Newton Stewart

Some 1264 prime and cast sheep were sold through Craig Wilson, where 1019 lambs averaged 222p with a top price of £116 achieved for heavy Lleyns from PA Murray, High Ersock.Top per kg was 237.8p achieved by Beltex from Q Milroy, Kirranrae.

Cast ewes were topped at £129 for Texels from B Corcoran, Viewfield with Texel tups to £110 from Messrs Hair and Brewis, Drumbreddan.


Lawrie and Symington had 16 cattle and 596 sheep at their prime sale where the six bullocks sold to 247p for a 598kg Limousin from Nethermyres and to £1514.09 for a 667kg Limousin from the Gask, to average 237p per kg.

Limousins also topped the 10 heifers which peaked at 259p for a 537kg entry from the Gask and to £1453.14 for a 621kg lot from West Bog. They averaged 238p.

Lambs (538) sold to 266p and £128 for 48kg Texels from Nether Logie, to cash in at 216p per kg.

Ewes (58) peaked at £119.50 for Texels from Grange of Conon.


AT C and D Auction Marts’ weekly sale, cattle sold to 238p for a Limousin cross bullock from Fauldingcleug.

OTMs were topped at £1196.25 for another Limousin from Thorniethwaite and to 147p per kg for an Aberdeen Angus from Marwhirn.

The 671 lambs averaged 215.1p having sold to £110 for Texels from Lanarkland and 247p per kg from Eastside.

Cast ewes (377) were topped at £102 for Suffolks from Nether Stenries.


United Auctions sold 1892 prime sheep, where new season lambs (870) averaged 205.86p per kg having sold to 222p for 49kg Texels from Balquindachy, Turriff or £120 for 67kg Texels from Corskie, Garmouth.

Ewes sold to £161 for Texels from Logie Durno, Pitcaple.

Stirling (Cale)

SOME 76 bullocks, heifers and young bulls, and 42 OTM cattle were forward for Caledonian Marts’ sale.

Bullocks sold to 252p for a Limousin from JM Smith, North Boig, New Cumnock, and to £1552 on two occasions for Limousins from AA and J Brand, Nether Myres, Auchtermuchty and FC Eccles, Bruckley, St Andrews. They averaged 219p.

Heifers peaked at 248p twice from M Orr, Penston, Macmerry and W Dandie, Learielaw, Broxburn, and £1566 per head from Monkey Puzzle Limousins, Melrose. Heifers averaged 229p per kg.

OTM’s levelled at 134p selling to 178p and £1350 for a Limousin from Learielaw.

On Tuesday, the firm sold 970 lambs which averaged 225.1p per kg. Top price was £129 for a 50kg Beltex from Doune Farms, West Lundie, Argaty, or 266p for a 47kg Beltex from EW and J Davies, New Flockhouse, Blairadam.

The 849 cast sheep averaged £103.13 having sold to £136 for a Texel ewe from A Dunn, Redhall, Gargunnock, whilst rams reached £102 for more of the same from H Emslie Farmers, Kinknockie, Mintlaw.

Stirling (UA)

SOME 6072 sheep were sold through United Auctions, where lambs (4616) were topped at £115 for Beltex from Easterton and to 247p per kg for Beltex from Harviesmailing, to average 210.56p.

Ewes (1369) were topped at £148 by Texels from Elmscleugh who also led the ram trade at £121 with more of the same.


Aberdeen and Northern Marts’ weekly sale, saw 11 bullocks average 212.2p per kg (+14.6p) from a top price of 241p for a 555kg Limousin from Cairncoullie, Glenkindie or £1397.25 for a 675kg Beef Shorthorn from Tillyboy, Echt.

Heifers (27) cashed in at 216.3p and peaked at 245p for a 565kg Limousin from Monlettie, Methlick, or £1432.95 for a 615kg entry of the same breed from Chapelford, Buckie.

The 147 cast cattle met a flying trade with cows to £1610 twice for a Limousin from Odinstone, Shapinsay and a Charolais from Auchincrieve, while bulls peaked to £1710 for a Simmental from Nigley, Evie.

New season lambs (1079) averaged 211p (+0.1p) having sold to 243.6p for 39kg Beltex from Tillyboy, Echt and £129 for 70kg Texels from Mid Haddo, Fyvie.

