An outstanding run on a formidable, steep hill course on a day of wild wind and wet conditions gave Chris Toner’s Tammi a long lead over the field at Glenlyon.

The Cheviot hoggs ran well in the morning, but by the afternoon, they were inclined to bolt from the top. The steep, 500-yard outrun and the turn from the fetch onto the drive, between the fetch gate and a cone, set 20 yards in front of the handler, tested the dogs in the stormy conditions.

Tammi (BK Renwick’s Nip, C Toner’s Graham’s Sam) worked well outbye, round the course and at hand, with only minor individual points dropped, and the run was described by the judge, as ‘outstanding’ and one of the best hill runs of his memory.

At Monymusk, Mule hoggs ran in exemplary fashion, and an eagle-eyed judge had his work cut out finding faults in the running. The course ran downhill where the hoggs were released to be fetched up to the handler, turned round the pen and down on to a left hand drive, across the face and back up for the pen and shed.

Sandy McCulloch’s Sam (A Lehtio’s Coel, BJ Bowen’s Pat) worked flawlessly outbye and at hand and only very minor wavers on the drive deprived him of a clean sheet.

The direction of the drive was reversed next day, on the same course, for Bennachie trial, but the hoggs were wiser by then and knew where the exhaust lay.

Elinore Nilsson’s Tweeddale Fergie (B McAllister’s Spot, D Aitken’s Tami) ran well outbye, had a good drive with only minor wavers; clean close work, judged the best pen and shed of the day, set the seal on the winning run with a narrow margin over a closely packed list.

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The Suffolk hoggs at Kelso were generally good to handle on a flat course that rose up to the release post, but they could be tricky to pen.

Stuart Davidson’s Maid (B Strachan’s Sam, JC MacLachlan’s Sheila) ran out and lifted well, the lines of her fetch and drive wavered a little but a good pen and shed secured a comfortable lead over the field.

LEADING awards

Monymusk (Judge: E MacKinnon, Coulags). Open – 58 ran – 1, A McCulloch’s Sam, Dalmellington, 98; 2, K Donald’s Bill, Dalrymple, 95 outbye; 3, A Wilkie’s Spot (Mot), Glenmoy, 95; 4, M Gallagher’s Val, Alyth, 94; 5, S MacFarlane’s Willow, Blairgowrie, 93; 6, B Smith’s Chip (Flash), Dunrossness, 92.

Legars, Kelso (Judge: R Henderson, Crawford). Open – 60 ran – 1, SL Davidson’s Maid, Sandbank, 92; 2, C Armstrong’s Jill, Archbank, 88; 3, E Foster’s Bess, Brotherston, 87; 4, IM Brownlie’s Boyd, Dunbar, 86; 5, N McVicar’s Mark, Benmore, 82; 6, RB Henderson’s Bob, Broughton, 80.

Bennachie (Judge: B Smith, Dunrossness). Open – 52 ran – 1, E Nilsson’s Tweeddale Fergie, Balintore, 94; 2, J MacKillop’s Zac, Fort Augustus, 92 outbye; 3, D Kinloch’s Zac, Kilsyth, 92; 4, AD Carnegie’s Suus, Comrie, 91; 5, A McCulloch’s Sam, Dalmellington, 90; 6, N Campbell’s Gwen, Kinross, 89 outbye.

Glenlyon (Judge: JW McAllister, Milton of Buchanan). Open – 46 ran – 1, C Toner’s Tammi, Drimsynie, 99/110; 2, N Gillon’s Boss, Barr, 89; 3, C Mellin’s Gyp, Oakworth, 86; 4, SL Davidson’s Maid, Sandbank, 81 outbye; 5, C Toner’s Niro Mace, Drimsynie, 81; 6, ACD MacKenzie’s Maid, Luss, 80; 7, R Howatson’s Jed, Fairlie,77; 8, P Martin’s Daisy, Glenlyon,76.