Newton Stewart

The sale of 791 prime and cast sheep through Craig Wilson saw 684 prime lambs average 222.6p per kg, with a Texel from M Hannah, Meikle Pinminnoch, topping the trade at £120, while lightweight Beltex from R Templeton and Co, Carslae, led the price per kg section at 234.6p.

Cast ewes peaked at £145 for Texels from G Hurcomb, Bankhead, and top price amongst the tups was £101 for a Texel from P Murray, High Ersock.


Lawrie and Symington had 27 prime cattle, three OTM and 366 prime and cast sheep at their sale where bullocks (10) sold to 247p per kg twice, for a 605kg Limousin from Nethermyres, and a 558kg Limousin from the Gask and to £1526.40 for a 636kg Limousin from Nethermyres, to average 224p.

Heifers (17) peaked at 258p twice also, firstly for a 542kg Limousin from Nethermyres and then for a 587kg Limousin which also topped the price per head at £1514.46 from the Gask, to level at 234p.

The three cast cattle were topped at £1340 for a Limousin from Bank of Gallery.

New season lambs (277) peaked at 263p per kg for three 44kg Beltex lambs from Scobshaugh and to £120 for four 46kg Beltex from the same home, to cash in at 230p per kg. (+13p on the week).

Cast ewes sold to £105 for Texels from Newton of Guthrie, whilst rams reached £68 for Blackfaces from Little Ballo.


AT Dumfries, C and D Auction Marts’ weekly sale prime cattle sold to 240p for a Limousin heifer from J Jardine, Yett, while OTM’s were topped at £1105 for a Holstein from Riggheads and to 140p for a Charolais from Park.

Some 732 prime sheep forward saw 423 spring lambs average 230p selling to £115 for Texels from Sheildhill.

Cast ewes (312) were sharper on the week, selling £152 for Texels from Kirkbog with rams to £122 for more of the same from Maryfield.


United Auctions sold 977 prime sheep, where new season lambs (328) averaged 228.68p having sold to 285p for 46kg Texels from Dunscroft, Huntly and to £119 for 53kg Texels from the same home.

Old season lambs (145) reached £120 for 82kg Blue Texels from Braehead, Drummuir, whilst ewes sold to £136 for Texels from Chapel of Seggat, Turriff.

Stirling (Cale)

SOME 100 head of cattle were forward for Caledonian Marts’ weekly sale, where bullocks averaged 215p per kg from a top price of 240p paid for a Limousin from M Orr and Sons, Penston, Tranent and a Limousin from A Pettigrew, Faskine, Airdrie and to £1591 for a Limousin from J and J Brown, Loanrigg, Slamannan.

Heifers cashed in at 228p having peaked at 260p and £1675 for a Limousin from AS Hay, Mains of Cultmalundie, Tibbermore.

OTM’s averaged a record 147p selling to 210p for a Limousin from R Walker, Easton, Bathgate and to £1610 for a Limousin from C Dick, Taylorton, Stirling, while dairy types cashed in at 113p selling to 159p from J Cameron, High Machriemore, Southend and to £960 from T Greer and Sons, Wharlawhill, Fossoway.

On Tuesday, the firm sold 1014 prime sheep with 414 spring lambs selling to average of 226p (+3p on the week and +46p on the year), with a top price of £127 paid for two 49kg Beltex lambs from Doune Farms, West Lundie, Argaty, and to 273p per kg for a Texel from R Wardrop and Son, Easter Coates, Upper Largo.

Hoggets sold to £90 for Texels from MG Walker, Kilt, Cumbernauld.

Cast sheep (600) saw heavy types level at £110.11, peaking at £166 for a pair of Texels from A MacGregor, Allanfauld, Kilsyth.

Export ewes averaged £65.51 selling to £75 for Cheviots from J Smeaton, Craggan, Abernethy, whilst cast rams hit £117 for a Bleu Du Maine from GS Adam, Hill of Armour, Arnprior.

Stirling (UA)

The sale of 2842 prime sheep through United Auctions, saw new season lambs (1737) sell to £127 for Suffolks from North Deanhead and to 273p per kg for Beltex from Dalachy, to average 235.99p.

Trade was similar on the week for ewes (784), which was topped at £158 for Texel ewes from Elmscleugh with rams to £116 for Texels from Hatton Knowe.


Aberdeen and Northern Marts’ prime sale saw bullocks (15) average 205.8p having sold to 223p for a 520kg Limousin from Whiteside, Tullynessle and a 645kg Limousin from Faichfolds, King Edward, and to £1512.30 for a 710kg Limousin from Faichfolds.

Heifers (17) cashed in at 219.4p and sold to 233p for a 590kg Limousin from Stoneyhill, Keith-Hall and £1471.80 for a 660kg Charolais from Plewlands, Duffus.

The three young bulls peaked at 147p per kg for a 830kg Hereford from Mosshead, Aquithie and £1304.25 for a 925kg Hereford from Mosshead, to level at 142.2p.

An increased entry of 163 cast cattle was topped at £1670 for a Charolais cow from JH and S Anderson, Cloy, Fortrose and to 202.3p per kg for a Simmental cross cow from Messrs Jack, Woodend, Muir of Ord, to average 149.9p (+2.9p) whilst dairy cows levelled at 119.4p (+3p).

Some 1023 prime sheep and cast sheep saw new season lambs (445) average 232.4p (+13p) selling to 262.5p for 44kg Beltex and £128 for 50kg Beltex from The Bothy, Rivehill.

