Newton Stewart

Craig Wilson sold 1642 sheep at their sale where 1292 lambs averaged 248.26p per kg having sold to 276p for Beltex from Borland Farms or £149 per head for a Texel from Messrs McDonald, South Balfern.

Cast sheep sold to £150 for Suffolk tups from PA Murray, High Ersock.


Some 922 lambs were forward for C and D Auctions’s sale where a Suffolk topped the sale at £140 from Woodcroft. Top per kg was 285p paid for Beltex from Netherton.

Cast sheep sold to £188 for Texels from Beltonhill.


At Harrison and Hetherington’s sale, 1140 lambs averaged 258p per kg having sold to 322p or £144 per head for Beltex from J Hall and Sons, Bewick.

A Texel ewe topped the 407 cast sheep at £180 for C Mellor, Annstead.


United Auctions had forward 1333 lambs which averaged 234p per kg from a top price of 291p for a 43kg Beltex from Denberry, Cushnie or to £163 for a 73kg Texel from Duncroft, Huntly.

Cast sheep (530) sold to £230 for a Texel also from Duncroft.


Some 8333 sheep sold through C and D Auction Marts’ sale where 3802 lambs averaged 261.8p per kg. Beltex topped the sale at 385p from D Smith, Scobshaugh, Kirriemuir. Top per head was £200 for Texels from A MacGregor, Allanfauld, Kilsyth who also topped the 4513 cast sheep at £270 with Texel ewes.

Stirling (UA)

Beltex topped United Auctions’ sale at 333p or £170 per head from Meadows of Ballied. Lambs averaged 248.71p per kg.

Cast sheep sold to £210 for Texel ewes from Achnaba.

Stirling (Cally)

Caledonian Marts sold 59 prime cattle which saw heifers average 332p having sold to 350p for a Limousin from M Jack, Carriston, Star of Markinch and to £2105 for a Limousin from J Collier, Dullomuir, Blairadam.

Bullocks averaged 296p and sold to 338p for Limousins from both A A and J Brand, Nethermyres, Auchtermuchty and D Lumgair, Idvies View, Letham. Top per head was £2192 for a Limousin from Dullomuir.

Young bulls sold to 272p and £2106 for a Charolais from DW Semple, Dippen and to 272p for a Limousin from J and J Wylie, Knockhouse.

Cast cattle averaged 176p having sold to 211p for a British Blue cross from J Gilmour and Son, Drumelzier and to £1750 for a Charolais from R McMurrich, Ballater Drive.

On Tuesday, 2166 lambs averaged 243p having sold to 333p for Beltex from G and J Davie, Harviesmailing or £164 for a Texel from T Miller and Sons, High Gameshill, Stewarton.

Cast sheep sold to £205 for a Texel ewe from F Dandie, Hatton of Carse, Forfar.


Heifers topped the Aberdeen and Northern Marts with 19 head averaging 287p, selling to 321p for a Limousin cross from Stoneyhill, Keith-hall or to £1959.30 for another Limousin cross from the same home.

Bullocks (10) averaged 269.7p and sold to 305p for a Limousin cross from Whiteside, Tullynessle and £1811.70 for a Limousin cross from Mill of Newton, Insch.

Young bulls (28) averaged 245.3p having sold to 277p for a Limousin from Shannas, Clola and £2079.15 for an 835kg Charolais cross from Culfork, Alford.

Cast cows (86) averaged £1771.74 and sold to £2350 for a 940kg Charolais also from Culfork.

The sale of 1843 lambs averaged 233p with a top price of 270p paid for 43kg Beltex from Home Farm of Auchry, Cuminestown or £130 for 74kg Continentals from Logie Durno Farm, Pitcaple.

Cast sheep (734) averaged £73.30 and sold to £218 for a Texel from Oldtown Farm, Peterculter.

St Boswells

On Monday, Harrison and Hetherington sold 97 prime cattle, 20 cast cows, 2338 lambs and 739 cast sheep.

Bullocks (33) averaged 281p per kg and sold to 316p from Lurdenlaw or £2040 per head from Dunslaw with 58 heifers cashing in at 295p with top prices of 331p per kg from Bee Edge and Mosstower and £2040.76 per head from Dunslaw.

Young bulls (6) averaged 207p and sold to 230p from Standhill or £1991.88 from Linton. Cast cows averaged 216p and sold to 272p from Middlestead.

Lambs averaged 250p and sold to 320p for Beltex from Wauchhope or £159 for Texels from Huntington and cast sheep sold to £169 for a Suffolk tup from R G Laing and Sons, Oxmuir.


At Lawrie and Symington’s sale Limousin heifers topping the trade at 352p per kg for Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees Farm, Canonbie and Messrs Gray, Balquharrage, Lennoxtown. Top price per head was £2168 from Brockwoodlees.

Bullocks sold to 312p for a Limousin from Messrs Pettigrew, Faskine Farm, Airdrie and from Messrs Lockhart, Fauldingcleugh Farm, Lockerbie or to £1968 from Messrs Torrance and Son, Knowetop Farm, Quarter.

Cast cows sold to £1970 for Simmental from from Messrs MacLean, Kilblaan Farm, Campbeltown.

Lambs (4560) averaged 249p per kg having sold to 324p for Beltex from Messrs Sanderson, Biggarshiels Mains, or to £153 for Texels from A Baillie, Broomfield Lodge.

Cast sheep (3025) averaged £69.12 having sold to £270 for Texel ewes from Messrs Clark, Lee Meadow.


Craig Wilson sold 3956 sheep at their sale on Monday where 3294 lambs averaged 246.9p after selling to £160 for Dutch Spotted from Messrs Robb, Chalmerston, or to 285p for Texels from Messrs Smith, West Newton. Cast sheep sold to £170 for a Texel ewe from J Hodge and C Cuthertson, Drummuir.

On Tuesday, 179 clean and cast cattle saw heifers average 300.91p with bullocks at 258.62p. Top price was 329p paid for a Limousin bullock from the Smiths, North Boig or 327p for another heifer of similar breeding again from North Boig.

Cast cattle peaked at £1700 for a Limousin bull from Tormitchell.


On Tuesday, 616 lambs sold through Dingwall and Highland Marts averaged 224.4p per kg having sold to 259p or £127 per head for a Texel cross from Meikle Ussie, Dingwall.

Cast sheep sold to £180 gross for a pair of Texel cross ewes from Wester Craiglands, Fortrose.

Castle Douglas

Beltex and Texel lambs topped Wallets Marts sale of 1322 lambs on Tuesday at £136.50 from Gelston Castle and 295.2p per kg from Messrs Adams, Torhousekie, respectively. They averaged 247.21p.

Texels also led the 599 cast sheep at £179 for a ewe from Messrs McNeil, Carseriggan and £174 for a ram from Messrs McCulloch, Glentoo.