One of the main sticking points with precision farming has always been moving data from one system or machine to another – but new a collaboration makes this easier.

The Omnia Precision Agronomy system now dovetails with leading machinery manufacturers, such as Claas, Väderstad, and data management system, Muddy Boots, with the OmniaHub system.

“This is a significant step change in the way that data is handled for precision farming and we are proud to be at the very forefront of this,” pointed out Oliver Wood, Hutchinsons' precision technology manager. “For some time, we have been working closely with industry colleagues to look at how to connect platforms together to transfer data using modern cloud computer systems – which means that the user doesn’t have to handle any data.

“In effect, the systems are managing the data transfer between them, taking away the need to manually move files from one machine to another, leaving the farmer with more time to look at how the data is being used to improve his farm productivity.”

New connectivity arrangements mean that Omnia users will be able to generate a seamless flow of data from Claas’ Telematics system straight into it and field boundaries can be shared between the two systems, with yield maps automatically sent to and processed by the over-arching system.

It is also now possible to use Omnia Connect with Väderstad E Services drills to control variable rate drilling plans, meaning that drill owners who do not currently use the ISOBUS functionality on them, can unlock more potential from their drill.

And, Muddy Boots users will also be able to benefit from the new connectivity developments b y being able to seamlessly transfer field and cropping information and field maps between Greenlight Grower Manager and Omnia.