Old season types (37) sold to 175p for 42kg Suffolks from Fleck, Dunrossness and £97.50 for an 81kg Texel from Bu, Westray, whilst feeding ewes and rams (719) hit £147 for Texels from Home Farm of Auchry, Cuminestown.


Some 2148 lambs and 3831 cast sheep were forward for C and D Auction Marts’ sale, which was topped at 270p per kg for Beltex from H Blackwood, Maidencots, Biggar.

Top price was £129 for Texel lambs from AR Bell and Son, Kirkton, Hawick. Lambs averaged 222.8p per kg with an SQQ of 224.2p.

Cast ewes sold to £160 from J Carins, Rouchester, Wark and RS Mackay, Morven, Rothbury with hill types to £73 for Cheviots from RW and SD Flintoff, Sourhope, Yetholm.

Rams reached £158 for Suffolks from CJ Roots, Kilnford Croft, Dumfries.

St Boswell

At Harrison and Hetherington’s sale, bullocks (35) and heifers (33) averaged 225p (+3p) and 224p (+3p) respectively.

Top prices were £1276.26 and 239p per kg from Kedzlie, whilst cast entries sold to £1350.82 from Kersknowe and to 137p from Gateshaw.

Spring lambs (2553) averaged 216.5p having reached £119 for Texels from Bonjedward and 250p per kg for Beltex from Craighouse.

Cast ewes (802) averaged £61.25, selling to £125 for Texels from 2 Duke Street.


Some 26 clean cattle and 73 cast were forward for Lawrie and Symington’s sale, on Monday

Top prices amongst the heifers were 250p and £1535.06 paid for a Limousin from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie.

Bullocks peaked at 238p and £1351.84 for another of the same from Kinneil Mill.

Lambs (2330) were topped at £128 for Texels from Messrs Cullen, Craighead and Messrs McKerrow, Riverview and to 289p per kg for Beltex from Messrs Strang, Auldhouse, to level at 231p.

The 2358 cast ewes and hoggs were topped at £160 for Texels from I Struthers, Collielaw whilst rams peaked at £136 for more of the same from Laigh Braidley.


MORE than 180 prime and cast cattle were forward for Craig Wilson’s sale, where heifers (18) cashed in at 220.7p per kg, having sold to 260p or £1495 for a Limousin cross from North Boig.

Bullocks (10) peaked at 213p for a Charolais from High Kilbride or £1366.80 for a British Blue from West High Ardwell, to average 190.3p.

Beef cows (40) reached £1300 for a Limousin from Dykes (Auchinleck) or 176.5p per kg for another of the same from Balsalloch, to balance out at 130.1p.

Dairy cattle (105) averaged 112.5p per kg, selling to £1250 for a Friesian from Carskerdo and to 152.5p for a Friesian from Drongan Mains.

On Monday, the firm sold some 635 cast sheep and 2751 lambs, where a top price of £125 was paid twice, firstly for Texels from G Barr, East Moorhouse, Eaglesham and again for more of the same from H McPhee, North Lodge, Dundonald.

Top price per kg was 257p paid for Beltex from J Cousar, Howcommon, Craigie.

Cast sheep sold to a top price of£150 for Texel ewes from H McPhee, North Lodge, with rams to £100 for Beltex from W Stevenson, Auchenflower.


LIMOUSINS topped Dingwall and Highland Marts’ sale where bullocks (10) averaged 220.5p and sold to 225.0p for a 575kg entry from Bridgend Farm, Dingwall and to £1324.95 for a 605kg cross from Raffin, Tore.

The five heifers cashed in at 220.2p and sold to 231.0p and £1293.60 for a 560kg entry again from Bridgend Farm.

Lambs (201) peaked at 231.8p for 44kg Beltex crosses from Kinnahaird, Contin or £103 for 49.5kg Texel crosses from Milldam, Meikle Ussie, to level at 212.1p (+5.1p).

Feeding sheep (180) sold to £82 for a Cheviot ewe from Meddat Farm, Kildary.

Castle Douglas

WALLETS Marts sold 1440 prime lambs to average 232.8p.

Top price was £117 paid twice, for export weight Beltex from Messrs McCornick, Barnbackle, and heavy Texels from Messrs Brown, Drumhumphry.

Top price per kg was 284.2p paid for Texels from Messrs Williamson and Ross, Breckoniehill.

The 283 cast sheep sold to £110.50 for Texels from Maryfield, with rams to £109 for Bluefaced Leicesters from Ashmark, New Cumnock.