THE 'go to' product for controlling blackgrass in winter wheat, Avadex Excel 15G, is now approved for use in spring-sown wheat.

Its new label recommendation also adds to its approval for use in winter and spring barley and there are also emergency use (EAMUs) in place for spring linseed, miscanthus and canary grass.

Announcing the move, Kuldip Mudhar, a development manager for Gowan’s UK and Ireland business, said the tri-allate product's new listing comes at a time when the spring wheat acreage is increasing. “Spring wheat has been increasing and is estimated to be around 100,000 ha and will increase again as more favourable varieties come to market,” says he said.

“Spring wheat can be drilled from November through to April and using the strategy of growing spring crops will reduce black-grass by missing its main autumn germination period. Therefore, it is possible to create good stale seedbeds with less grassweed burden," he added.

However, there are a number of points to be aware of in order to get the best from Avadex granules:

• Calibrate applicator which should include a patternation test before use.

• Apply pre-emergence of weeds and crop.

• Apply Avadex as part of a herbicide programme.

• Always apply at the recommended rate of 15 kg/ha to a moist consolidated seed bed.

• Make sure drilling depth for wheat is correct – 4cm for wheat.

• Regularly check applicator pipe work and deflector plates, ensure deflector plates are clean and at the right angle to maintain an even spread pattern across the boom.

This product will also control meadow-grasses and give some useful control of broad-leaved weed control in such as speedwell, red dead-nettle, forget-me-knot, poppy, mayweed, cleavers, pansy, chickweed and charlock.