NSA North Sheep, the Northern Region's biennial showcase returns to Northumberland, next year, with the event being hosted by JE Woodman and Son, Bradford House Farm, Ponteland.

The event, which will take place on Wednesday, June 7, 2023, will be organised by the Northern Regional committee of the NSA which takes in the counties of Cumbria, Co Durham, Humberside, Lancashire, Northumberland and North and West Yorkshire.

Viv Lewis, chair of the NSA’s Northern Region, and NSA North Sheep 2023 said: “With so many changes in farming and the drive to attain Net Zero, it is vital that farmers keep themselves up-to-date and informed. The last four years have seen immense changes, with the reduction in BPS, Brexit, and the new green agenda – not to mention the huge rise in fuel, fertilizer, and feed prices.

“Through visiting the trade exhibitions and attending seminars, visiting farmers will be brought up to speed with latest industry trends, technologies, and the information to help improve the profitability of their businesses. Covering this comprehensive agenda is exactly what NSA North Sheep aims to do. Agriculture can also be a lonely occupation and it is always good for farmers to get together and compare notes, particularly in such challenging times."

Bradford House Farm, headed up by Willie Woodman, is a progressive farming enterprise. Mr Woodman farms 2130 acres with his wife Christine and son Martin over two farms, 30 miles apart – Great Chesters, a 1200-acre hill farm in the shadow of Hadrian’s Wall, and the 930-acre Bradford House Farm near Ponteland, is a traditional mid Northumberland livestock and arable farm purchased by the family in 2002.

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Today Bradford House Farm is home to a lowland flock of 250 Mule ewes and 200 Texel cross ewes, which also grows wheat, barley, oilseed rape and beans.

The sheep flock at Great Chesters comprises 700 Blackface ewes of which 250 are bred pure for replacements with the other 500 put to the Bluefaced Leicesters to breed Mule lambs.

The Woodmans also run 270 sucklers, mainly Limousin crosses with a few British Blue crosses, with 50 to 60 bulling heifers. The overall sheep farming enterprise is self-sufficient, with the exception of some bought-in tups.