Newton Stewart

A similar trade was met at Craig Wilson's sale of 531 prime lambs which cashed in at 263.6p per kg, having topped at £142.50 for a pen of Texels from PA Murray, High Ersock.

Beltex from J Douglas and Sons, Barlaughlan led the pence per kg at 279p.

Cast sheep sold to £207 for a pair of Texels from WHM and W Sloan, Mull of Galloway, who also topped the tup trade at £177 for Texels.


Texels from Shangan led C and D auction marts' sale of 562 prime lambs having soared to £137.

More of the same breed also led the cast sheep, with ewes making £180 for Newton Bungalow, and to £175 for Roshglen.


Some 1334 prime lambs achieved an average of 271p per kg at Penrith and District Farmers’ Mart LLP weekly sale.

Trade topped at 388p for a pair of Texel lambs, weighing 41kg from J Stalker, Ratten Castle, and to £162 for a pen of five 59kg Texels from Messrs Jenkinson, Clifton Moor.

The sale topped at £292 for a pair of Texel ewes from Tarn End, whilst a pair of Texel rams made £200 for Shethin Farm, Aberdeen.


Bullocks (40) and heifers (21) averaged 245.1p per kg and 281.2p respectively at Aberdeen and Northern Marts' weekly sale.

Limousin crosses led the bullock trade at 283p for a 560kg entry from Whiteside, Tullynessle, and to £2103.20 for a 880kg animal from Daies, Wardhouse.

Heifers reached 307p for a 540kg Limousin from Whiteside, Tullynessle and to £2023.20 for a 720kg British Blue cross from Pityot, Bridge of Muchalls.

Young bulls (22) averaged 235.1p and sold to 264p for a 750kg Limousin from North Lurg, Midmar, and to £2116.50 for an 850kg Limousin from Strathelen, Ringorm.

Also forward were new season prime lambs (1034) which achieved an average of 261p (+5p) and sold to 285.7p for 49kg Beltex from Lost Farm, Strathdon, and to £149 for 54kg Texel crosses from Skilmafilly, Auchnagatt.

Texels from Wester Biffie, Maud, also led the feeding ewes and rams at £165, with this section balancing out at £90.53.

Stirling (Cally)

Limousins led all sections at Caledonian Marts' weekly sale, with heifers making 322p per kg and £2209 for Ross Brothers, Wardhead, Strichen, and bullocks to 318p and £2067 for AA and J Brand, Nethermyres, Auchtermuchty.

Heifers and bullocks averaged 291p and 262p respectively.

A Limousin from Auchenbowie Home Farm, Stirling, led the bulls at 305p and £2227.

On Tuesday, the firm had 1050 prime lambs, cast ewes and tups forward, where a Texel lamb from W and E Cook, Balcachie, Girvan, achieved £165 with the proceeds going to Cancer Research.

A mixed show of lambs levelled at £116.24 with a SQQ of 256p having sold to 356p and £158 for a Beltex from G and J Davie, Harviesmailing, Denny.

Stirling UA

All classes met a buoyant demand at United Auctions' weekly sale of 5266 prime sheep comprising of 3507 new season lambs which balanced out at 259.82p per kg, 155 prime hoggs selling to an average of 170.65ppk, and 1604 ewes and rams.

Beltex led the new season lambs at £164 for Doune Farm, and to 317p for Ayton.

Hoggs sold to £115 for Texels from Binzian, and to 227p for Cheviots from Borlick.

Among the cast sheep, Texel ewes from Sauchenhall, secured £240, whilst Texel tups made £190 for Prieston.


A larger show of cast cows were forward this week at C and D auction mart having soared to £1337 for an Angus cow from TN Cavers and Co, Sorbie, Langholm, and to 186p for E and D Barker, Palmer Hill, Brampton.

A similar show of 2357 prime lambs attained £168 for a single Texel cross lamb from R Sandison, Smerral, Caithness, and to 328p per kg for Beltex crosses from J and A Moralee, Hardriding, Bardon Mill.

A smaller show 2862 cast ewes and rams were forward, where Texel ewes achieved £275 for Messrs Watson, Lowdyke, and the same breed led the rams at £190 for A and HC Smith, Crumhaughhill, Hawick, as well as Charollais achieving that price tag for Septre Farming Co., Deuchrie, Dunbar.


On Monday, prime cattle soared to 338p per kg and £2092 for Limousin heifers from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie.

Limousins from Messrs Gray, Balqhaurrage Farm, Lennoxtown, led the bullock trade at 310p and £1820.

On the sheep front, 2144 lambs and 1375 cast ewes and hoggs also went under the hammer, with lambs reaching £160 and 333p for Texels from Messrs Struthers, Collielaw, Carluke, to cash in at 259p with a SQQ of 260p.

The 1375 cast ewes and rams were a similar trade on the week having peaked at £246 for Texels from Laird, Yeldabrek, to balance out at £83.31.

St Boswells

Bullocks (18) and heifers (35) averaged 285p per kg and 281p respectively at Harrison and Hetherington's prime cattle sale.

Bullocks sold to £1866.36 for Bee Edge, and to 304p for Faughhill, whilst heifers attained £1933.20 and 310p for Rumbleton and Whitrighill respectively.

Cast cows peaked at £1654 for Stagehall and to 221p for Upper Nisbet.

All classes slightly dearer on the week among the prime lambs having averaged 267p, with Texels from Greenhead, Reston, leading the way at £180 and 339.6p.

Cast sheep peaked at £155 for a pair of Texel bred ewes from James Anderson and Son, Headshaw, Lauder, with tups to £153 for a Suffolk from Nick Millar and Laura Ferguson of Mersington Mill.


On Monday, Craig Wilson sold 2940 sheep comprising of 2105 prime lambs and 835 cast sheep, with the whole sale averaging 251p per kg or £110.

A top price of £140 was paid for Texels from John Young and Sons, Castle Mains, and to 288p for Beltex from A Campbell, Glenstockadale.

Among the cast sheep a top call of £218 was paid for a Texel ewe from Richard Goldie, Dustyhall, whilst the same breed led the tups at £178 for J Milroy, Cairnwhin.

On Tuesday, the firm sold 14 heifers to average 290.3p having peaked at 326p for Charolais from the Hodge family, Dykes, and to 325p for similar type from the Smith boys at North Boig.

Only one steer forward cashed at 234p for a Limousin cross from J Sutherland, Rosemount.

Castle Douglas

Some 1324 prime lambs sold to average 247.64p per kg at Wallets Marts' weekly sale.

Trade peaked at £130 for a Texel from Messrs Shaw, Killochy, and to 272.5p for Master Blair Austin, Boreland of Girthon.

Cast sheep sold to £200 for a Texel ram from Messrs McCubbin, Kenmure, Dunscore, with ewes to £133 for Texels from Messrs Dunlop Ashfield.


A smaller offering of prime cattle met a steady trade throughout at Dingwall and Highland Marts' sale.

A 695kg Charolais cross from Shoreton Farms, Culbokie, led the bullock trade at 273p per kg and £1897.35, having averaged 266.0p (+7.4p)/

Heifers (3) cashed in at 267.6p (+2.8p) and sold to 269.0p for a 605kg Charolais cross from Shoreton Farms, Culbokie, and to £1762.20 for a 660kg British Blue cross from Bridgend, Dingwall.

Beltex crosses ruled supreme among the new season lambs, having sold to 264.0p for a pair from Meikle Ussie, Dingwall, and to £126 for another pair this time from Torgorm, Conon Bridge, to level out at 239.2p.