At United Auctions’ sale of 731 lambs and average of 249p per kg was achieved having sold to 275p for 40kg Beltex from Monlettie, Methlick or £130 for 52.2kg Texels from Auchencrieve, Rothiemay.

Top price amongst the 584 cast ewes was £180 paid for a pair of Texels from 133 Knockomie Rise, Forres.


Prime cattle sold to 315p per kg for Limousin cross heifer from J Jardine, Yett, at C and D Auction Marts’ sale, with cast entries to 145p for a Holstein from Boreland or £1079.65 for a Montbeliarde from Hillend.

The 694 lambs hit a top of £140 for Texels from JJ Roddan, Longbeoch or 310p for Beltex from J Hyslop and Son, Netherton.

A Suffolk from Nether Gribton, led the 700 cast sheep at £145.


Some 783 lambs and 227 cast sheep forward for Harrison and Hetherington’s sale, saw the former average 289p per kg or £127 per head.

Top price was £160 for a Texel from J Gregory and Son, Springhill, Seahouses or 362p for a Beltex from Annstead. Cast sheep peaked at £250 for a Texel ewe from Craig Mellor, Annstead.

Newton Stewart

At Craig Wilson’s sale, 1429 lambs averaged at 265.08p or £113.13 having sold to £143 for a Suffolk from J and D Morrison, Culmalzie or 269p for a pen of 22 Beltex lambs from R and B Jardine, Upper Hardland, Darly.

Cast ewes peaked at £220 for a Texel from H S MacTier, Boghouse.


AT C and D Auction Marts’ sale, 2610 lambs averaged 276.1p per kg, having sold to 380p for Beltex from D Smith, Scobshaugh, Kirriemuir, or £160 for Texels from G and CE Edminson, Middle Farm, Carlisle.

Top price amongs the 3531 cast sheep was £265 for Texel ewes from West Side, Lockerbie while rams reached £225 also for Texels from RS Catlin and Son, Hassendean, Hawick and R and D Benson, Swallows Barn, Wigtown.

Stirling (UA)

Beltex topped United Auctions’ sale of 3404 lambs which averaged 273.57p, having sold to 364p and £160 from Clochtie.

The 2298 cast sheep reached £260 for a Texel ewe from Halbeath, with rams to £140 for a Beltex from St Mungos.


More than 1200 head of lambs forward for Aberdeen and Northern Marts’ sale averaged 256p per kg, having sold to 300p for four Beltex from Home Farm of Auchry, Cuminestown, or £144 for 63kg Texel from Corseview, Durris.

Cast sheep (868) averaged selling to £257.50 for Texels from Harestone, Crathes.

Of the 74 clean cattle sold, bullocks averaged at 236p, selling to 277p for a 576kg for a Limousin cross from Cullisse, Nigg, or £1990.80 for an 840kg Limousin cross from Daies, Wardhouse.

Heifers levelled at 275.1p peaking at 318p for a 565kg Aberdeen Angus cross from Auchmaladdie Mains, or £1912.65 for a 615kg Limousin cross from Pityot, Bridge of Muchalls.

Young bulls peaked at 269p for a 640kg Limousin cross from Cullisse and £2035.80 for a 780kg Limousin from South Road, Insch, to average 233.2p. The 153 cast cattle averaged £1497.22 with finished cows peaking at £2340 for 1090kg Charolais from Harestone, Crathes. Bulls averaged £1664.54 having sold to £2190 for a 1148kg Charolais from Norton, Dounby.

Feeding beef cows averaged at £1280.71 and sold up to £1530 for a 690kg Charolais cross from Forsie, Bridge of Westfield.

Stirling (Cally)

At Caledonian Marts’ sale of 112 cattle consisting of 77 clean and 35 cast entries heifers average 291p per kg, having sold to 318p for Limousins from M Orr and Sons, Penston and JH and N T Turnbull Meadowend.

