Will history be made next month as Nick Greaves and Llyr Jones make a record-breaking attempt to shear more than 1457 lambs in nine hours next month?

The duo are set to beat the current nine hour British lamb shearing record which was set by Gareth Daniels and Ian Jones in 2016.

Both Nick and Llyr have been busy shearing in recent weeks with their attempt taking place in Staffordshire on August 12, between 5am and 5pm.

Richard Schofield, shearing manager, British Wool said: “Record attempts are an excellent opportunity to showcase the highly skilled individuals driving the industry forward while also helping to promote the quality of British wool to wider audiences.

“As a key industry body, we are totally committed to supporting champions as representatives and ambassadors. We’re delighted to be supporting Nick and Llyr to help them achieve their goals and wish both Nick and Llyr the very best of luck.”