Just shy of 300 head of pedigree bulls and eight females will be forward for United Auctions' Multi-breed Bull Sales at Stirling, next month.

The show and sales which take place on Sunday, May 1 and Monday, May 2, feature no fewer than seven beef breeds, with Aberdeen-Angus and Limousin making up the bulk of the entries with both having 74 each and the latter also having a further eight heifers entered for the big event.

Charolais and Simmentals are as always well represented with 53 and 52 bulls expected, respectively.


Charolais – Vince Corbett, The Gorther, Felindre, Knighton, Powys

Simmental – Jonathan Gunn, March Cottage, Mavsey, Lybster

Limousin – Thomas Illingworth, Howgillside, Eaglesfield, Lockerbie

Salers – Andrew Waugh, Kilnstown, Bewcastle, Carlisle

Beef Shorthorn – Annette Marshall, Grieves Cottage, Pitnacree, Pitlochry

Aberdeen-Angus – Maddie Clark, High House Farm, Kettlebaston, Ipswich

Programme of events

Friday, April 29

5pm Yard opens

Saturday, April 30

2pm Inspection of Charolais bulls

3.30pm Inspection of Simmental bulls

Sunday, May 1

8.30am Inspection of Salers bulls followed by Beef Shorthorn and Hereford


9am Inspection of Aberdeen-Angus bulls

9.45am Show of Charolais bulls

11.30am Show of Simmental bulls

1pm Show of Salers bulls followed by parade of Hereford bull

2pm Inspection of Limousin bulls

1.30pm Show of Beef Shorthorn bulls

2pm Show of Aberdeen-Angus bulls

Monday, May 2

9am Show of Limousin bulls

10.30am Sale of Charolais bulls (53)

11.45am Sale of Simmental bulls (52), Limousin bulls (74) and Limousin females (8); Salers bulls (12); Beef Shorthorn bulls (20); Hereford bull (1) and Aberdeen-Angus bulls (74)