Scottish pedigree dairy breeders well and truly made their mark at the UK Dairy Day at Telford, securing not only the Holstein, Ayrshire and Brown Swiss breed championships but also the inter-breed and reserve overall.

The event, which featured several National Breed shows and competitive classes for seen breeds to include Guernseys, was led by the Laird family's Swiss-bred Holstein cow, Illens Atwood Australia, from Blyth Bridge, West Linton, which scooped the inter-breed senior championship honours. She along with the reserve Holstein then went on to lift the inter-breed pairs.

Lanarkshire breeder, John Adamson, Swaites, also had plenty to smile about, when his top Ayrshire cow, Swaites Bright Spark 5, led the breed and picked up the reserve inter-breed.

Her stablemate, Swaites Dainty 11, also made her mark for the 200-cow herd which boasts a herd average of 9000litres, taking the reserve breed honours.

All eyes were nevertheless were on the supreme overall, Illens Atwood Australia, from Alister and Kathleen Laird, son Colin and his wife Izzy and daughter Ann's 500-cow three times daily milking herd. Calved at the end of April and on her first outing of the year, this six-year-old imported from Switzerland in 2015 is giving 60litres per day at 3.2%P and 4.1%BF.

No stranger to the show ring, Australia – a Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood-sired cow out of Illens Lheros Nancy – lifted the SuperCow title at AgriScot and the overall champion of champions at the Borderway UK Dairy Expo, at Carlisle, last year. Classified Ex94, she also stood second to the champion at the European Holstein Show in France, in 2016.

John Adamson's reserve overall and supreme Ayrshire was the VG86-2yr classified second calver, Swaites Bright Spark 5, shown by James Lawrie as part of the Ayrshire Cattle Society's young breeders' programme.

A daughter of Brieryside Red Centurian bred from a previous home-bred Bright Spark, she was paraded a month calved and giving 45litres having produced 7544litres in her first at 4.24%BF and 3.30%P. She too has also made her presence on the show circuit, standing reserve heifer at AgriScot last year and third at the National Calf Show.

Mr Adamson, who unfortunately was unable to attend the event, also scooped the reserve breed honours with Swaites Dainty 11, a Nexus Dreamer-sired third calver that lifted the reserve breed honours at the Highland on her sole previous outing this year. Classified Ex91, she calved in January and has since produced 8000litres, having given 8702lites at 4.54%BF and 3.16%P in her second. Adding to the celebrations, the two Swaites cows picked up the reserve inter-breed pairs award.

Adding to the Scottish triumph, Dumfriesshire Brown Swiss breeder, Jonny Lochhead, Beyond The Burn, was presented the tri-colour for his senior cow, Old Mill Wonderment Sunset ET, which was bought at the Swiss National sale as a calf. A direct daughter of the Ex94 Old Mill Snickerdoodle and sired by Top Acres C Wonderment ET, this third calver was paraded giving 35litres at 4.0%BF and 3.8%P, having calved down in February.

Mr Lochhead was back in the tickets when his home-bred heifer in milk, Kedar Wonderment Jolie, was presented honourable mention.

Supreme Jersey was the well-known show cow, Bluegrass Vindications Harp, owned by the Fleming family, John Henning and Keith Agnew, all from Co Down, Northern Ireland. Bought here three years ago for 11,000gns, and shown by Lindsay Fleming, this third calver which has been residing at East Logan, Castle Douglas, with Brian and Michael Yates, is by Vindication CJCC and bred from Bluegrass Barbers Harpers ET. Champion at the Borderway UK Dairy Expo and at the Highland this year, she calved down in February and is giving 40litres.

The Yates' had their own success too when Eastford Atomium Kiwi Red, a red and white heifer owned in partnership with the Lawries from Ayrshire, lifted the reserve inter-breed heifer honours. Sired by Gen-I-Beq Atomium Red and out of Coton-End Secure Kiwi Red, she also boasts previous form, being awarded honourable mention at the Highland and reserve junior at the Borderway UK Dairy Expo.

Supreme heifer was another top show female, Littlebridge Goldchip Honey, a Mr Chassity Gold Chip-sired Holstein from JL Miles and Sons, Northallerton. This rising four-year-old which collected the same award at the Great Yorkshire this year, is out of Littlebridge Shottle Honey 2.

Reserve Holstein cow was Andrew Cope and Isaac Lancaster's jointly owned private German purchase, Icow Huddlesford Rosann 899, from Skipton. A daughter of Regancrest-GV S Bradnick, out of Romy, she calved her third at the beginning of May and is giving 55kg per day having produced 11,000litres in her second at 3.9%BF and 3.27%P.



Junior heifer in milk – 1, champion heifer and honourable mention inter-breed heifer, ET Tomlinson and Son's Sandyford Marlow Clover 6; 2 and reserve heifer, ET Tomlinson and Son's Sandyford Primed Clover; 3, LH Batty's Willowfields Conceit 7.

