UNITED Auctions’ annual show and sale of suckled calves, on Monday, saw 901 bullocks average 241.93p per kg and 686 heifers level at 221.58p.

Bullocks led the gross trade at £1220 for a 498kg Limousin cross from Mains of Creuchies, while a Charolais cross heifer weighing 296kg from Auchentiber made 337.8p. Bullocks also hit 324.5p for a 302kg Limousin cross from Cairncurran, while a 502kg Limousin cross heifer from Percival made £1070. 

Pre-sale show judge, Jimmy Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, Crieff, awarded the tri-colour rosette to a 370kg spring born heifer from Duncan Semple, Dippen, which later sold for £1000, while the reserve ticket went to a spring-born bullock from Messrs Struthers, Gribloch, which weighed 334kg and made £970. 

On the same day, the firm had a forward a catalogued entry of 6186 store sheep, where averages were mixed, with Cheviots realising the biggest increase on the week of £13.30 to level at £53.39. Blackfaces topped the trade at £55 from Merkins, while Beltex cross lambs produced the best average of £65.08 (+£1.39). 

LEADING awards:

Bullock – Autumn born – 1, Simpson, Mains of Creuchies, 498kg, £1220; 2, Robertson, Newton of Logieraite, 424kg, £990; 3, Semple, Dippen, 370kg, £1000. Spring born – 1 and reserve, Struthers, Gribloch, 334kg, £970; 2, Shanry Farms, 398kg, £1030. 
Heifer – Autumn born – 1, Robertson, Newton of Logierait, 426kg, £1000. Spring born – 1 and champion, Dippen, 370kg, £1000; 2, Semple, Dippen, 410kg, £970. 
Pens of four – 1, Dippen, 346kg, £920; 2, Mains of Creuchies, 487kg, £1140; 3, Mains of Creuchies, 431kg, £1080. 

LEADING prices:

Bullocks – Up to 250kg – Balbirnie Home Farm £600; Duirland 261.7p. 251-300kg – Polquhairn £830; Townhead 293.5p. 301-350kg – Cairncurran £980, 324.5p. 351-400kgs – Shanry Farms £1030; Posso 262.4p. 401-450kg – Mains of Creuchie £1100, 250.6p. 451-500kgs – Mains of Creuchies £1220, 245.0p. 501-550kg – Fullerton £1090; Percival 210.7p.
Heifers – Up to 250kg– Carse £540, 226.9p. 251-300kg– Auchentiber £1000, 337.8p. 301-350kgs – Muirhouse £810, 254.7p. 351-400kg – Dippen £1000, 270.3p. 401-450kg – Strathnafaig £1030; Dippen 236.6p; 451-500kg – Snaigow Farming £970, 198.0p. 501-550kg – Percival £1070, 213.1p.