it can drill into a range of surface types, including cover crops, stubble, grassland and cultivated ground. The leading disc cuts through surface residue, slicing the field surface to promote lower disturbance of the following coulters.

A primary knife coulter clears trash from the till and band places fertiliser below the seeding zone. A secondary seeding coulter follows on a unique ball joint system to allow the coulter to self-steer behind the path of the band-placed fertiliser.

The Mzuri iPass is available in widths of 4m, 4.8m, 6m and 8m and operators can choose between two row spacing options per model.

In addition to the single pass drill range the team will be showcasing their new low disturbance subsoiler.

Designed to complement direct drilling establishment, the Rehab is available in 3m, 4m and 6m, with a generous leg spacing of 500mm and a stagger of 750mm for free movement of crop residue.

Spring loaded discs provide clean cutting action through residues and topsoil whilst pivoting to avoid stones. Mounted on individual disc arms, the leading discs self-adjust to follow the contours of the ground to ensure accurate engagement across the width of the machine.

Following the disc, a 15mm hardened steel leg features a replaceable tungsten carbide tipped point to pierce and lift the soil profile whilst creating minimal surface disturbance.

Operators can determine the level of fracture through the profile by a choice of three wing widths including 55mm, 115mm and 135mm. For protection, ‘Hammer-thru’ shear pins minimise downtime.

Behind the legs, there’s a packer roller with V profile rings to re-consolidate either side of the leg to create a weatherproof finish for drilling.