Stephen Fell has taken on the role of chairman of the Stabiliser Cattle Company, after Robert Rook stepped down after 15 years in the position.

“For more than 20 years, Stabiliser Cattle Co has been providing UK beef farmers with the tools to improve the profitability, efficiency and sustainability of their businesses by developing genetics that meets the needs of key players in the supply chain. Stephen will be integral in moving this work forward,” said Seth Wareing, SCC’s business manager.

Mr Fell and his son, George, had continued to develop the breed using the latest technology in genetic selection as part of the drive to improve profitability for the commercial lamb producer.

“There is considerable synergy between the Meatlinc and the Stabiliser breeding programmes,” explained Mr Fell.

“I look forward to my involvement with the Stabiliser breed as we continue the exciting level of genetic improvement backed up by first class data collection and analysis.”

According to Mr Fell, one of the biggest challenges the beef industry faces is meeting the needs of processors, retailers and consumers while maintaining a profitable and sustainable business.

“I am acutely aware of the need for a profitable and productive food and farming industry which is truly sustainable, and which supports a thriving rural economy.

“How we encourage farmers to do this, whilst improving biodiversity and moving towards net-zero emissions, is one of the great challenges facing us.

“However, I am convinced that we can achieve this through a combination of sensible reformulated support mechanisms, sound science including advance animal genetics, and clear leadership,” he concluded.