Newton Stewart

More than 1204 prime and cast sheep were forward at Craig Wilson's weekly sale.

The lambs sold to an average of 168.4p and peaked at £90 for Suffolk from S MacTier, Boghouse. Top price per kg was 204.7p for Beltex from Messrs Brown, Millairies. Ewes sold to £105 for Texel's from M McCornick, Boreland, Kirkcowan.


Harrison and Hetherington held their weekly sale of sheep comprising of lambs, ewes and rams.

Lambs sold to £94 for Texels from Wellhouse and 221.1p for Beltex from Chillingham. Ewes also met a buoyant trade peaking at £134 for Texels from Edlingham Newton, the same home also topped the rams with the same breed at £103.


A smaller number of entries were forward for Lawrie and Symington's weekly sale comprising of nine bullocks and 21 heifers.

Bullocks sold to 234p per kg and £1401.66 for a 599 kg Limousin from Nethermyres, to average 204.5p. The same breed led the way in the heifers at 252p from the same home and £1399.48 from the Gask to level at 224.5p.

Also forward were 585 prime lambs and 108 ewes and rams. The lamb trade peaked at 195.5p and £86 for Beltex from Clochie, to average 172.2p.


Mitchells Livestock Centre had 53 cattle forward comprising of 36 cull cattle and 17 prime bulls, 1112 prime lambs and 525 cast ewes and rams.

Leading the sale in price per kg was a dairy bred Limousin bull achieving 184.50p from Lamplugh Hall. British Blues topped the heifers at 183.50 and £1174.40 from Hunday farm.

Lambs sold to 182.50p with an SQQ of 184p selling to £111 and 226.5p for a Texel Lamb from Messrs Walker and Hunter, Fieldside, Dovenby. The same breed also topped the ewe section at £100 from Matt Stockdale, Crosshow, Dearham.

Stirling (Cale)

Some 169 cattle were forward for Caledonian marts' sale comprising of 84 bullocks, heifers and young bulls, 67 OTM cattle, and 18 calves and stirks.

Heifers topped at 240p for a Limousin from DS and RC Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, Muthill and £1482 for the same breed from JH and NT Turnbull, Meadowend, Clackmannan.

Bullocks peaked at 228p for a Limousin from W Dandie, Learielaw, Broxburn and £1475 for a Charolais from C Smith, South Flanders, Kippen.

Dalchirla Farms, Muthill and JH and NT Turnbull, Meadowend, Clackmannan topped the young bulls at 188p and £1332 respectively.

Also forward were 1349 prime lambs, cast ewes and tups producing an overall average in the lambs at 173.2p. Leading the way at 207p was R A Campbell and son, Meikle Seggie for a 45kg Beltex cross and £96 for a Beltex from Doune farms, West Lundie.

Stirling UA

United Auctions sold 4859 prime sheep comprising of 2688 new season lambs, 2171 ewes and rams.

New season lambs sold to £95 for Texels from Hill of Errol and 209p for Beltex from Oatfield. Texels from Broadleys topped the ewes at £106.


Limousins led the way at Aberdeen and Northern marts' weekly sale of prime cattle.

Bullocks averaged 185.2p and sold to 215p from Shevado Barn, Maud and £1375.20 from Stoneyhill, Longhaven. Heifers levelled at 198.2p and peaked at 219p from Mains of Dumbreck, Udny and £1297.20 from Mains of Dumbreck.

Also forward were 1067 prime sheep, feeding ewes and rams. New season lambs sold to 190.5p for Texel’s from Oldtown, Peterculter and £105 for more of the same breed from West Knock, Mintlaw.


All classes met a buoyant demand at C and D Auction marts' sale where trade peaked at £945 for a Beef Shorthorn cow from Messrs Welsh, West Broadmoss, Ayrshire. Top price per kg was a Limousin from Meinbank selling to 124p.

Also forward were 7595 sheep comprising of 1846 prime lambs and 5749 cast ewes and rams.

