Prime lambs fetch 525p/kg in the UK, highlighting lucrative market potential.

Newton Stewart

Some 489 sheep sold through Craig Wilson’s sale where 311 lambs averaged 393.8p per kg. Top prices were £191 paid for Texels from ADS Brown, Balligmorrie, or 429p per kg for Beltex from J Paterson and Co, Killdarroch.

Hoggs sold to £145 for Zwartbles from C and S Stewart, Challochum and to 266p for Texels from T and T Coltman, Laggansarroch.

Cast sheep reached £249 for Texel ewes from AHM and W Sloan, Mull of Galloway.


At C and D Auction Marts’ sale 151 new season lambs sold to £208 per head for Suffolks from J and T Hiddleston, Newmains and to 444p per kg for Beltex from A and W Padkin, Drumcork.

Hoggs (230) sold to £182 for Beltex from Drumcork and to 317p for Texels from Messrs Spence, Springfield Hill.

Cast sheep reached £248 for Texel ewes from North Cowshaw.


Some 5489 sheep sold through C and D Auctions’ saw 1092 spring lambs average 394.5p per kg having sold to 472p for Beltex from JA and LA Thompson, Woodhead, Scaleby and to £215 per head for Texels from Highfield Farming Ltd, Knock, Duns.

Hoggs (1303) averaged 326.3p selling to 420p for Beltex from Messrs Stoddart, Hillside, Wigton and to £244 for Texels from T Hetherington, Old Hall, Staffield.

Cast sheep (3094) reached a top of £270 for Texel ewes from WN Douglas, Catslackburn, Yarrow.

Stirling (UA)

United Auctions had forward 3908 sheep at their sale where 989 new season lambs averaged 393.38p per kg having sold to 452p for Texels from South Dundonald and to £227 per head for Texels from Elmscleugh.

Hoggs (1585) averaged 290.99p and sold to 391p for Beltex from Groan and to £186 for Texels from Veltigar.

Cast sheep sold to £232 for Texel ewes from Drimsynie.

Stirling (Cally)

Limousins led the Caledonian Marts’ sale where heifers averaged 292.38p per kg selling to 322p from Learielaw, Broxburn and Meadowend, Clackmannan, or to £2029 from Learielaw.

Bullocks averaged 274.09p having sold to 300p from Carriston, Star of Markinch and Learielaw, or £2143 from Nethermyres, Auchtermuchty.

A Limousin also topped the young bulls at 300p and £2124 from Carriston.

Cast cattle averaged 196.62p and reached 245p for a Limousin again from Carriston with the same home achieving a top price of £1700 along with another Limousin from Traprain, Haddington.

At Tuesday’s sale 317 lambs averaged 377.15p having sold to 455p for a Texel from Caldcoats Enterprise, Malletsheugh and to £205 for a Beltex from K Dick, Drum of Kinnaird, Falkirk.

Hoggs were topped at 293p and £161 for Texels from J Gilvear, Queenshaugh, Stirling. Cast sheep reached £189 for a pair of Blue Texel ewes from Drum of Kinnaird.


Bullocks and heifers averaged 255.5p and 272.3p per kg respectively at Aberdeen and Northern Marts’ sale.

Bullocks (34) sold to 305p for a 520kg Limousin cross from Whiteside, Tullynessle and to £2123.80 per head for an 820kg Limousin cross from Daies, Wardhouse.

Heifers (42) sold to 304p or £1913.60 for a 610kg Limousin cross from Chapel of Barras, Stonehaven.

Young bulls (15) averaged 248.6p having sold to 297p for an 806kg Limousin from Meikle Geddes, Nairn and to £2410.20 for a 1030kg Charolais from Firhills Farm, Arbroath.

Cast cattle reached £2470 for a 1320kg Charolais bull from Knockangel, Inverness.

New season lambs (372) averaged 388.8p and sold to 437p for Texels from Wellheads, Huntly and to £201.50 for Charollais from Eastside Farm, Whitecairns and Suffolk crosses from Wellheads.

Old season lambs (308) averaged 285.7p having sold to 346.7p for 46kg continentals from Hilton, Durris and to £187.50 for 61kg Texel crosses from Mosshead, Whitehouse. Cast sheep reached £261.50 for Texels from Harestone, Crathes.


Darlington Farmers Auction Mart sold 149 cattle and 1025 sheep at their weekly sale. Bullocks (15) averaged 298p per kg and sold to 324p for a 637p Limousin from Messrs Askwith, Low Mown Meadoes, Whitby and to £2273 for a Limousin from I Marshall and Sons, Hope House.

Heifers (83) levelled at 301p having reached 343p for a 573kg Limousin from R Hirst, Neasham Grange and to £2132 for a 652kg Limousin from N Brown, West Hartburn.

Young bulls (49) averaged 279p and sold to 333p and £2568 for Limousins from J Layfield, Nackshivan, Willington.

New season lambs (435) averaged 411p and sold to 482p for a 46kg Texel from W and M Knaggs and Son, East Newbiggin, and to £231 for a 56kg Texel from I and A Holmes, Middle Stotfold, Elwick.

