A GOOD selection of predominately hill-reared calves was forward for United Auctions' annual show and sale of spring-born suckled calves at Oban, where the overall champion went on to top the sale at £1200.

That was a 418kg British Blue cross heifer out of a home-bred Limousin cross cow, from Dougie MacDonald, Tyree, purchased by R Newlson, Cuttlehill.

The judge, Tom Cochrane, East Balscalloch, Stranraer, found his reserve in another entry from Mr MacDonald – the first prize bullock, a 354kg Limousin that later made £970, selling to F Connoly, Fife.

Overall, the entry of 849 cattle saw bullocks average £647.37 per head or 263.1p per kg with heifers at £563.90 or 232.8p.


Bullocks – A-A – Poltalloch, £880 (x2), £875 (x8), £850 (x10); Ardachy, £850. BB X – Tyree, £935, £855. Char X – Shenavallie, £780, £760. Hfd – Clachan, Tiree, £1010, £930 (x2), £890 (x2). Lim – Achuran, £1010; Baligarve, £990; Tyree, North Ardnacalch (x2), Achnaba (x4) and Ardachy, £970; Culbhuirg, £960 (x2); Achnaba, £945 (x2). Luing – Clachan Farms, £805 (x6); Ardlarach, £770 (x10), £700 (x8). Sim X – Laggan Farms, £975; Ardlarach, £820 (x2); Dunach Estate, £805 (x5). Per kg – A-A – Poltalloch, 373.3p (x11), 329.9p (x7), 311.4p (x8); Kilbride (Anderson), 302.3p(6), 299.0p. BS – Achnacloich, 228.3p. BB X – Shenavallie, 301.0p, 290.1p; Tyree, 267.1p. Blonde X – Shenavallie, 335.2p .Char X – Shenavallie, 286.4p, 263.9p. Lim X –

Scoor, 362.7p (x3); Strongorm, 357.1p (x2); Calachally, 353.3p (x2); Aird, 348.9p (x4); Strongorm, 340.3p (x4). Luing – Knock, 277.6p (x13); Ardlarach, 271.9p (x10), 259.3p (x11).

Sim X – Kilbride (Craig), 328p; Strongorm, 320.7p (x4); Kilbride (Anderson), 316.8p (x8).

Heifers – A-A – Ardachy, £860, £780. BB – Tyree, £1200. Char X – Shenavallie, £675. Lim X –

Achnacreebeag, £960, £930; Achnaba, £840, £810 (x2); Ardachy (x3) and Strongorm, £790; Culbhuirg and Achuran, £780. Sim X – Keil Farm, £800, £730. Per kg – BB – Tyree, 287.1p; Shenavallie, 271.8p. Blonde X – Shenavallie, 253.0p (x5). Char X – Shenavallie, 241.4p (x2). Lim X – Calachally, 298.7p (x2); Strongorm and Calachally, 276.2p; Strongorm, 271.4p (x2), 268.1p (x5). Sim X – Kilbride (Anderson), 289.5p (x4), 265.4p (x2), 241.4p; Strongorm, 239.5p(x3).