Newton Stewart

Some 1277 hoggs sold to average 256.9p per kg at Craig Wilson Marts’ sale which sold to £142 for Texels from MR McCornick, Boreland, Kirkcowan or 290p for Beltex from M McCornick, Barquhill.

The 484 Blackface hoggs levelled at 254.4p selling to £116 from J Mitchell and Son, Little Larg or 262.2p from A and J McIlwrick, Balmurrie.

Cast sheep, peaked at £117 for a Suffolk ewe from A McKay, Broughton Mains, while tups were topped at £100 for a Beltex from M McCornick, Boreland.


Lawrie and Symington’s sale saw six bullocks sell to 248p per kg for a 604kg Aberdeen-Angus from Gask and to £1516.06 for a 637kg Limousin from Nethermyres, to average 231p per kg.

The same two homes topped the 20 heifers at 259p for a 557kg Limousin from Nethermyres or to £1487.12 for a 641kg Limousin from Gask, to cash in at 236p.

Prime hoggs (545) sold to 312p for a 40kg Beltex from Scobshaugh and £132 for 45kg Beltex from Balbrydie, to level at 243p with an SQQ of 249p.

The 151 cast sheep averaged £97 with a top price of £155 for Texels from Fallaw.


At C and D Auction Marts’ sale, cattle sold to 244p per kg for a Limousin cross heifer from J Jardine, Yett, while OTMs hit £1134 for a Simmental from Barnbackle and to 167p for an Aberdeen-Angus from Brickhouse.

The 640 hoggs reached £120 or 272p for Texels from Tinwald Shaws, to level at 245.2p per kg, while the 309 cast sheep hit £146 for Texels ewes from Shambellie Grange and £136 for a cross ram from Kirkton of Crawford.


United Auctions’ sale of 2515 prime sheep saw 1508 old season lambs average 248.14p per kg having peaked at 295p for 39kg Texels from Logie Durno, Pitcaple or to £120 for 64kg Beltex from Auchairn, Keith.

Ewes sold to £184 for Texels from Sibmister and Stainland, Thurso.

Stirling (Cale)

Caledonain Marts’ sale of 61 clean cattle and 97 OTMs, was topped at 268p per kg by a Limousin heifer from DS and RC Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, Muthill or £1563 for another of the same from J and N Kerr, Bankhead, Aberdour, to level at 232p per kg.

Bullocks sold to 262p for a Limousin from A Pettigrew, Faskine, Airdrie and to £1607 for another from M Orr and Sons, Penston, Tranent, to average 232p.

Amongst the bulls, a top price of 225p and £1719 was achieved for a Limousin from W and R Thomson, Cairnbog, Kilsyth.

OTMs cashed in at 134p selling to 167p for a Hereford from Goldenlea Farmers, Gryffewraes, Bridge of Weir and to £1240 for a Limousin from W Dick, Mains of Throsk, Throsk. Dairy types balanced out at 99p from a top price per kg of 118p from GW Paterson, Barbeth, Cumbernauld and to £840 from A McKenzie, Ardgate, Gartocharn.

Beltex topped the 1164 hoggs sold on Tuesday which levelled at 251p with a top price of £138 from R Kennedy, Borlick, Aberfeldy or 299p per kg from WM Bell, Craigend, Perth.

The 341 cast sheep averaged £106.15 and sold to £150 for Texels from P McIntosh, Strageath, Muthill. Rams levelled at £112.21 selling to £157 for a Charollais from TJ Paterson, Auldlea Road, Beith.


Harrison and Hetherington’s sale of 601 hoggs and 310 cast sheep, saw old season lambs sell to £140 for Suffolks from Mayfield and 335p for Beltex from Glanton Town, to average 250p per kg.

Cast ewes peaked at £163 for Texels from RD Rennie and Son, Sydenham.

Stirling (UA)

Some 6203 head of prime sheep were forward for United Auctions’ sale where hoggs (4634) were topped at £145 on two occasions for Beltex from Doune Farms or 336p per kg for Beltex from Wardhead, to average 245.03p.

Ewes (1569) sold to £150 for Texels from Kinclaven, while with a Suffolk from North Deanhead led the rams at £138.


Limousins topped Aberdeen and Northern Marts’ sale, where heifers averaged 220.6p per kg having sold to 249p for a 580kg entry from Auchmaliddie Mains, Maud or £1526.50 for a 710kg cross from Newton, Strichen.

Bullocks levelled at 203.1p, having peaked at 233p for a 585kg Limousin cross and £1449.50 for a 650kg entry both from Chapelford, Buckie.

