Newton Stewart

Some 425 lambs sold through Craig Wilson’s sale cashed in at 365p per kg. Texels topped the trade selling to 405p from Messrs McKinnel, Drumneil and to £186 per head from Messrs Wallace, Claycrop.

Hoggs and cast sheep (107) sold to £148 for Lleyn tups from Messrs Howatson, Risk and Texel hoggs from Messrs Muir, Larg.


At C and D Auctions’ sale 423 lambs sold to 393p or £186 for Texels from Messrs Nairn, Shieldhill and RJ Burgess, The Bush, respectively.

Hoggs sold to £150 for Texels from Hamlet, Garloff whilst cast sheep reached £220 for Charollais rams from Foregirth.


Suffolks produced the top prices per head at Harrison and Hetherington’s sale where lambs sold to £200 from Nesbit and hoggs reached £148 from Berryhill.

Top price per kg was 433.3p paid for Beltex from Annstead.

Cast sheep reached £266 for Texel ewes from Lamberton Holding.


Some 4291 sheep through C and D Auctions saw 1267 spring lambs average 373.0p and sell for 407p for Beltex from J Watret, Burnside, Annan, or £218 for Texels from A and L Sutherland, Carran, Thurso.

The 851 hoggs sold to 363p for Beltex from Todburn or £230 for Texels from AR Bell and Son, Kirkton, Hawick, to level at 275.3p.

Cast sheep were topped £275 for Texel ewes from Carran while cast cattle entries peaked at £1363 or 188p for an Aberdeen Angus from M Baxter, Kilnhill, Gilsland.

Stirling (UA)

Lambs averaged 367.09p per kg at United Auctions' sale of 2144 sheep having sold to 411p and £196 per head for Texels from Penston.

Old season lambs averaged 262.52p and reached 337p for Cheviots from Shannachar Cottage and £176 for Texels from Blinkbonny.

Cast sheep reached £265 for Texel ewes from Townhead.

Stirling (Cally)

Heifers and bullocks averaged 288.55p per kg and 282.29p respectively at Caledonian Marts’ sale where Limousins topped the trade.

Heifers sold to 340p from A Pettrigrew, Faskine and at £2080 per head from DS and RC Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, with bullocks reaching 315p and £2086 from Easter Ochtermuthill.

Young bulls sold to 262p for a Hereford from Balgay Farms, Perth and to £2288 for a Limousin from J and J Wylie, Knockhouse.

Cast cattle averaged 186.62p and sold to 218p and £1980 for Limousins from JC Orr, Baldastard, Lundin Links and J Meikle and Sons, Turniemoon, West Calder respectively. At Tuesday’s sale 247 lambs averaged 354p having sold to 417p for Texels from HT Shanks, Easter Cash, Strathmiglo, or to £200 for a Texel from D Nicol, Auchtenny, Forgandenny.

Cast sheep reached £173 for a Texel tup from C and F Livestock, Townhead Farm.


Lambs averaged 363.5p at Aberdeen and Northern Marts’ sale selling to 396.7p for 45kg continental crosses from Mains of Cowie, Stonehaven and to £190 for 54kg Texel crosses from Easter Aucharnie, Forgue.

Hoggs (244) sold to 281.3p or £173.50 for Blue Texels from Netherton, Whitehouse with cast sheep (273) averaging £121.63 with a top price of £189.50 paid for Texel tups from Mains of Corsegight, New Deer.

Bullocks sold to 309p for a 545kg Limousin cross from Whiteside, Tullynessle and to £1840.05 for a 705kg Aberdeen Angus cross from Cairndaie, Sauchen, while heifers reached 293p for a 540kg Limousin cross from Whiteside and a 520kg Limousin from Newcairn, Drumoak. Newcairn also produced the top price per head of £1762.90 for a 610kg Limousin cross.

Young bulls sold to 241p for a 780kg Charolais cross or £1896 for a Limousin cross from Newton of Mountblairy, Banff.

Cast cattle sold to £2600 for a 1310kg Charolais bull from Ordhill, Tarves.


Heifers and bullocks averaged 307p and 300p per kg respectively at the Darlington Farmers Auction Mart sale.

Heifers sold to 351p for a 536kg Limousin from R and I Hirst, Neasham Grange or £2416 per head for another of the same weighing 739kg from JE Suddes and Son, Rowley Farm.

Bullocks reached 334p for a 633kg Limousin from Messrs Askwith, Low Mown Meadoes, Crook or £2358 for a 728kg Limousin from I Marshall and Sons, Hope House. Young bulls averaged 267p and sold to 322p and £2634 for Limousins from C Simpson and Son, McNeil Farm, Witton-le-Wear.

Cast cattle sold to 266p and £1687 from SJ Saville and Sons.

Lambs (1064) averaged 378p having sold to 440p for Texel crosses from JC Simpson, Hill Top East Farm, Caldwell and £210 for Texel Suffolk crosses from R Bailes, Cole Hill Farms, Elwick.

