Ayrshire Association of Young Farmers Club’s County Rally witnessed members gather at Craig Wilson’s Ayr Market for a day full of events and competitions where Crossroads YFC lifted the title.

Results from previous competitions combined with those at the rally saw Crossroads YFC amass a total of 479 points, while Mauchline YFC were placed second with 417 points, and coming in third with 352 points were Ayr YFC.

New Cumnock YFC lifted the small clubs award, with Beith following in second.

A total of 61 calves were forward for the suckled calf competition, where Daniel Hodge, Dykes, of Mauchline YFC, and Laura Young, Howcommon, of New Cumnock YFC, bagged the top awards.

In the hoof competition, it was a home-bred 580kg Charolais cross bullock from Daniel Hodge that landed the supreme. As well as the first win here for Daniel, this was the first outing for this calf, which was sired by Hodges Optimusprime out of a home-bred Limousin cross cow.

Commenting on this overall champion was judge, Robert Reid, High Unthank, Strathaven: “It is a stand out show calf from start to finish and will go on to do well. He is a real fleshy animal and is full of character.”

Standing reserve in the hoof section was a British Blue cross bullock from Iain Craig, Rankinston, of Ayr YFC. This boy crossed the weigh bridge at 585kg having been bought at Ayr market from the Laird family of Carbello for £1100 weighing 340kg.

Judging the hook section was Alfie Taylor, of Heatheryhall, Biggar, who awarded champion to the 655kg British Blue cross heifer, Pixie, from Laura Young.

“It is full of meat from head to toe, being a well balanced animal throughout, and was a well worthy champion in my eyes today,” said Mr Taylor.

This girl was bought from Blair and Shona Comrie of Stonebyres for £1160, at Lanark auction market when weighing 442kg, and will now be retained for breeding in the herd.

Closely followed to this was a 655kg Limousin cross bullock from Louise Kerr, Cloquhairnan, of Ayr YFC. On his first outing, this was another boy bred at Carbello having been bought out of Ayr market for £1750 when crossing the weigh bridge at 360kg.

The best shown animal was ably judged by Ann Taylor, Heatheryhall, Biggar, and was awarded to handler Andrew Wylie, of Ayr YFC, who was leading his 470kg British Blue cross heifer. Having competed on various occasions, this is the last year Andrew can take part so the win was even more special.

Among the sheep lines it was a pair of Charollais ewes from David Andrew, Rowanston, Maybole, that landed the supreme. This well matched pair are December born, sired by Foxhill Wuhan and out of home-bred dams. This is the first win here for David, with his pair now destined for the Royal Highland Show next month.

“They were a stand out pair, I couldn’t find any faults in them. They have the length, skin and good ends on them, as well as the size of them for their age, a well balanced pair well worthy of the champion honours,” said sheep judge, Kenny O’Connor, Woodside Avenue, Carstairs.

Taking the blue and white sash was a pair of Blackface hoggs sired by a £1000 Gass tup, from Jack McWhirter of Linfairn.

LEADING awards

Anniversary – most points per member – 1, Mauchline YFC; 2, Crossroads YFC; 3, Ayr YFC.

Lauchlan – Overall suckled calf – 1, Scott Anderson, Crossroads YFC; 2, Glen Martin, Crossroads; 3, David Andrew, Ayr YFC.

Clay Pigeon Shoot – 1,– David Bruce and Callum Cowan, New Cumnock YFC; 2, Alistair Middleton and Kevin Weir, Mauchline YFC; 3, Cailean Knapp and Hugh Gilbert, Crossroads.

Rally Queen competition – 1, Jennifer Veitch, Mauchline YFC; 2, Rhanna Or, Crossroads YFC; 3, Laura Blyth, Beith YFC.

Sports – Cross Country – Girls – 1, Lorne Kerr, Crossroads YFC; 2, Lucy Nelson, Kilmaurs YFC; 3, Olivia Mcwhirter, Ayr YFC.

Boys – 1, Jack Blair, Beith YFC; 2, Grant Thomson, Ayr YFC; 3, Gavin Gililland, Mauhcline YFC.

Long jump – Girls – 1, Kate Drummond, Mauchline YFC; 2, Fiona Cuthbertson, Crossroads YFC; 3, Sophie Steel, Crossroads YFC.

