Texels led the hogg trade at £162 for Upper Longbank, and to 323p per kg for Skipmyre, at C and D Auction marts' weekly sale.

Cast ewes soared to £170 for Texels from Ryecroft.

Limousins led the OTM cattle at £2299 for a bull from Brownrigg, and to 231p for Lantonside.


Bullocks (15) and heifers (52) averaged 306.8p per kg and 296.2p respectively at Aberdeen and Northern Marts' sale of 101 prime cattle.

British Blue crosses led the bullock trade at 333p for a 575kgentry from Pityot, Bridge of Muchalls and again at £2131.80 for a 660kg bullock from Mains of Dumbreck, Udny.

Heifers sold to 331p for a 565kg Limousin cross from New Mains, Glenkindie, and to £2174.55 for a 665kg Limousin from Shannas, Clola.

Young bulls (34) averaged 265p (+15.9p) and sold to 301p twice, firstly for a 600kg British Blue cross from Meikle Geddes, Nairn and again for a 805kg Limousin from Auchtydonald, Longside, top per head was a 920kg Limousin from Belnoe, Chapeltown, which achieved £2658.80.

Beef finished cows (114) averaged £1832.76 and sold to £2370 for a 1000kg Aberdeen-Angus from Mains of Tonley, Alford, whilst beef feeding cows (92) cashed in at £1431.57 and sold to £1790 on two occasions, firstly for a 790kg British Blue cross from Hermisgarth, Sanday and again for a 822kg Charolais from Balthayock, Perth.

Also forward were 2457 sheep of all classes, where new season prime lambs (150) averaged 318p per kg (-17.4p) and sold to 346.4p per kg for 42kg Continentals from Mains of Thornton, Bourtie and to £178 for 65kg Suffolks from The Bothy, Rivehill.

Old Season prime lambs (1581) cashed in at 265.8p (-22.8p) having peaked at 329p for 50kg Texel from Newton of Greeness, Turriff, and to £195 for a 74kg Beltex from Logie Durno.


A larger show of lambs was forward which met a sharper trade across the board at Penrith and District Farmers' mart weekly sale, reaching 429p per kg for a single Beltex lamb from ES and D Noble, Mill, and to £187 for a 59kg Suffolk lamb from RJ Benson, Kettleside.

A total of 147 spring lambs averaged 355p per kg with a SQQ of 362p.

A smaller show of hoggs peaked at 355p for a pen of three 40kg Beltex, from EA and N Thompson and Son, Bromley Green, and to £193 for a Charollais cross from Tarn End.

Another large show of cast ewes averaged £122.49, and sold to£285 for a pen of seven Texel ewes from Holme House.

Stirling (Cally)

Bullocks and heifers cashed in at 299p per kg and 303p respectively at Caledonian Marts' weekly sale.

Limousins led the heifer trade at 362p for Monzie Farms, Crieff, and to £2198 for Ross Brothers, Wardhead, Strichen.

Bullocks reached 345p for W Dandie and Sons, Learielaw, Broxburn, and to £2318 for a British Blue from Ross Brothers, Wardhead, Strichen.

Bulls averaged 320p and were led by Limousins, firstly at 325p for M Jack, Carriston and to £2215 for Carriston.

Stirling UA

An average of 259.8p per kg was achieved for 3542 prime hoggs at United Auctions' sale, with 474 new season lambs balancing out at 336.01p.

Texels from Easter Ochtermuthill led the new season lambs at £182 and 414p, with more of the same from Southtown of Melgund also receiving £182.

Hoggs peaked at £170 for Texels from East Jeanfield £170, and to 360p for Beltex from Luckenburn.

Among the ewes and tups it was again Texels that led the way at £250 for ewes from Muircleugh, whilst tups peaked at £180 for Craigend and Balcaskie.


A smaller show of cast cows were forward this week for C and D Auction market, nevertheless, trade remained sharp throughout, with the sale topping at £1241 for an Aberdeen-Angus cow from N Calvert and Son, Greensburn, Brampton, and to 194p per kg from the same home.

An increased entry of 276 spring lambs on the week sold well, selling to 414p for Texel lambs from A Moffat, Stonehouse, Gretna, and to £184 for Texels from RJ Burgess, The Bush, Hightae, having achieved an overall average of 349.4p and a SQQ of 362.0p.

Some 3587 prime hoggs cashed in at 283.3p (SQQ 280.7p) having received a top call of 380p for Beltex hoggs from JM Wharton and Son, Snade, Dunscore, and to £215 for Beltex from Messrs Hewson, Burgh Head, Carlisle.

A Texel ewe on behalf of David Macdonald, Flagstaff, realised £410, with proceeds donated to three different charities, Cancer Research, The British Heart Foundation and Alzheimer’s foundation, with a grand total of £3670 was raised.

St Boswells

On Monday, Harrison and Hetherington, sold bullocks (27) and heifers (37) to balance out at 305p per kg and 315p.

Bullocks from Learielaw, secured £2271.07 and 334p, whilst heifers reached £2164.80 for Standhill, and to 334p for Lurdenlaw.

Cast cows attained £2498.04 and 277p for Kersknowe and Thrunton respectively.

Texels led the prime lamb trade at £199 for Ballencrieff Mains, and again to 390.7p for Huntington.

Prime hoggs peaked at £200 for Beltex from Lylestane, and to 316.7p for Suffolk from Boghall, whilst cast ewes reached £180 for a Texel cross ewe from W.Murray Ltd, Redden.


On Monday, Craig Wilson sold 1252 sheep, where 281 prime lambs cashed in at 339p per kg, having received a top call of £170 for a pair of heavy weight Texel lambs from Messrs Nisbet, Sorn Mains.

