Demand for British eggs has increased following the Fipronil scandal on the Continent, with three quarters of UK shoppers claiming home produced eggs should always be used in prepared foods.
According to new research this increased demand has arisen since eggs from farms implicated in the scandal on the continent, were imported and found to have been used in prepared food on sale in the UK. This included being used in supermarket salads, sandwich fillers and a range of catering products.
The data also revealed that more than half of shoppers are unhappy that imported eggs are currently being used with results showing that more than 80% of shoppers now want prepared foods to clearly show the eggs’ country of origin on the packaging.
“The results are clear – the Fipronil contamination has underlined how important the use of British eggs in prepared foods is to consumers and we now ask retailers, food manufacturers and caterers to make a positive step towards giving them what they want,” said Ian Jones, chairman of British Lion Egg Processors.
“It is clear that shoppers are increasingly concerned about the ingredients used in manufactured food and now more than ever need reassurance that their food is produced using quality British ingredients that are produced to high standards of food safety.
“The longer these inconsistent standards are allowed to happen, the more disappointed consumers are likely to become.
“Now is the time for food manufacturers, caterers and retailers to listen to the concerns of their customers and reassure them by specifying the use of British Lion eggs and using the ‘Made with British Lion eggs’ logo on packs.”