A run-off at Manor favoured Neil Campbell’s Gwen and separated two good and very closely matched runs from Gwen and Bobby Henderson’s Bob.

The Scotch Mules were the best seen at the trial for some years, running well on the flat course on a glorious autumn day, but the cross-drive gate was hard to judge and some able handlers went wrong there.

Gwen (N Campbell’s Gus, D Kinloch’s Gwen) ran out and lifted a lively packet well, and although they made a squiggle on the line of the fetch, she had a good drive. A clean pen and shed put the run in contention for first place and the run-off confirmed it.

Bobby Henderson’s Bob (RB Henderson’s Skid, A Eccles’ Wardstone Fly) ran out well, lifted and took his sheep steadily around the course with only minor wavers, and finished the run with clean work at hand, putting him into the runoff, which cast him into second place.

Fit Cheviot gimmers ran well on a challenging clifftop course at Staffin nursery trial and co-co-operated at the pen. The outrun was awkward for the young dogs, and it was not easy to keep the sheep on line on the fetch, which took them through a ditch; the long cross drive took them through a bigger one, and fewer than half the dogs completed the course.

George Simpson’s Greiston Mick (RW Laurie’s Jay Beez Sky and Groesfaen Nap) ran out a little too far, which slightly impacted his lift. The gimmers went off line for part of the fetch, but the drive was good, although the line of the second leg was not straight. A good pen and shed completed the run in first place.

Ian Sutherland’s Dan (Hielan Cap) (J MacDiarmid’s Rab, S Robertson’s Ruby) got off to a good start, but he too, let the sheep go offline on the fetch. They went off line again on the cross-drive, but good close work put him into second place.

Fit Cheviot ewes running well at a novice trial at Parkhouse gave the handlers every chance to achieve good work and a well-controlled run from Vicky Mathie and Midge led the pro novice class. The trial brought a good turnout of competitors from considerable distances around Scotland as well as supporters who contributed towards the £1510 raised for two charities.

Leading Awards

Manor (Judge: A Stewart, Lockerbie). Open – 54 ran – 1, N Campbell’s Gwen, Kinross, 94 runoff; 2, RB Henderson’s Bob, Broughton, 94; 3, A Kent’s Cass, Dunoon, 91; 4, IM Brownlie’s Bec, Dunbar, 90; 5, K Keith’s Foinaven Skye, Lockerbie, 88; 6, R Dalziel’s Ash, Ettrick, 87.

Staffin (Judge: J MacKillop, Fort Augustus). Nursery – 17 ran – 1, G Simpson’s Greiston Mick, Forgue, 88; 2, I Sutherland’s Dan (Hielan Cap), Strathnaver, 85; 3, D Worthington’s Bob, Skarfskerry, 80; 4, I MacDonald’s Meg, Staffin, 74; 5, J Grant’s Nell, Dunbeath, 73; 6, M McQueen’s Dixwel Ricky, Skye, 71; 7, H Cooper’s Roy, New Deer, 62. Novice – 1, M McQueen’s Ricky, Skye, 67.

Parkhouse (Judge: RB Henderson, Biggar). Novice – 28 ran – Pro novice – 1,V Mathie’s Midge, Kilmaurs, 87; 2, B Parker’s Quita, Heriot, 81; 3, B Parker’s Reba, Heriot.78. Novice nursery – 1, G van Dyck’s Lhinnek Rum, Invergordon,74; 2, B Parker’s Duke, Heriot, 71; 3, H Cooper’s Roy, New Deer, 70. Novice beginner – 1, L Lindsay’s Anne; 2, C Arnott’s Queen; P Gough’s Fly; £1510 raised for Biggar local committee for Cancer Research UK and Farmigos CIC.