Stormy weather saw a lower entry of stock but hogg averages reached over 300p with plenty keen buyers ringside. Check out the weekly round-up of prime sales from across the country.

Newton Stewart

Craig Wilson’s sale witnessed 949 hoggs average 266p per kg.

A top price of £148 was paid for a Charollais cross from HS MacTier, Boghouse, and to 296p for a Beltex from J and E McGarvie and Son, Auchneight.

Cast sheep sold to £170 for Suffolk ewes from JT and SA Cannon, Redbrae.


An average of 289.2p per kg was achieved at C and D Auctions marts’ weekly sale.

Trade reached 297p for Glenkiln, and to £146 for Dutch spotted from Laneside.

Cast sheep peaked at £145 for a Bluefaced Leicester tup from Bettyknowes.

On the cattle front, heifers sold to 330p for a Limousin cross from J Jardine, Yett, whilst cast cows attained £1932 for a Limousin from JB Paterson, Hartbush.


Some 417 hoggs sold at Harrison and Hetherington’s sale cashed in at 283p per kg.

Texels led proceedings at £160 or 317p from IE and JH Brown, South Bellshill.

Cast sheep (249) sheep sold to £140 for a pair of Texel ewes from M Coxon Partnership, Shipley Smallburn.


United Auctions sold 386 old season lambs to cash in at 275p per kg having sold to 304p for Beltex crosses from Birkenburn, Keith.

Price per head achieved £149 for Charollais from Barnyards of Badenyouchers.

A Beltex ewe led the cast sheep at £182 for Lythebrae, Aberchirder.


Beltex from M and J Kennedy, Lurgan, Perth, led C and D auction marts’ sale at 405p per kg, whilst Texels from W Graham and Son, Craigdarroch, Sanquhar, made £200.

Some 3653 hoggs balanced out at 292.8p.

Cast sheep reached £305 on two occasions, both for Texel ewes from A and HC Smith, Crumhaughhill, Hawick and J Connell Farms, Wanton Walls, Lauder.

Cast cattle realised £1683 for Aberdeen Angus cows from G and T Archibald, Craigens, Isle of Islay or 188p for Shorthorn cows from L Clark, Escart, Tarbert.

Stirling (UA)

Texels from Dalchirla and Beltex from Doune Farms led proceedings at United Auctions’ sale of hoggs, when selling for £176 and 369p per kg respectively.

An entry of 3323 hoggs averaged 293.61p.

Cast sheep sold to £300 for Texel ewes from Townhead.

Stirling (Cally)

Heifers and bullocks averaged 309.04p per kg and 306.85p per kg respectively at the Caledonian Marts’ sale.

Heifers sold to 340p for an Aberdeen Angus from J and J Wylie, Knockhouse, Dunfermline and to £2149 for a Limousin from J Burnett and Sons, Upper Spittalton.

A British Blue from AA and J Brand, Nethermyres, Auchtermuchty, realised 320p and £2023.

Young bulls sold to 282p or £2239 for a Limousin from Upper Spittalton, whilst cast cattle peaked at 227p or £1920 for more of the same from A Orr, Lomond Muir.

On the sheep front, hoggs (1840) cashed in at 288p and realised 378p for Beltex from G and J Davie, Harviesmailing, Denny and to £172 for a Texel from Easter Cash.

Cast sheep sold to £267 for Texels from G Allan, Kingsfield, Linlithgow.


Aberdeen and Northern Marts had forward 2018 sheep at their sale, where old season lambs averaged 284p per kg and sold to 336p and £168 for 50kg Beltex crosses from Culhay, Forbes.

A Texel from Uppermill, Tarves, led the cast sheep at £274.50.

Limousins led the bullocks, when selling at 324p for a 550kg entry from Ballinloan, Dunkeld and to £2226.15 for one from Daies, Wardhouse, to balance out at 280p.

Heifers averaged 308p and sold to 341p for a 550kg Limousin from Cullaird, Scaniport and to £2046.80 for a 680kg British Blue cross from Tillyorn Corse, Lumphanan.

Young bulls peaked at 277p for a 730kg Aberdeen Angus from Vetaquoy, Twatt and to £2542.05 for a 945kg Limousin from Shannas Clola, to cash in at 244.8p.

Cast cattle sold to £2310 for an 858kg Limousin cow from Ballinloan.

St Boswells

Harrison and Hetherington sold 104 prime cattle, where bullocks and heifers averaged 299p per kg and 303p respectively.

Bullocks reached 328p twice, for Greenknowe and Bee Edge, and to £2190.24 from Learielaw.

Among the heifers a top of 334p came from Penston and Bee Edge, and to £2148.30 for Wester Middleton.

A cow from Burnhouse Mains, led the cast cattle at £2111.60.

On the sheep front, hoggs (1273) averaged 310p and sold to 359p for Beltex from Faughhill and £193 for Texels from Sydenham.

Cast sheep sold to £169 for a Suffolk ewe from WD Mundell and Son, Meigle.


Texels topped Harrison and Hetherington’s sale of hoggs, when selling to £188 for Messrs MacTaggart, Bridge of Dee, and to 442p for Messrs Nelson, Braithwaite, to cash in at 315p per kg.

Cast sheep sold to £180 for Texel ewes from Messrs Smith-Jackson, Hightown.

A 765kg Limousin cross bullock from Messrs Nicholson, The Lake, Carlisle, made £2375.33 and 310.5p.

Limousins from Messrs Cleasby, Linden House, Penrith, led the heifers at £1946.28 for a 613kg entry and to 323.50p for a 596kg animal.

A Limousin bull led the cast cattle at £2553 for Messrs Gillespie, High Ploughlands.


Limousin heifers from DM Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, secured the top prices of 335p per kg and £2146 at Lawrie and Symington’s sale.

Limousins also led the bullocks at 312p and £2029 for Barrie Farmers, Howburn, Biggar, and D Graham, West Backs, Campbelltown, respectively.

Cast cows sold to £1890 from J Black, Drochil Castle, West Linton, and to 221p from Greentowers, Lanark.

An entry of 2724 hoggs balanced out at 295p having reached 352p for Beltex from JS Shaw, West Lethans, Dunfermline, and to £177 for Texels from WA Wilson, Hutlerburn, Selkirk.

An average of £87.15 was achieved among the cast sheep (1384) which sold to £315 for Texel ewes from AJ Clark, Blackhill, Carluke.


An entry of 2037 sheep forward at the Craig Wilson sale. Hoggs (1327) averaged 302p per kg and sold to 357p for Beltex from Messrs Watson, Muir Farm and to £168 per head for Texels from Messrs Barclay, St Murray.

Cast sheep (710) sold to £208 for a Texel ewe from Messrs Kerr, Fenwell.

Among the cattle, heifers averaged 305.03p and sold to 330p for a Limousin from Messrs smith, North Boig.

Limousins also led the young bulls and cast cattle at 264p or £1465.20 for South Hourat, and to £1620 for Holehouse respectively.


Dingwall and Highland Marts sold 957 sheep with 462 old season lambs averaging 291.6p per kg. Topping the trade at 317p was a pair of 43.5kg Beltex crosses from Dunain Mains, Inverness and to £161 for a 60kg Texel cross from Blackford, Inverness.

Cast sheep peaked at £190 for a Texel ewe from Wester Craiglands, Fortrose.

Bullocks from Shorecroft, Dingwall, were in demand when reaching 308p for a 605kg Simmental cross and to £1959.10 for a 715kg Charolais cross, average 285.9p.