Newton Stewart

CRAIG Wilson Marts had 3178 prime hoggs which sold to £170 for Dutch Spotted from JM Howie, Wellhouse or to 316p for Beltex from Bridgehouse Farming Co, to level at 258.76p.

Cast sheep reached £181 for Dutch Spotted tups from Wellhouse, with ewes to £168 for a Texel from Boreland Farms.


A Limousin heifer from Greenhead scaling 580kg, topped Lawrie and Symington’s sale per kg at 328p while a 690kg entry from West Bog made £2166.60. They averaged 307p.

The 219 hoggs reached £166 for 47kg Texels from T and J Clark and Sons, Wellhead or to 370p for 40kg Beltex crosses from CL Wylie, Balbrydie.

Suffolks from R Anderson, Newton of Guthrie led the 99 cast ewes £170.


At C and D Auction Marts, cattle sold to 330p for a Limousin cross heifer from J Jardine, Yett.

Texels topped the hoggs at £147 from Kirkbride or to 310p from Copewood, to level at 296p.

Cast ewes reached £156 for Texels from Nether Gribton, whilst rams peaked at £208 for similar entries from SRUC Barony.


United Auctions sold 1589 hoggs to average 285p with a top of £168 paid for 38kg Beltex from Hillview, Rhynie and to £168 for 69kg Beltex from Mains of Culsh, New Deer.

Ewes sold to £188 for a Beltex from Edendiack, Gartly.

Stirling (Cale)

Heifers averaged 309p per kg through Caledonian Marts having sold to 340p for a Limousin from AA and J Brand, Nethermyres, and to £2106 for another of the same from W Dandie and Sons, Learielaw.

Bullocks sold to 345p and £2230 for a Limousin from Learielaw, to level at 294p, whilst bulls attained 275p for a Charolais from R McMurrich, Ballater Drive, Stirling and to £1976 for an Angus from R Taylor, Littlegill, Abington.

The 33 OTM’s averaged 236p with prices peaking at 298p for a British Blue from J Robertson, Newton of Logierait, and to £2500 for a Limousin from the same home.

On Tuesday, lambs, balanced at 333p with prices peaking at 365p per kg for a Suffolk from J Wilson, Balhelvie, Newburgh.

Hoggs were topped at 348p for Texels from J Johnston, West Montgarswood, and to £166 from S and JE Andrew, Letter, Loch of Lowes.

Cast ewes attained £241 for a Texel from AP Johnston and Sons, Blindburn, Ayrshire.

Stirling (UA)

United Auctions sold 4152 hoggs to cash in at 304.71p, with trade reaching £195 and 439p for Beltex from Easter Ochtermuthill.

Texels from Balnagarrow and Nether Pratis led the lambs at £180 and 403p, respectively, to level at 333.04p.

The 920 cast sheep were topped by Texel ewes from Broomknowes at £248, with tups to £180 for Texels from Middleton of Glassclune, and for Suffolks and Cheviots from Milkieston.


Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold 40 bullocks to average 282p having sold to 325p for a 605kg Limousin from Auchmaliddie Mains, and £2451 for a 860kg British Blue from Daies, Wardhouse.

Heifers levelled at 293.1p with a top of 333p for a 620kg Angus from Auchmaliddie Mains, or £2152.80 for a 720kg Limousin from 4 Kirkview, Lumphanan, whilst young bulls reached 307p for a 605kg Limousin from Woodend Farm, Auchterless or £2146.20 for a 730kg Limousin from Mains of Dumbreck,.

Finished beef cows averaged £1862.12 having sold to £2680 for a 1164kg Simmental from Scotston, Insch.

The 3703 hoggs averaged 299.7p having peaked at 366p for a 43kg Suffolk cross from Loanend, Glenkindie and £181 for 69kg Beltex from Newton of Greeness. Feeding sheep sold to £211.50 for Texels from Mid Haddo, Fyvie.


Some 3023 prime hoggs at C and D Auction Marts, sold to £180 for Beltex fromm H Cockburn and Partners, Kingside, and from D and C Rodger, Comlongun Mains, Clarencefield.

Top per kg was 434p for Beltex from Comlongun Mains, to average 305.5p with an SQQ of 313.4p.

The 2165 cast sheep saw Texel ewes at £265 from P Urwin, Hillhouse, Kirklinton and Murnells Farm.

Rams reached £240 for Charollais from M Smith, Mount Farm, and for Texels from J and N Blaylock and Son, Hallburn.

St Boswells

Bullocks and heifers levelled at 304p per kg at Harrison and Hetherington’s sale.

Whitrighill and Learielaw led the bullocks at £2125.52 and 330p, whilst heifers reached £2345.44 from Kersknowe and 340p from Bee Edge.

Headshaw topped the cows at £2371.50 and 279p, with cast bulls attaining £2214.64 from Garvald Mains and 191p from Rumbletonlaw.

Texels from Waterside and Beltex from Faughhill led the hoggs at £195 and 350p, respectively, to balance out at 301p.

Cast ewes reached £200 for a Texel from Westcote Farming.


Lawrie and Symington sold heifers to 346p for a Limousin from Messrs Duncan, Brockwoodlees, or to £2124 for another of the same from Messrs Warnock, Hill Farm.

Bullocks were also led by Limousins from Messrs Cunningham, Walkerdyke, at 318p and £2092.

The 2844 hoggs sold to £182 for a Texel from Messrs Kennedy, Mitchellhill, and to 369p for a Beltex from Downie Farming, Newton Farm, Crathie, to average 296p with an SQQ of 301p.

Cast sheep peaked at £224 for a Texel from Messrs Warnock, Dreva Farm, and to £108 for Blackface from Messrs Galloway, Locklyoch.


Craig Wilson Marts’ sold 20 spring lambs to average 320p having sold to £170 for three Texels from Messrs Fisher, Merrick.

The 1583 hoggs cashed in at 290p reaching £186 for a pair of Texels from J and K Forsyth, Lochlands and to 411p for a Beltex from I and F Watson, Keyshill.

Cast sheep peaked at £215 for a Texel ewe from Lochlands, whilst tups attained £198 for a Beltex from J Howie, Girtridge.

On Tuesday, 120 cattle sold to 341p and £2097.15 for a Limousin cross bullock from North Boig, to level at 333.69p.

Heifers peaked at 336p for a Limousin again from North Boig or £2000 for another of the same from the Miller family at High Gameshill, to average 289.93p.


AT Dingwall and Highland Marts’ heifers sold to 295p for a 570kg Limousin from Balnageith, Forres or to £2057.20 for a 740kg Charolais from Bridgend, Dingwall.

The 664 hoggs attained 314p for 42kg Texel crosses from Dunain Mains, Inverness and £158 for 62kg Texel crosses from Glebe Farm, Allarburn, to cash in at 277.1p.

Feeding sheep sold to £258 for a Texel ewe from Wester Moy, Urray.

Castle Douglas

Wallets Marts sold 448 hoggs to average 294.33p with an SQQ of 300.74p. Top price was £159.50 for Texels from Messrs Milson, West Barmoffity or 339.8p for Beltex from Messrs Murdoch, Fauld O’ Wheat.