Top price per kg of 378p was paid for Beltex crosses from Messrs Notman, Redding.

A very mixed show of hoggs peaked at £171 for Cheviot crosses from Messrs Reid, Burnhouse, and to 307p for Blackfaces from Messrs Wilson, Faulds.

Cast sheep soared to £188 for a Texel ewe from W Stevenson, Auchenflower, with tups peaking at £172 for Beltex from A and I Laird, Cairncurran.

On Tuesday, 128 prime and cast cattle met a similar trade to last week, with 12 heifers and three bullocks averaging 306.2p and 292.6p.

Limousins led both the bullocks and heifers, firstly at 328p for Woodside, and to 340p for the Smith family, North Boig, respectively.

Bulls topped at 240p or £1476 for Glenapp.


On Monday, Lawrie and Symington had forward 93 cattle comprising of 36 bullocks and heifers and 57 cast cows, where Limousin heifers achieved 350p per kg on two occasions, firstly from Messrs Gray, Balquharrage, Lennoxtown, and again from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie.

Limousin bullocks from Messrs Cook, Kinneil Mill, Linlithgow, were also in demand, selling to 300p and £1932.

Dairy cows sold to £1490 from Messrs King, Hawksland, Lesmahagow, and to 209p from Messrs Struthers, Moatmains, Lesmahagow.

On the sheep front, 161 lambs hit £160 and 372p for Beltex from Messrs Padkin, Muirhouse, to balance out at 327p and a SQQ of 328p.

Another large show of 2351 prime hoggs cashed in at 273p and a SQQ of 272p, having witnessed a top call of £174 for Texels from Downie Farming, and to 346p for Beltex from Messrs Dunlop, Corstane.

The 844 cast ewes and rams reached £238 for Texels from Messrs Hammond, Auchenbart and to £124 Blackface for Easterhouse, having averaged £104.83.


Continental prime hoggs from KR and SN Dinsdale secured £170 at Hawes Farmers auction market, and continental spring lambs from JR and LA Capstick, achieved £181.

Cast ewes achieved £175 on two occasions, firstly for Suffolk from JR and LA Capstick, Killington, and again for continentals from JC Prickett, Mewith.


A Limousin cross steer from Messrs Dixon, Lesson Hall, Wigton reached £2277.03 for 731kg at Harrison and Hetherington's weekly sale.

Heifers saw a top of £2078.07 from Messrs Craik, Waterside for 678kg.

A much smaller entry of only 43 prime bulls sold to £2722.28 for a 981kg Aberdeen-Angus from Messrs Rae, Boghead, Dumfries, and to 299.5p for a 674kg British Blue cross from Messrs Mitchinson, Beck House, Carlisle.

Cast cows sold to £2113 for a 854kg Limousin cross from Messrs Pinguey, High House.

A massive show of sheep this bank holiday Monday saw record numbers forward with a massive 1015 ewes, 1110 hoggs and 510 lambs forward, this being unseen at this centre for the time of year and representing a ewe numbers record.

The 1010 ewes sold to £300 for pure Texel ewes from TJ Magee, with cast tups selling to £219 for a pen full from the same home.

Leading the lambs at £190 was Messrs Maughan, Beck, and to 446.2p from Messrs Merrall, The Green

Over 1100 hoggs this week reached £188 for a pen of three Texels from Messrs McGarva, Horseclose, Annan.


Averages fell on the week at Dingwall and Highland Marts' sale of 21 prime cattle, where bullocks (14) and heifers (7) averaged 284.4p per kg (-2.5p) and 288.7p per kg (-22.3p) respectively.

Bullocks sold to 299.0p for a 575kg Aberdeen-Angus cross from Kincraig, Invergordon, and to £1996.60 for a 670kg Limousin cross from Easter Sheeppark, Balblair.

A 580kg Limousin from Bridgend, Dingwall, led the heifers at 306.0p, whilst a 700kg Charolais cross realised £1981 for Easter Sheeppark, Balblair.

Also forward were 900 prime sheep where a pen of 48kg Charollais crosses from Craigiebank Farms, Forgie, led the new season lambs at 313.0p and £150.

Old season lambs (422) averaged 242.1p (-28.7p) and sold to 289.0p for a 40kg Texel cross from Balnabeen, Conon Bridge, and to £136 for a pen of 57kg Texel crosses from Achtemerack, Drumnadrochit.

Feeding sheep (466) sold to £278 for Texel ewes from Garynamonie, South Uist.

Stirling (Cale)

On Tuesday, Caledonian Marts witnessed spring lambs achieve a SQQ of 348p per kg having sold to 413p for Beltex from HT Shanks, Easter Cash, and to £188 for Texels from PG Perring, Hoprig, Berwickshire.

Topping the hoggs at 288p went to Mules from R Dunlop, Middlepark, Dalry, and to £161 for Texels from R Hardie, Parkhead, Linlithgow.

A larger show of ewes reached £200 for a Texel from PG Perring and Son, Hoprig, Cockburnspath.

Castle Douglas

On Tuesday, Wallets Marts sold 515 prime and cast sheep, to a top of £178 for a Lleyn ram from Messrs Davidson, Poldean, with ewes to £162 for Texels from Messrs McCornick, Barnbackle.

New Season lambs sold to average 319.64 with a SQQ of 327.89p, Texels led the section at £150.50 for Messrs Watson, High Borgue, and to 339.5p for Suffolk from Messrs McCornick, Barnbackle.

Texels led all sections among the prime hoggs, with a top of £157 again coming from Messrs Davidson, Poldean, and to300.4p for Barlocco, to cash in at 250.1p with a SQQ of 240.15p.