Bullocks levelled at 277p and peaked at 338p per kg for a Limousin from A Kennedy, Seggarsdean. Top price per head was £1959 paid for a Limousin from Meadowend.

Young bulls sold to 292p for an Aberdeen Angus from Meadowend or £1755 for a Limousin from Kirk and Calvert Smith, Oatfield, Campbelltown.

Cast cattle sold to 201p and £1680 for a Limousin from A and M Gray, Craighead.

On Tuesday, 2100 prime sheep met an improved trade with lamb s averaging £118.55 with an SQQ of 266p per kg. Top price was 352p paid for a Beltex from A McAllister, Blairmore, Balfron and £165 from R Graham and Son, Airthrey Kerse, Stirling

Cast sheep sold to £149 for Suffolks from W and E Cook, Balcachie, Girvan.


At Lawrie and Symington’s sale on Monday, 44 bullocks and heifers which sold to £2146 or 336p per kg for a Limousin heifer from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie.

Bullocks peaked at £1875 or 305p for a Limousin from Messrs Gray, Balquharrage, Lennoxtown, with young bulls selling to £1978 from West Glespin.

Cast cows reached £1810 for a Simmental from Oldhill or 229p for a Limousin from West Torphin, while dairy types peaked at £1710 or 190p for a Holstein from Westtown.

The 3173 lambs were topped at £170 by Texels from Messrs Struthers, Collielaw, and Messrs Cullen, Craighead both Carluke.

Beltex from Collielaw and Ingraston achieved the lead price per kg at 329p. The overall average was 266p.

Cast sheep (2343) sold to £270 per head for a Texel ewe from Messrs Campbell, Strawfrank, Carstairs, with a ram of the same breed from Bogside making £235.


Some 3480 sheep comprising 660 cast and 2820 lambs were forward for Craig Wilson’s sale on Monday

Lambs sold to £152 for a Beltex from Messrs Kennedy, West Carngillan or to 316p for more of the same from Messrs Kennedy, Lyonston. The sale averaged at 262.4p per kg or £144 per head.

Cast sheep reached £190 for a Texel ewe from D Logan, Ochiltree, with rams selling to £172 for a Texel from W Young, Skerrington Mains.

St Boswells

The 40 heifers forward for Harrison and Hetherington’s sale on Monday averaged 288p and sold to £2152 from Corsbie, or to 328p per kg from Bee Edge.

Bullocks (30) averaged of 274p and reached 306p and £1993.32 from Whitrighill and Faughhill, respectively.

Two young bulls sold to £1915.20 and 266p from Broachrigg.

Cast cows averaged at 165p per kg having sold to 277p from Thorneydykes and Braochrigg, or £1795.50 from Muircleugh.

Lambs (2205) averaged 266p per kg selling to 318.2p for Beltex from Wauchope, or £196 for Texels from Legars.

The 520 cast sheep averaged £103.38, with prices peaking at £170 from a Texel ewe from Lanton Crag, or £117 for a ram from Pilmuir.

Castle Douglas

Wallets Marts sold 2132 prime and cast sheep on Tuesday lambs averaging at 259.89p per kg having sold to 291.5p per kg for a Beltex from Messrs Jardine, Upper Hardland or £140.50 for a Texel from Blackfell and for Suffolks from J and E Hendry, Rascarrel. Cast ewes peaked at £225 for Texels from Messrs Wilson, Strathgally with rams to £207 for Texels from Ardwell.


Hopes Auctioneers’ sale of 20 cattle sold to £2205.99 for a 762kg Limousin bullock from R Miller, Arkleby Hall, with heifers reaching £1823.25 for a Limousin from JG and M Little, Greenhill.

The six bulls sold to 234.5p for Limousins from Ian Grainger, Kiln Close.

Beltex topped the 569 lambs at £175 from K Holdgson, Prospect House or 383.7p per kg from Messrs GN Bowe and Sons, Bothel Parks.

Cast rams sold to a high of £140 for Charollais from Broomhills.