Cast sheep (125) averaged £87 and sold to £152 for a Texel ewe from JA and A Herbert, Tees Farm, Westwick.

St Boswells

Some 862 lambs forward for Harrison and Hetherington’s sale averaged 363p per kg having sold to 430p for Beltex from Whitsome West Newton, or to £213 for Suffolks from Huntington.

Hoggs (55) averaged 250p and sold to £185 for Texels from Lochside.

Cast sheep (151) averaged £134.50 and sold to £207 for Texel ewes from Wester Ulston.

Learielaw produced the top priced cattle per kg with a bullock at 316p and a heifer at 295p. Top prices per head were £2156.82 for a bullock from Elwick and £2201.68 for a heifer from Wellheads. The 31 bullocks averaged 291p with 55 heifers at 295p.

Cast cattle sold to £2235 for a bull from Burnhouse Mains and 247p for a cow from Venchen.


Harrison and Hetherington sold 1661 lambs to average 373p per kg, selling to 568p or £250 for Beltex from Messrs Trafford, Bassenthwaite Hall Farm.

Cast sheep averaged £156.33 and sold to £250 for Texel ewes from Messrs Leonard, Pettigo.

Limousins led the cattle trade with heifers selling to £2376 for a 758kg entry from Messrs Crichton, Loughrigg, Egremont and to 318.5p for a 575kg cross from Messrs Twentyman, Osborne Farm, Wigton.

Bullocks reached £2200.28 or 317p for a 693kg entry from Messrs Craik, Waterside, Castle Douglas.

A 784kg British Blue from Messrs Carruthers, Rawfoot, Penrith, topped the 79 young bulls at £2504.8 or 319.5p.

Cast cattle sold to £2284 for a 923kg British Blue from Messrs Wainwright, Todhall with the same home topping price per kg at 277p.


Limousins took the top prices at the Lawrie and Symington’s sale, where heifers sold to 345p or £2166 from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees and bullocks reached £1860 or 288p from West Backs.

Young bulls sold to £2358 from Parkhall and to 270p from Mackiesmill.

Cast cattle sold to £2110 or 236p for Simmental cows from Messrs Taylor, Skirling Craigs Farm.

New season lambs averaged 365p having sold to 440p or £216 for a Texel from Messrs Smith, Westpark.

Hoggs averaged 230p and reached £200 for a Suffolk from Messrs Muirhead, Auldtoun Farm or 360p for a Texel from Messrs Johnstone, Boghouse Farm.

Cast sheep sold to £284 for a Texel ewe from Greyside Farm.


An entry of 812 sheep for Craig Wilson’s sale on Monday saw 593 lambs average 362.87p per kg having selling to 400p for Texels from Messrs Gibson, Sawerston or £214 for Texels from JH Logan and Co, Dalfask.

Cast sheep reached £224 for a Texel ewe from Messrs Walker, Laigh Alticane.

On Tuesday, bullocks averaged 314.78p having sold to 322p or £2028.60 for a Limousin from Blairbowie. Heifers averaged 288.89p and sold to 326p or £2004.90 for a Limousin cross from The Smith Family.

A Limousin bull from West Dhuloch led the cast trade at £2000.


United Auctions sale on Tuesday saw 223 lambs average 361.2p per kg. Texel crosses led the trade at 393p or £185 from Croft, Grange.

Cast sheep sold to £228 for a Texel ewe from Dunscroft, Huntly.


The 328 sheep for Dingwall and Highland Marts’ sale saw lambs reach 307p or £132 for a 43kg Texel cross from Newlands, Thurso, with old season types to 251p for a 55kg Suffolk cross from The Arr, Nairn or £158 for 55kg Cheviots from South Balkeith, Tain.

Cast sheep sold to £182 for a Texel ewe from Eynhallow, Conon Bridge.

Bullocks averaged 297.8p and sold to 300p or £1980 for a 660kg Limousin cross from Findon Farms, Culbokie. Heifers averaged 290.8p and sold to 301p or £1768 for a 650kg Aberdeen Angus cross from East Murkle, Thurso.

Castle Douglas

At Wallets Marts’ sale on Tuesday, 647 lambs averaged 342.82p, selling to £200 for Texels from Messrs Nicholson, Brockloch or 393.8p for more of the same from Messrs Millar, Balannan.

Hoggs (80) reached £169 for Texels from Messrs Smith, Low Arkland or 304.4p again for Texels from Straith Estates.

Cast sheep sold to £195 for Texel ewes from Messrs Jardine, Upper Hardland.

Kirkby Stephen

Beltex crosses led Harrison and Hetherington’s sale of 1437 lambs selling to £220 from Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm, Ormside and J Andrews, Boscar Flatts, York with the latter also topping price per kg at 478.3p.

Hoggs reached £222 for 74kg Texel crosses from Messrs Skimore, Needless Hall Farm and to 377.8p from Boscar Flatts. Cast sheep reached £280 for a Beltex cross ewe from Messrs Sayer, Town End Farm, Penrith, to average £150.37.