More than 60 quality dairy cattle and 22 young handers were forward for the South West Scotland Dairy Show at Wallets Marts, Castle Douglas, the event was hailed a huge success.

Judge Euan Lawrie of Grangehall Holsteins, Lanark, had a busy night with the first award presented to Sophie Brown who the junior showmanship, led Meiklefirth Tatoo Erica. In a hotly contested senior handling class, Katlyn McCormick emerged supreme.

Champion calf was first-time exhibitor Leanne Bertram’s January 2023-born Jersey, Clydevalley Lightning Gail 2, led by Georgie Bertram. A daughter of Laitjoie Lightning, backed by six generations of Very Good or Excellent dams, she was purchased from Robert Hunter as a foundation for Leanne’s own herd.

The Scottish Farmer: Ayrshire Champion, Morwick Peggy 111 from GG Baynes, Hexham (Photograph: Keith Kirk)Ayrshire Champion, Morwick Peggy 111 from GG Baynes, Hexham (Photograph: Keith Kirk)

The reserve calf was Jack Baynes’ Marleycote Sea Lily 36, an August 2022-born daughter of the McCornick Nelson son, Changue Meikle Lad. She is backed by six generations of VG or Ex-classified dams and has always been placed in the top two throughout the show season. She sells as part of a choice at the Borderway Black and White sale in December.

The Baynes’ trip from Hexham was successful as they also scooped the Ayrshire championship with Morwick Peggy 111 which is owned in partnership with Stuart Mullan. This Ex93-classified fifth calver is giving almost 60 litres per day have calved in September. Bred from three generations of Ex dams, she stood champion Red and White heifer at AgriScot for her breeder Michael Howie.

The reserve was Halmyre Urr Louise 376 VG87-2yr from Keith Davidson. This daughter of the Kamouraska Rockstar son, Halmyre Urr Rockstar, was paraded five weeks fresh in her second. As a heifer in milk, she was inter-breed champion at the Royal Highland and reserve at the Great Yorkshire Show.

The Jersey championship headed west with Wellhouse Colton Emerald Ex91 from Hew, Wilma and Jack Howie’s Wellhouse Jerseys. A fourth generation Ex-classified cow, she calved in March and is still giving 21 litres at 6.17%BF and 3.73%P. She landed the breed title and reserve inter-breed at the Stranraer Show.

Donna Patterson led Cormick Call Me Minnie Moo to stand reserve Jersey. This heifer in milk, owned by her father Davie McCormick is by Audibel Jordan. She calved in July and stood first at Moffat.

The Scottish Farmer: Holstein Champion, a third calved Sandy-Valley Scenario daughter from T and M Irving (Photograph: Keith Kirk)Holstein Champion, a third calved Sandy-Valley Scenario daughter from T and M Irving (Photograph: Keith Kirk)

First-time exhibitors T and M Irving from Canonbie took the Holstein championship with a third calved daughter of Sandy-Valley Scenario. Fresh in July, she is giving 60 litres per day from an average of 3.7 milkings a day through the robot. In her second she gave 11,600 litres at 4.14%BF and 3.21%P.

Reserve was Logan Rubels Seisme VG88, from Brian and Michael Yates. Fresh with her second in July and giving 50 litres a day, she was reserve at the Dumfries Show and reserve Red and White champion at UK Dairy Day 2023. As a two-year-old, she was unbeaten in her class.

Commenting on the show, judge Euan Lawrie said: “South West Scotland Dairy Show is a very well organised and run show, the entry numbers and quality of entries were fantastic. My championship line-up showed what I look for – well balanced, correct animals with strength and dairyness, quality udders and great legs and mobility.”

Leading Awards

Junior handler – 1, Sophie Brown; 2, Harry McCormick; 3, Jack Howie; 4, Tilly Jardine; 5, Douglas Patterson; 6, Finlay Nicholson; 7, Milly McCormick; 8, Ben McCormick; 9, Ellie MacTaggart; 10, Billy MacTaggart.

Senior handler – 1, Katlyn McCormick; 2, Ruby Patterson; 3, Andrew Roan; 4, Howie Jardine; 5, Jack Baynes; 6, Katie Bertram; 7, Fraser McCarlie; 8, Alex Callander; 9, Annie Barbour; 10, Kacie McCormick; 11, Will Callander; 12, Lucy Barbour.

