Carlisle's prime lamb prices have soared to 512p/kg, setting new market highs.

Newton Stewart

Some 427 sheep sold through Craig Wilson Auction Marts, where 345 lambs averaged 345p per kg, selling to 371p for Beltex from J Paterson and Co, Kildarroch and to £148.56 for Texels from Barnean Farming Co. Barnean.

Cast sheep sold to £159 for Texel cross ewes from A and E Paton and Son, Millernderdale with the same home selling Texel hoggs to £127.


At C and D Auction Marts’ sale, 243 lambs were topped by Texels from Messrs Sloan, Rigghead at £180 and 386p per kg.

Cast sheep reached £214 for a Texel ewe from Whitehall Farms.


An entry of 1224 lambs averaged of 341.2p per kg at the C and D Auction Marts’ sale. Beltex topped the sale at 405p from Messrs McDowall and Co, Culquhasen, Glenluce, or to £221 for Texels from Maronach Livestock, Balhall.

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Hoggs (883) averaged 241.9p and sold to 309p and £200 for Texels from JT and EM Marrs and Son, Broomhills, Carlisle and WN Douglas, Catslackburn, Yarrow respectively.

Cast sheep (2403) sold to £300 for Texel ewes from Beckfoot.

Cast cattle reached £1320 or 179p for an Aberdeen Angus from TN Cavers and Co, Sorbie, Langholm.

Stirling (UA)

United Auctions sold to 3481 sheep comprising 1614 new season lambs, 712 hoggs and 1155 cast sheep.

Lambs averaged 319.22p per kg and sold to 383p for Beltex from East Ochtermuthill and to £180 for Texels from Little Raith.

Hoggs averaged 218.89p having sold to 329p for crosses from Invermark and to £180 for Mules from Halkerston.

Cast sheep reached £290 for Texel ewes from Westcarse.

Stirling (Cally)

Heifers and bullocks averaged 311.8p and 272.5p per kg respectively at the Caledonian Marts’ sale.

Limousins topped the heifers at 338p and £2105.16 from A Kennedy and Son, Seggarsdean and J and J Rearie, Riggs.

The same breed also led the bullocks at 288p from M Orr and Son, Penston and to £2052 from AA and J Brand, Nethermyres.

Young bulls sold to 280p for a Limousin from J and T MacPherson, Pitsundry and to £2198 for a Simmental from W Young, Templehall.

Cast cattle sold to 243p for a Limousin cow from JR MacGregor, Dyke and to £2280 for an Aberdeen Angus bull from JAC Stewart, Kinninmonth.

On Tuesday 212 lambs averaged 296.17p having sold to 488p and £205 for Texels from PG Perring, Hoprig, Berwickshire.

Hoggs (131) averaged 213.34p selling to 258p and £131 for Blackfaces from Gilmour Farms, Campbeltown.

Cast sheep (342) averaged £94.26 and sold to £232 for Texels from Hoprig.


New season lambs (525) averaged 327.9p per kg at the Aberdeen and Northern Marts’ sale, where Texel crosses topped the trade at 430p from Clinterty, New Aberdour and £200 from Home Farm of Auchry, Cumminestown. Old season lambs (245) averaged 220.5p having sold to 291.5p and £157.50 for Texel crosses from Tillyeve Cottage, Udny and Newton of Greeness, Turriff respectively.

Cast sheep (486) averaged £118.04 and sold to £240 for Texel ewes from Mains of Orchardtown, Udny and Texel cross ewes from Hilton of Culsh, New Deer.

Bullocks (47) sold to 299p for a 510kg Limousin cross from Whiteside, Tullynessle and to £2309.55 for another of the same breed scaling 865kg from Berrybrae Wardhouse.

Heifers (20) sold 323p and £1986.45 for a 615kg Limousin cross from Brucewells, Netherley.

Young bulls (15) sold to 289p for a 760kg Beef Shorthorn cross from Bankhead, Clatt and to £2470 for a 1000kg Aberdeen Angus from Meikle Pitnnan, Oldmeldrum.

Cast cattle sold to £2310 for a 1250kg Saler from Craigiedaff, Durris.


Bullocks and heifers averaged 293p and 307p per kg respectively at the Darlington Farmers Auction Mart sale. Bullocks (23) sold to 326p from AF Hall, Redcar House and to £2364 for a 753kg British Blue from AG Watson and Sons, Nunstainton Grange.

Heifers (107) reached 346p for a 613kg Limousin from Messrs Hirst, Neasham Grange and to £2288 from J Layfield, Nachshivan Farm, Willington.

Young bulls (63) averaged 266p and sold to 317p for a Limousin from A and D Proctor, Swarland and to £2407 for an 882kg Limousin from SH Watson and Son, Caldwell.

