A major female production sale from the Douglas family's Ervie Hereford herd from Mains of Airies, Stranraer, saw prices peak at 6000gns.

Due to the number of cows involved and the current restrictions due to the Covid epidemic, cows were sold in two stages, with both based on on-line promotion.

The first involved videoing each cow and cataloguing them on the Ervie website along with pedigree, EBV data and breeding information. This resulted in 67 cows being sold to four customers with accepted offers involving cows valued above £3500.

The concluding stage of the sale, relied upon US-based, internet auction The Livestock Link, to host an internet auction, from October 20 and 22 to a ‘racehorse’ finish at 7pm on the 22nd. This on-line auction included the remaining 50 catalogued cows and the five-year-old imported herd sire, Ervie RL1 Achiever 151973N.

By 7.15pm, bidding had ceased and resulted in the sale of 31 cows and one bull, Ervie RL1 Achiever 151973N which topped the trade selling at £6000 to Jim Logan, Pirntaton, Galashiels.

Top-priced cow at £3000 was Ervie Model 162141, a four-year-old purchased by Kenny Lang, for his Wellhead herd, Lanark.

In all, 98 pedigree Hereford cows averaged £2023.46.