Hoggs (316) sold to 340p for 47kg Texels from PR and V Barlow and Son, Sycamore, and £180 for a Suffolk from K Liversedge, East Roughlea.

Cast sheep averaged £122 with Texel ewes topping the trade at £200 from W and M Knaggs and Son, Sadberge.

St Boswells

Harrison and Hetherington had forward 97 prime cattle, 45 cast cattle, 778 lambs, 231 hoggs and 372 cast sheep at their sale where 38 bullocks averaged 293p per kg and sold to 316p from Learielaw and £2194.56 per head from Wellheads.

Heifers (59) averaged 292p and sold to 330p from Bee Edge and to £2093.28 from Wellheads.

Cast cattle averaged 206p and sold to 247p and £1952.20 for cows from Soutra and Honeyburn respectively.

Lambs averaged 394p and sold to 453p and £224 for Beltex and Texels from Whitsome West Newton.

Hoggs averaged 250p and reached 365p and £180 for Texels from Cauldshiel.

Suffolk ewes topped the cast sheep trade at £188 from Yett.


Lambs averaged 406p per kg at the Harrison and Hetherington’s sale which was topped by Texels at 525p from Messrs Bird, Ghyli House, Wreay, or to £225 for Suffolks from Messrs Austin, Woodcroft, Dumfries.

Cast sheep peaked at £320 for Texel ewes from Messrs Harrison, Armshaugh, Alston. Bullocks (37) averaged £1979.73 having sold to £2392.01 for a 799kg Limousin cross from Messrs Bell, Hoddomtown, Lockerbie and to 305.5p for a 641kg Limousin cross from Messrs Hewetson, Lords Close, Maryport.

Heifers (33) averaged £1823.35 and sold to £2334.02 for a 764kg Limousin cross from Messrs Crichton, Loughrigg, Egremont and to 311.5p for both a 637kg Limousin cross from Messrs Airey, The Close and a 592kg British Blue cross from Messrs Dixon, Lesson Hall, Wigton.

Cast cattle saw top prices of £2601 and 265.5p for a 980kg British Blue cow from Messrs Okell, Birdswood, Little Orton.


Lawrie and Symington's sale of 130 cattle, witnessed Limousins top the trade with heifers selling to 342p per kg and £2388 from Brockwoodlees, Canonbie and bullocks to 3120 from Faskine, Airdrie and to £1904 from South Arnloss, Slamannan.

Cast cows reached £1890 for an Aberdeen Angus from Law, Broxburn and to 264p from Bagmoor, Lanark.

New season lambs (227) averaged 370p having sold to 458p for Beltex from Messrs Padkin, Muirhouse, and to £240 for a Texel from Messrs McLaren, Cairnie.

Texel topped the hogg trade at £218 from Messrs Wight, Midlock and to 355p per kg from Messrs Peat, Greenhill.

Cast sheep (470) sold to £230 for Texels from Kailzie and Messrs Simpson, Hillridge.


An entry of 1323 sheep forward at Craig Wilson’s sale on Monday saw 923 spring lambs average 380.1p per kg having sold to 418p for a pen of Texels from Messrs Duffin, West Brockloch, or to £222 for a Texel cross from D Gilmour, Broomknowes.

Hoggs (164) sold to £150 for Texels from J Hutton and Son, Laigh Corton.

Cast sheep reached £205 for Texel ewes from A and S Campbell, Crawlaw.

On Tuesday, bullocks and heifers averaged 302.84p and 301.11p respectively with the former selling to 309p for a Limousin from Burnockston.

Heifers reached 318p for a Limousin from The Smith family, North Boig and the Andrew family, Rowanston.

Cast cattle sold to £2000 for a Charolais bull from Laigh Alticane.


United Auctions sold 502 sheep on Tuesday with 104 new season lambs averaging 350p per kg having sold to 376p for 45kg Texels from Meikle Begshill, Drumblade, or to £182 for 55.5kg Texels from North Dorlaithers, Turriff.

Old season lambs (140) averaged 225p and sold to 276p for 50kg Texels from Woodbank, Drumblade and to £143 for 72kg Texels from 20 High Street, Archiestown.

Cast sheep reached £200 for Texel ewes from Braehead, Huntly.


An entry of 338 sheep sold through Dingwall and Highland Marts saw 73 new season lambs sell to 387p for a pen of 38kg crosses from Davochfin Farm, Dornoch, or to £172 for a 50kg Texel cross from Braepark, Duncanston.

Old season lambs (112) sold to 252p for 38.5kg Blackfaces from 3 Keistle, Portree and £134 for a 60kg Mule from Pithogarty, Tain.

Cast sheep sold to £228 for a Texel cross ewe from The Cloy, Fortrose.

Castle Douglas

Wallets Marts had forward 453 sheep with 332 spring lambs averaging 362.56p per kg.

A top price of 378.2p and £180 per head was achieved for Texels from Messrs McCornick, Barnbackle.

A Scotch Mule from Messrs Boam, Barmagachan topped the hogg trade at £159 or 265p.

Cast sheep reached £243 for a Texel ewe from Stag House.