Lambs (864) averaged 310p having sold to 404p and £210 for Texels from S Hugill, Wytherstone Farms, Pockley.

Cast sheep (150) averaged £89.21 and sold to £170 for Texel ewes from both JC Simpson, Hill Top Farm and I Spedding, Wolsingham.

St Boswells

Harrison and Hetherington sold 85 head of cattle and 1587 sheep at their sale on Monday where bullocks (31) averaged 286p per kg and sold to 322p from Penston and £2196.48 from Wellheads.

Heifers (34) levelled at 304p having sold to 330p from Penston, and Bee Edge, or £2137.52 from Wellheads. Young bulls sold to 306p and £2362.32 from Kersknowe.

Cast cattle (18) averaged 230p and sold to 249p or £2289.42 from Honeyburn.

The 1197 lambs sold to 406.9p for Beltex from Headshaw, or £210 for Suffolk crosses from Belmont to average 320p.

Hoggs (156) averaged 277p and sold to £181 for Suffolk crosses from Butterdean.

Cast sheep reached £203 for Beltex tups from the same home.


Limousins topped Lawrie and Symington’s sale of 110 cattle where heifers sold to 330p per kg from Brockwoodlees, Canonbie and £2070 from Walkerdyke Farm, Strathaven.

Walkerdyke also topped the bullocks at 300p and £2142.

Young bulls sold to £2225 from Howburn and 278p from West Glespin, Douglas with cast cattle also from West Glespin also topping the section at £2150 and 259p with cows.

Some 709 lambs averaged 308p having sold to 361p and £187 for Texels from Messrs Clark, West Shawtonhil and Messrs Blackwood, Auldhouseburn respectively.

Hoggs (402) averaged 198p having sold to £168 or 280p for Texels from Sandford Sheep Co.

Cast sheep (856) were topped at £302 for Texel ewes from Messrs Clark, Blackhill.


Some 1564 sheep were sold through Craig Wilson’s auction mart comprising 1277 lambs and 287 hoggs and cast sheep.

Lambs sold to 332p per kg and £180 per head for Texels from Messrs Shennan, Farden and R Gault, Crookside, respectively. The average was 300.4p.

Hoggs reached a top of £148 for a Blue Texel from JLM Moffat, Smithston.

Cast sheep sold to £188 for Texel ewes from G and M Wardrop and Son, South Craigton.

On Tuesday, bullocks sold to 323p per kg or £2002.60 per head for a Limousin from D and L Kennedy, Barneil while heifers reached 325p and £1968 for more of the same from Messrs Thomson, Blairbowie and Messrs Smith, North Boig respectively.

Cast cattle were topped at £2180 for a Limousin bull from Cowdonmoor.


Aberdeen and Northern Marts sold 274 lambs on Monday to average 331p per kg.

Top price per kg was 350p paid for a 45kg Texel from Todholes and 51kg Suffolk crosses from Sibmister, Castletown.

The same Suffolk crosses also produced the lead price per head of £178.50, alongside 52kg Suffolk crosses from Lynegar and 64kg Texels from Folly Farm which sold for the same money.

Cast sheep were topped at £239.50 for continental-type ewes from Lynegar.


Some 304 new season lambs averaged 303.6p per kg at the United Auctions’ sale on Tuesday, where Beltex topped the trade at 337p per kg and £174 per head from Drumburn, Keith.

Cast sheep (303) reached £232 for a Texel ewe from Tillyminate, Gartly.


Dingwall and Highland Marts had 217 sheep comprising of 102 new season lambs and 115 cast sheep, on Tuesday.

Top prices were 309p per kg paid for a pen of 44kg Texel crosses from Kinnahaird Farm, Contin and £148 for 52kg cross-bred lambs from Braepark, Duncanston.

Cast sheep sold to £160 for a Suffolk ewe from Ardvannie Croft, Edderton.

Prime cattle entries saw bullocks average 286.3p having sold to 292p per kg and £2044 per head for Limousin crosses from Shoreton Farms, Culbokie.

Heifers averaged 292p. They sold to a top of 294p and £1868.80 for a 570kg Limousin cross and a 640kg Charolais cross respectively both from Shoreton Farms.

Castle Douglas

Some 492 lambs averaged 296.62p per kg at the Wallets Marts sale on Tuesday.

A pen of Texels from Messrs Kerr, Fagra, led the trade selling at 318.6p per kg or £162.50 per head.

The 104 old season lambs forward were topped at £135 per head for a pen of Cheviots from Messrs Galloway, Gallahill. Top price per kg was 237.1p given for a pen of Mule hoggs from Messrs McTurk, Mackliston.

Cast sheep (161) sold to £235 for Texel rams from Gallahill.