Senior heifer in milk – 1, G Timbrell and Son's Millford Vital Mayflower; 2, L and C Window's Hunnington Sailor Girl 149; 3, RT and JI Adams' Bigginvale Buttermilk 100.

Junior cow in milk – 1 and champion, J Adamson and Son's Swaites Bright Spark 5; 2, L and C Window's Hunnington Lilly 16; 3, ET Tomlinson and Son's Sandyford Dark Hester 2.

Intermediate cow in milk – 1 and reserve champion, J Adamson and Son's Swaites Dainty 11; 2, B Crothers' Sandyford Burdette Penelope; 3, PG and S Williams' Willhome Ristourn Fanny.

Senior cow in milk – 1 and honourable mention, ET Tomlinson and Son's Sandyford Mayflower 14; 2, G Timbrell and Son's Millford Lark 32;3, A and S Lawrie's Cuthill Towers Crown Ray.

Group of three – 1, ET Tomlinson and Son; 2, G Timbrell and Son; 3, A and S Lawrie.


Junior two-year-old – 1 and reserve heifer, WJ Nadin's Sterndale AS Rae; 2, Firstlook and Jackpot Holsteins' DG Abricot; 3, Woodhey Dairies' Woodhey Hello Kitty.

Intermediate two-year-old in milk 1, A and J Whittaker's Knowlesmere Alf Suzie (Alf); 2, I ang G Jones' Clonpaddin Brokaw Fame (Brokaw); 3, L Miles and Son's Sterndale Gras Papoose (Mardi Gras).

Senior two-year-old – 1 and champion heifer, JL Miles' Littlebridge Goldchip Honey; 2 and honourable mention heifer, Firstlook and Jackpot Holsteins' Firstlook Dreamy Ricki; 3, Blythbridge Holsteins' Jessyd2cou.

Junior three-year-old in milk – 1, DW and CE Jones' Knoxtown Bradnick Memory; 2, Riverdane Holsteins' Riverdane Springsteen Explode 3, BL Davies and Son's Davlea Goldsun Lotto

Senior three-year-old in milk – 1, JL Davies and Son's Davlea Lauthority Hiawatha; 2, Riverdane Holsteins' Riverdane Ex Rosabel 3, BL Davies and Son's Davlea Lauthority Lulu.

Four-year-old in milk – 1, Huddlesford Holsteins' Icow Huddlesford Rosann 899; 2, Evening Hill Farm's Warnelview Cup Irene 2; 3, A Lawson and Son's Newbirks Lauthority Caye, A Lawson an Son.

Five-year-old in milk – 1, B Yates and Son's Logan Sid Edie; 2, Designer Holsteins and LG Brigham's Easthaugh Audrey 70; 3, CRJ Bishop's Curscombe Windbrook Joy 89.

Mature cow – 1, champion and overall champion of champions, Blythbridge Holsteins' IIlens Atwood Australia; 2, SA Morley and Wormanby Farms' Feizor Knowledge S Melody 3; 3, Riverdane Holsteins' Riverdane Talented Rose.

Red and white

Heifer in milk – 1, B Yates and Son's Eastford Atomium Kiwi Red; 2, R Williams' Arbennig Destry Scarlet Red.

Cow in milk – 1, DW and CE Jones' Wiltor Chipper Rosie Polled Red; 2, A and J Whittaker and B Crothers' Knowlesmere Destry Dream Red; 3, WJ Nadin's Sterndale Alchemy Noel Red.


Heifer in milk – 1, L Summer's Ribblesdale Vanahlem Doris 2.

Junior cow in milk – 1 and champion, Fleming Family, CJ Henning an K Agnew's Bluegrass Vindications Harp; 2 and honourable mention, AH Wilson's Bluegrass Tequilas Hula-Hoop; 3, J Hudson and B Ford's Honefields Tequila Lets Dance.

Senior cow in milk – 1 and reserve champion, AH Wilson's Tregibby Tequila Panama.

Brown Swiss

Heifer in milk – 1 and honourable mention, J Lochhead's Kedar Wonderment Jolie; 2, I James' Quarry Zeus Bali 2; 3, B Miller's Kedar Wonderment Jane.

Junior cow in milk – 1 and champion, J Lochhead's Old Mill Wonderment Sunset ET; 2 and reserve, M and S Williams' Elite Blooming Mair.

Senior cow – 1, R and S McColm's Webscott Hurray Sibble.

Dairy Shorthorn

Heifer in milk – 1 and honourable mention, R Kite's Cottonhall Landmine Princess Anne; 2, M Tidmarsh's Irthingvale Lje Tulip 2; 3, D Madeley's Daimat Saafie.

Junior cow in milk – 1 and champion, SE Dixon an G Holiday's Shaunlea Geri 6; 2 and reserve, R Kite's Cotonhall Pingerley Clarissa; 3, GG Baynes and Son's Marleycote Fleur 49.

Senior cow in milk – 1, R Kite's Cotonhall Joy 7; 2, RST and SA Morgan's Rodway Una 4