The 11 young bulls which averaged 174.8p, reached 191p for a 710kg Limousin cross from Gorn, Balfour or £1537.20 for a 840kg similarly bred animal from Turfhill, Auchtylair.

The 208 beef cows hit a top of 187.9p for a 588kg Simmental cross from Broomhill, Bridge of Muchalls and £1650 for a 1174kg Limousin from West Knock, Mintlaw, to cash in at 140.5p.

The 3492 old season lambs averaged 235.4p per kg having sold to 322.5p for 40kg Beltex and £129 for 40kg and 42kg Beltex all from 4 Largue Cottages, Forgue.

Top price amongst the cast sheep was £179 paid for Texels from Veltigar, Tankerness.


At C and D Auction Marts’ sale of 4444 prime hoggs, Beltex from MA and J Thompson, High Hall, Wigton, topped the trade at £150 per head. Top price per kg was 342p for Beltex from B Storey, New Hummerbecks, Co Durham and from G and W Halliday, Crawthat, Waterbeck. The overall average was 251.6p with an SQQ of 257p.

Some 2265 cast sheep were topped at £188 for Texel ewes from N Woodmass, Harene, Linstock, while tups reached £158 for Bluefaced Leicesters from A Carruthers and Son, Peela Hill, Bewcastle.

St Boswell

Bullocks (16) and heifers (60) averaged 222p and 229p respectively, at Harrison and Hetherington’s sale on Monday, selling to £1517.92 from Galagate and 253p per kg from Bee Edge.

Cast entries peaked at £1576.80 from East Loanend and to 198p from Glendearg.

Prime hoggs (1186) sold to £134 and 314.6p for Suffolks from Butterdean, to level at 240p, while the 403 cast ewes cashed in at £84 having peaked at £129 for Texels from Middlestead.


Heifers sold to 264p and £1636 for a Limousin from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie, while bullocks hit 258p and £1615 from Messrs Gray, Balquharrage, Lennoxtown at Lawrie and Symington’s sale of 32 prime cattle on Monday.

The 2613 prime hoggs saw a top price of £137 for Texels from Messrs Struthers, Collielaw and 311p per kg for Beltex from Messrs Shaw, West Lethans. They averaged 253p with an SQQ of 256p.

Cast sheep (1220) reached £198 for Texel ewes from Messrs Pate, Toxside, while rams reached £140 for a Bluefaced Leicester from Messrs Campbell, Glenrath.


Limousins produced most of the top prices at Harrison and Hetherington’s sale of 45 prime cattle where Messrs Nicholson, The Lake, Carlisle, led the bullocks at £1728.65, while 235.5p per kg was paid to Messrs Bowe.

Heifers were topped at £1712.09 by a Charolais from Messrs McNeil, Upper Tinwald Fram, Dumfries or to 247.5p for a Limousin from Messrs Wilson, Petteril Hill, Carlisle.

A Limousin from Riggheads, led the cast cows at £1688 or 233.5p for another of the same from Bonshawside.

Prime hoggs sold to £145 for Texels from Messrs Topping, Basco Dyke, Armathwaite or to 345.2p per kg for Dutch Texels from Messrs Laird, Unity Farm, Brampton, to balance out at 254p.

Cast sheep reached £120 for a Beltex from Messrs Musgrave, Cardew Hall and for a Suffolk cross ewe from Messrs Donaldson, Hazel House, while rams attained £116 for a Texel from Yew Tree Farm.


Craig Wilson Marts’ sale of 120 prime and cast cattle, saw heifers average 232.2p per kg with a top price of 250p paid for a Limousin cross from North Boig or £1439.90 for a another of the same from Borland.

The 1263 hoggs sold on Monday averaged 252.1p per kg with a top price of £130 paid twice – for a pure Beltex from John Cowan, Brickrow and for a Beltex cross from James Shennan and Sons, Knockgerran – or to 292.5p for Texels from William Stevenson, Auchenflower.

Cast ewes were topped at £141 for Texel crosses from I Watson, Keyshill and from R Goldie, Dustyhall Farm, while rams peaked at £106 for Texels from Turnberry Lodge and Dustyhall.

Castle Douglas

On Tuesday, Wallets Marts sold 1478 prime hoggs to average 244.4p with top prices of £129 and 307.1p per kg paid for Beltex from Messrs Walker, Mindork, while the 613 Blackface hoggs cashed in at 245.7p.

Messrs Dale-Sunley, Airds of Balcary, topped the cast sheep with a Texel ewe at £123.