Father and daughter duo, John and Kirsty Guthrie, Cuiltburn, Crieff, had a field day amongst the lambs, winning not only their first LiveScot championship, but the reserve honours as well.

Selecting an overall winner, however, was not easy, according to the judge, Robert Lawson, Eastmains, who said the champion and reserve were both “outstanding pairs.”

“They were simply just perfection. They were full of meat with no fat on them – there was nothing between the two pairs,” he said.

The champion pairing from the 350-strong ewe flock scaled 46kg each and sold to the Guthrie’s local butchers, David Comrie and Son Butchers, Comrie, for £350 per head.

The reserve lambs from the same home scaled 42kg and realised £310, selling to Mathieson Butchers, Edinburgh.

Champions in the coveted Mountain and Moorland section was a Blackface pairing from the Firm of Shawhead, Newmains Home, which is home to 2500 ewes. They scaled 39kg and went on to achieve £136 per head to John Scott Meats, Paisley.

Reserve was a pair of North Country Cheviots from Bruce Lang, Uplands, which weighed 53.5kg and made £150 per head to the judge.

Robert Struthers, Collielaw, led the Texel section with a pair weighing 41.5kg. Now running 30 pure Texels along with his 650 commercial ewes. This pair later realised £132 per head to Vivers Scotlamb, Annan.

By the end of the day, 124 lambs cashed in at 254.59p per kg.

LEADING awards

BF – Light – 1, champion and Mountain and Moorland champion, Firm of Shawhead (78kg); 2, DC and JJ Marshall, Blendewing (72kg); 3, J and J Frame, High Dyke (78kg). Medium – 1, F Smith, Cloverhill (82kg); 2, Firm of Shawhead (84kg); 3, J and J Frame (81kg). Heavy – 1 and reserve, H Cockburn and Partners, Kingside (89kg); 2, F Smith (89kg); 3, DC and JJ Marshall (91kg).

NCC – 1, Cheviot champions and Mountain and Moorland reserve, B Lang, Uplands (107kg); 2, H Cockburn and Partners (98kg).

SCC – 1 and reserve Cheviot, B and M Cockburn, Stirkfield (87kg); 2 and 3, A Reid, Glendearg (79kg) and (84kg).

Mules and crosses – Border or BFL cross to BF or Chev ewe – 1 and champion Mules and crosses and best pen of Scotch Mules, F Smith, (90kg); 2, H Cockburn and Partners (89kg); 3, Cockburn and Partners (95kg). BFL cross to Swale or Northumberland-type BF ewe – 1 and reserve, H Cockburn and Partners (99kg).

Butchers’ lambs – Native untrimmed – 1, D Cunningham, Walkerdyke (109kg); 2, B Lang (111kg). Cont untrimmed – 1, J Guthrie, Cuiltburn (81kg); 2, R and M Struthers, Collielaw (86kg); 3, K Johnstone, Boghouse (98kg).

Native breeds – 1 and 2, D Cunningham, (96kg) and (91kg); 3, E Orr, Lawhead (91kg).

Tex – Light – 1 and champion, R and M Struthers, (83kg); 2, K Johnstone (86kg). Heavy – 1, K Johnstone (89kg); 2, D Cunningham (103kg).

Belt – Light – 1, reserve overall and reserve butchers’, J Guthrie, Cuiltburn (84kg); 2, A and J Campbell, Carsewalloch (71kg); 3, A Baillie, Carstairs Mains (81kg). Heavy – 1, overall champion, and butchers’ lambs, J Guthrie (92kg); 2, J and H Padkin, Muirhouse (88kg); 3, D Cunningham (87kg).

Cont – 1, D Cunningham, (84kg).

Young breeders – 1, David Cunningham, Walkerdyke (81kg); 2, Rachel Baillie, Carstairs Mains (90kg); 3, Ross Campbell, Carsewalloch (78kg).