Inter-breed junior calf, born Apr 1-Sept 30, 2023 – 1, Newhouse Farming’s Newhousefarm Loyal Pansy 4; 2, RC Gemmell’s Brownfield Citizen Denise; 3, WP Callander’s Crofthead Stephen; 4, RC Gemmell’s Brownfield Melby P Britina; 5, WP Callander’s, Crofthead Katie; 6, WP Callander’s Crofthhead Rainbow Dot; 7, Firthhead Partners’ Meiklefirth Tatoo Erica; 8, RC Gemmell’s Brownfield Episode Dimple 4; 9, Newhouse Farming’s Newhousefarm Loyal Crocus 2; 10, K Davidson’s Halmyre Urr Jinks 621.

Inter-breed junior calf, born Jan 1-Mar 31 2023 – 1 and champion calf, Leanne Bertram’s Clydevalley Lightning Gail 2; S Roan’s Colvend Hampshire Anna; 3, B and M Yates’ Logan Jones Jordy Apple Tart; 4, A Jardine’s Applegarth Victorious Ceres; 5, Katlyn McCormick’s Blythbridge Chocochip River, Katlyn McCormick; 6, Sheila Yates’ Damm Mostragee Atlanticway VIP Frisky; 7, RC Gemmell’s Brownfield Elevated Marjos Red 2; 8, A Jardine’s Applegarth Victorious Nancy; 9, W McHarrie’s Heughpark Donte Caribic.

Inter-breed senior calf, born Jul 1-Dec 31, 2023 – 1 and reserve champion calf, GG Baynes’ Marleycote Sea Lily 36; 2, K Davidson’s Halmyre Urr Lizzie 3; 3, W McHarrie’s Balcurvie Tea Rose; 4, Firm of JM Howie’s, Kirkcolm Doral Snowstorm Red; 5, Donna Patterson and D McCormick’s Cormick Call Me Baby Davina; 6, Leanne Bertram’s Clydevalley Victorious Circus; 7, Donna Patterson and D McCormick’s Cormick Arino Rachel Red; 8, GG Baynes’ Marleycote Sea Lily 36; 9, GG Baynes’ Marleycote Rae 11.

Interbreed in-calf heifer – 1, B and M Yates’ Logan Latenite Shania Red; 2, W McHarrie’s, Aliann Sidekick Oralie; 3, Donna Patterson and D McCormick’s Cormick Call Me Maggie May; 4, W McHarrie’s Aliann Lambda Miss Lolli 2.

Ayrshire heifer in milk – 1 and 2, WA McDowall’s Culroy Rocky Amey 2 and Culroy Kintyre Amey; 3, RC Gemmell’s non-pedigree entry; 4, WP Callander’s Crofthead Renoir.

Ayrshire cow in milk – 1 and Ayrshire champion, GG Baynes’ Morwick Peggy 111; 2, reserve Ayrshire and exhibitor bred Ayrshire, K Davidson’s EB and BU Halmyre Urr Louise 376; 3, AC Clark’s Fineview Rocky Teenie; 4, RC Gemmell’s non-pedigree entry; 5, K Davidson’s Halmyre Urr Mayflower 302; 6, WP Callander’s Crofthead Yellow.

Jersey heifer in milk – 1 and reserve Jersey, Donna Patterson and D McCormick’s EB and BU, Cormick Call Me Minnie Moo.

Jersey cow in milk – 1, Jersey champion and exhibitor bred champion, Wellhouse Jerseys’ EB and BU, Wellhouse Colton Emerald.

Holstein heifer in milk – 1, Firthhead Partners’ Willsbro Tropic Sharon; 2, B and M Yates’ Logan Avatar Rae Red; 3, S Roan’s Colvend Santos Lola; 4, T and M Irving’s non-pedigree entry by King-Doc); 5, RC Gemmell’s Brownfield Abro Agnes; 6, W Fleming’s Hillhead Pharo Jane; 7, W McHarrie’s, Aliann Crushtime Zandra.

Holstein junior cow in milk, having had two calves – 1 and reserve Holstein, B and M Yates’ Logan Rubels Seisme; 2, Firthhead Partners’ Meiklefirth Rubels Seisme; 3, S Roan’s Colvend Piston Blass; 4, B and V Davidson’s Errolston Zamagni G Ricki.

Holstein cow in milk – 1, Holstein champion and exhibitor bred champion, T and M Irving’s non-pedigree entry by Scenario; 2, B and V Davidson’s Errolston Fit Mandy; 3, B and M Yates’ Logan Fitz Becky; 4, W Fleming’s Hillhead Dalliance Brenda; 5, T and M Irving’s non-pedigree entry.

Inter-breed 50t class – 1, B and V Davidson’s Errolston Fit Mandy; 2, B and M Yates’ Logan Estate Jazz; 3, W Fleming’s Hillhead Dalliance Brenda.