The lambs produced an average of 179.7p and an SQQ of 180.9. Top price was 225p for Bleu du Maine lambs from DW Scott, Stanley House, Kirklinton and £95 for Texel lambs from Messrs Clubbs, Old Wall, Irthington.


Some 139 cattle were forward for Lawrie and Symington's sale comprising of 32 bullocks and heifers, four young bull, 78 cast cows and bulls and 25 calves and striks.

Limousin heifers sold to 247p and £1495 from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees. Bullocks peaked at £1340 and 222p from Kinneil Mill.

Also forward were 1962 lambs and 2149 cast ewes and tups which met a buoyant demand. The sale topped at £95 for Texel's from Barr, Hallhiland and 217p for Beltex from Blyth, Harestonehill, to level at 172.1p and an SQQ of 173.7p.


Craig Wilson sold 144 cast cows and bulls with a steady trade met throughout. Clean cattle peaked at £1380 for a British Blue bullock from Duchra and 182.1p twice for Aberdeen-Angus bullocks from Skaith, to level at 161p. Charolais topped the bulls at £890 from Thornlea and averaged 85.8p.

Also forward were 1881 sheep comprising of 1540 prime lambs and 341 cast ewes with the whole sale averaging 172.1p and an SQQ of 173.7p. Lambs sold to £90 on four separate occasions for Texel’s from J Dunn and Co, Martnaham Mains, J and E Paterson, Oxenshaw, W Dunlop and Son, Balminnoch and O Elliot, Barra Place and top price per kg was 197.7p for a Beltex from Knockterra Farming.

Ewes sold to £137 for Texel ewes from J Forsyth, Lochlands.

St Boswells

A steady trade was seen at Harrison and Hetherington's weekly sale of prime stock, where heifers and bullocks averaged 210.64p and 207p respectively.

Heifers sold to 243p from Mosstower whilst bullocks peaked at 233p from Faughhill.

Also forward were 824 prime lambs and 771 ewes which sold to £100 for Suffolks from Butterdean and 207p for Beltex from Huntington. Ewes peaked at £107 for Suffolks from Butterdean.


Harrison and Hetherington held their weekly sale comprising of 420 cast cows, culls and prime cattle.

Topping the sale was a British Blue heifer achieving 237.5p from Messrs Little, Greenhill.

Steers peaked at £167.11 for a Limousin and 221.5p for a Limousin cross from Messrs Nicholson, Gill Farm, Carlisle. Also forward were 2038 prime lambs and 320 cast ewes and rams, with trade peaking at £103.80 and 247.1p for Dutch Texel cross lambs from Messrs Thompson, Wood Head, Scaleby.


A small number of calves with just eight forward for Hawes farmers auction marts' sale where trade peaked at £315 for British Blue bulls from J Scarr and Sons, Askrigg.

Also forward were 1224 sheep comprising of 631 prime lambs and 593 cast ewes and rams. Texel's led the prime lambs at £86 twice both from C and M Hugill.


A steady trade was met for a small number of entries at Dingwall and Highland marts' sale of 16 prime cattle. Bullocks and heifers averaged 196.7p and 195.8p respectively.

Bullocks sold to 203p for a 530kg Limousin cross from Bridgend and £1107.80 for a 580kg Simmental cross from the same home. Whilst heifers peaked at 204p for a 545kg Limousin cross and £1271.60 for a 680kg Charolais cross both from Bridgend.

Also forward were 479 prime sheep with new season lambs selling to 182.9p for Texel crosses from Milldam, Meikle Ussie and £84.00 for the same breed from L Nicol, 133 Knockomie Rise, Forres, to average 167p.

Ewes and feeding sheep sold to £110 for a Texel ewe from, 133 Knockomie Rise.

Castle Douglas

Some 1019 prime and cast sheep were forward at Wallets Marts Castle sale, with prime lambs selling to an average of 175.59 and an SQQ of 178.16p.

Topping the sale was Texels from Messrs Young, South Quintinespie, Laurieston at £93.

Cast sheep peaked at £99.50 for the same breed from Drumcruilton.