Old season lambs (206) sold to 184.9p for 43kg Texels from Kintradwell, Brora and £95.50 for 58kg Continentals from Pitfoskie, Maud.

Cast sheep (352) were topped at £140 for Texels from Little Tack, Auchnagatt.


Some 4282 sheep comprising of 330 hoggs, 1671 lambs and 2281 cast ewes and rams were forward for C and D Auction Marts’ weekly sale.

New season lambs sold to 293p for Beltex consigned by M and M Byrne, Thornthwaite Close, Wigton, or £131 for Texels from AR Bell and Son, Kirkton, Hawick, to level at 239.0p with an SQQ of 238.8p per kg

Hoggs were topped at 197p per kg paid for Cheviot and Shetlands from PAD Boyle and Sons, Mallsgate Hall, Roweltown, or £101 per head for Texels from S and M Pickworth, Dotland Park, Hexham.

Cast ewes peaked at £188 for Texels from Marygate, Berwick, with hill types to £81 for Swaledales from Bidlake.

Rams hit £150 for Texels from Seymour Farms, Seymour House, Wigton.

St Boswell

Harrison and Hetherington’s weekly sale on Monday saw bullocks (24) and heifers (48) average 220.55p (+7p) and 212p (-5p) respectively.

Clean cattle sold to £1399.92 per head and 238p per kg from Bee Edge, whilst cast cattle peaked at £1500.40 from Kersknowe and to 179p from Humebyres.

Spring lambs (1265) averaged 227p and reached a top of £124 for Texels from Upper Blainslie and to 255p per kg for Beltex from Redden.

Cast ewes averaged £84.23, selling to £119 for Texels from Belmont.


On Monday, some 45 bullocks and heifers and 65 cast cows and bulls were forward for Lawrie and Symington’s sale, where heifers sold to 260p per kg and £1800.72 per head for a Limousin from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie.

Bullocks peaked at 248p and £1502 for Limousins from Messrs Turnbull, Meadowend, Clackmananshire.

Spring lambs (1131) were topped at £126 and 272p for Texels from Messrs Hamilton, High Crewburn, to cash in at 227p with an SQQ of 227p.

The 2163 cast sheep were topped at £170 for Texels from Standhill, whilst tups peaked at £113 for more of same from Clatto.


A smaller show of 464 cast and prime cattle was forward for Harrison and Hetherington’s sale on Monday where young bulls (109) sold to £1569 for a Limousin from Messrs Thompson, Townfoot, Penrith and to 226.5p per kg for a Limousin from Messrs Harryman.

The 51 clean cattle were topped by Limousins with steers selling to £1652 from Hoddamtown and to 219.5p from Newton High House, whilst heifers made £1461 from Langhorn Farm and to 233.5p per kg from Newbiggin Farm.

Cast cows were topped at £1497 and 199p for a Limousin from Clifton Moor.

Beltex lambs led the sale of spring lambs (2000) with a top price of £130.80 and 310.3p going to Messrs Hewson, Parton Farm for a single lamb.

The 193 cast ewes were topped at £123.50 for a Texel from Messrs Ivinson, Plumpton Foot Farm, while tups made £118.50 for a Texel from Roachburn Farm.


Craig Wilson sold 1424 lambs and 509 cast sheep at their sale on Monday which saw lambs sell to £123 for Texels from J and E Paterson, Oxenshaw and 251.1p for three Texels from L and B Kirk, Waterside Farm, to average 224.2p (+29p on the year).

Lyonston Farm, Maybole, topped the cast sheep at £170 for Texel ewes whilst cast tups peaked at £95 for Texels from C Smith, North Boig.

On Tuesday, the firm sold 170 prime and cast cattle at their sale, where heifers (14) averaged 227.7p having sold to 245p for a Limousin from Glendoune or £1484.80 for a Limousin from North Boig.

Bullocks (3) peaked at 240p for a Limousin from North Boig and to £1512 for a Limousin from Cockhill, to balance out at 206.4p.

Beef cows (42) cashed in at 128.7p and made £1220 for a Salers from Spittal or 160.9p for a Limousin from Little Busbie, whilst dairy types (79) reached a top of £1140 for a Friesian from Townhead of Lambroughton or 134.5p from Middlehouse, to average 108.6p.


Some 15 prime cattle were forward for Dingwall and Highland Marts’ sale on Tuesday, where prime bullocks (3) averaged 210.0p having sold to 214.0p and £1380.30 for a 645kg Beef Shorthorn from Bridgend Farm, Dingwall.

Heifers (12) cashed in at 218.1p, peaking to 228.0p per kg for a 585kg Charolais cross from Bridgend Farm, Dingwall, and £1345.50 for a 650kg Simmental cross from Balnageith, Forres.

The sale of 88 prime lambs averaged 224.4p and reached 244.0p and £111 for 45.5kg Texel crosses from Kinnahaird Farm, Contin, while old season lambs (57) sold to 140.8p for 38kg Cheviots from Ardnamurchan Estates, Kilchoan, and £57 for a 44kg Suffolk cross from Balintore Farms, Fearn, to level at 129.1p.

Castle Douglas

Wallets Marts had forward 1071 prime lambs forward which averaged 235.15p per kg with an SQQ of 235.26p at their sale on Tuesday.

Top price was 277.4p per kg for 19 Beltex lambs from Messrs Jardine, Upper Hardland, Balmaclellan, or £121 per head for Texels from Messrs Brown, Drumcoltran, Kirkgunzeon.

Cast sheep sold to £125 for Texel rams from Auchefad.