SECURING the top four positions in the Holstein breed’s young genomic rankings, was sons of Genosource Captain, published by AHDB Dairy.

Taking the No.1 slot was DG Peace, his efficiency – including feed advantage at 281 and maintenance feed index of -25 – helped to secure this top spot.

With a PLI of £908, he moves up from sixth place thanks to gains in already high production credentials. His Predicted Transmitting Ability (PTA) for protein of 41.3kg is breed-leading, which he combines with 1080kg milk and 46.9kg fat.

In second place, with a PLI of £873, is DG Space, one of the highest HealthyCow (HC) index bulls amongst the top 20 sires. His HC of £259 means the better health he’ll transmit is worth, on average, £259 to each of his daughters over their lifetimes, compared with a bull whose HC is zero. He earns this through excellent udder health (-22 SCC, -2 Mastitis), high daughter Fertility Index (9.3) and strong Calf Survival (2.9).

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Moving up to third position was DG Dillion from just outside the top 20 in the last index run, earning a PLI of £868. He too transmits good Calf Survival (3), and has a high Lameness Advantage (2.7).

With a PLI of £865, Cogent Koepon Rocky is the final of the leading four Captain sons, also demonstrating the outstanding efficiency traits for which his sire is renowned. His PLI is £865, Maintenance is an impressive -24, and he has an EnviroCow index of 4.5.

Peak AltaMorpheus, a son of Winstar Curfew, now ranks fifth, with a PLI of £863 and featuring a PTA fat of +0.21% and a very high daughter Lifespan Index of 159 extra days. He also excels in Fertility Index (FI 10.1), helping to earn him a HealthyCow of £255.

The Scottish Farmer: Top 20 holstein bulls with genomic indexes ranked on profitable lifetime index (£pli) April 2024Top 20 holstein bulls with genomic indexes ranked on profitable lifetime index (£pli) April 2024 (Image: web)

In sixth place is Denovo 2776 Leeds (PLI £862), the breed-leader for milk yield at a tremendous 1256kg, and with a combined fat and protein of 89.2kg.

One of the best udder health improvers of the top 20 bulls is seventh-ranking Wilra SSI Faneca Ebersol (PLI £857), whose SCC of -26 and excellent Lameness Advantage of 2.8 stand out amongst his peers.

Progenesis Pineapple ranks eighth, with a PLI of £848 and with high protein PTAs of 40.4kg and +0.16%.

The best daughter fertility bull in the top 20 is ninth-ranking Peak AltaOrvar, whose FI of 12.0 helps earn him a PLI of £840.

Rounding off the top 10 are three bulls, all ranking equally at PLI £839. The first of these is another Captain son in the shape of Pine-Tree GS Cruzer, who also offers the best Feed Advantage of the breed at £294.

Then, two new entrants since the December release are Progenesis Disruptor, transmitting the highest weight of fat in the top 10 at 53.4kg, and Genosource Security, with the best fat percentage (+0.26) alongside a high Fertility Index (10.6).

Places 13 to 15 are occupied by three newcomers to the top 20: Cogent Cartell (PLI £838) who excels in milk yield (1104kg); Hul-Stein Nail (PLI £838) with high Lifespan Index (+128 days) and Denovo 20376 Absolute (PLI £826), with extreme fat yields at 55.5kg and +0.31%.

The final new bull to make the top 20 is Peak AltaBemine (PLI £816), with exceptional udder health (-31 SCC, -3 Mastitis).

“Genosource Captain has proven himself as a transmitter of high and efficient milk production, so it is no surprise to see his sons now dominating the young sire ranking. With a range of maternal bloodlines also influencing their genetic potential, these young bulls have much to offer UK producers,” said Marco Winters, head of animal genetics for AHDB.

“Other sire lines in the top 10 offer excellence across a range of traits, giving producers selection options to address a variety of needs, whether lifting butterfats, improving daughter fertility or cutting rates of mastitis,” he added.

For the complete list of available bulls, please visit the AHDB website.