The estimated GB milk deliveries for the 2023/2024 season ended at the lowest milk-year volume recorded in seven years.

In March GB milk deliveries totalled at 1086 million litres, according to AHDB, which was 0.1% (0.95 million litres) down compared to the same month last year, with daily deliveries averaged 35.03 million litres.


GB daily milk deliveries with latest forecast

GB daily milk deliveries with latest forecast


March completes the GB milk season, with deliveries totalling an estimated 12.35 billion litres for the full year and with daily deliveries averaging 33.75 million litres.

With 2024 being a leap year, it is important to note there was an extra day in February, raising the actual milk-delivered figure. If compared on a 365-day equivalent, the total delivered volume for the 2023/34 milk year stands at 12.32 billion litres, a decline of 0.5% (63.60 million litres) on the previous year.

As discussed at the recent AHDB Milk Forecasting Forum (MFF), the decrease in production can be attributed to lower yields per cow. Lower milk prices in 2023 compared to the previous year combined with high input costs meant that producers were not incentivised to push production, resulting in a lower milk yield.

Looking forward, the forum discussed how the current wet weather will impact dairy farmers and, in turn, the effects on milk production.

It is expected to see subdued production as the wet ground delays turning out cows onto grass, with some concerns about the ability to carry out groundwork and the potential knock on effects on grass and silage quality for the coming season.

This is reflected in the latest forecast as a marginal decline is expected in GB milk production for the 2024/25 season.