Boys – 1, Gavin Shearer, Crossroads YFC; 2, Andrew Nisbet, Kilmaurs YFC; 3, Grant Thomson, Ayr YFC.

Football – 1, Beith YFC; 2, Kilmaurs YFC; 3, Crossroads YFC.

Netball – 1, Kilmaurs YFC; 2, Beith YFC; 3, Mauchline YFC.

Hockey – 1, Mauchline YFC; 2, Crosssroads YFC; 3, Kilmaurs YFC.

Questionnaire – 1, Crossroads; 2, Mauchline; 3, Ayr.

Mock Auction and valuation – 1, Craig Baird, David Smith, Alex Drummond of Crossroads YFC; 2, Andrew Struthers, Stewart Watt, Joshua Irszak, New Cumnock YFC; 3, John Campbell, Adam Wardrop, Jack Blair, Beith YFC.

Dairy calf show – Champion – Andrew Struthers, New Cumnock YFC. Reserve – Cameron McGregor, Mauchline YFC.

Black and White champion – Andrew Struthers, New Cumnock YFC. Reserve – Cameron McGregor, Mauchline YFC

Red and White champion – Emma Struthers, New Cumnock. Reserve – Rachel Templeton, Mauchline YFC.

Showmanship – Heather Veitch, Mauchline YFC.

Suckled calves – Hoof champion – Daniel Hodge, Mauchline YFC. Reserve – Iain Craig, Ayr YFC

Hook champion – Laura Young, New Cumnock YFC. Reserve – Louise Kerr, Ayr YFC.

Overall beef from dairy herd hook – Champion – Ian and David Stevenson, Ayr YFC.

Best shown animal – Andrew Wyllie, Ayr YFC.

Best novice performer in beef section – Louise Kerr, Ayr YFC.

Any other breed – Ian Craig, Ayr YFC.

Overall Limousin – Daniel Hodge, Mauchline.

Lamb competition – Champion – David Andrew, Ayr YFC. Reserve – Jack Mcwhirter, Ayr YFC.

Stock demonstration – 1, David Smith, Ewan Cochrane, Scott Anderson, Crossroads YFC ; 2, Cameron McGregor, Daniel Hodge, Gavin Gililland, Mauchline YFC; 3, Robbie Meikle, Scott Limond, Ross Limond, Ayr YFC

Produce section – 1, Crossroads YFC; 2, Ayr and Kilmaurs YFC.

Handicrafts – Festival theme – 1, Crossroads and Mauchline YFC; 3, Ayr YFC.

Half hour demonstrations – Decorated wine bottle – 1, Jean Andrew, Beith; 2, Morven Guthrie, Mauchline; 3, Erin Miller, New Cumnock.

Edible Musical Instrument – 1, Laura Blyth, Beith; 2, Hannah Baird, Crossroads; 3, Karen Shepherd, Kilmaurs.

Floral Arrangement incorporating a bag – 1, Fiona Gemmell, Mauchline; 2, Shona Mcharg, Ayr; 3, Lynsey Frew, Crossroads.

Tractor driving – 1, Ayr; 2, Crossroads; 3, Ayr.

Handler driving – 1, Mauchline; 2, Kilmaurs; 3, Crossroads.

ATV bike and trailer – 1, Beith; 2, Crossroads.

Car driving – 1, Kilmaurs; 2, Crossroads; 3, Mauchline.

Novelty – Decorated shopping trolley – 1, Crossroads; 2, Kilmaurs; 3, Beith.

Sheaf tossing – 1, Beith; 2, Kilmaurs; 3, Kilmaurs.

Tyre throwing – 1, Mauchline; 2, Mauchline; 3, Beith.

Stob driving – 1, Kilmaurs; 2, Ayr; 3, Crossroads.

Wheel-barrow race – 1, Mauchline; 2, Ayr; 3, Crossroads.

Overall sports – 1, Crossroads; 2, Mauchline; 3, Beith

Tug of War – Girls – 1, Ayr; 2, Crossroads; 3, Mauchline.

Boys – 1, Crossroads; 2, Kilmaurs; 3, Ayr.