Prime bullocks and heifers averaged 307p and 308p per kg respectively at Harrison and Hetherington's Christmas show and sale of prime cattle at St Boswells, which saw in excess of 90 head of clean cattle forward.

Judge, Granville Moor of W Kirkup and Sons Butchers, Longtown, Langholm, and Silloth, bought his champion – a Limousin cross heifer from Messrs Hamilton, Bee Edge – at 400p per kg. He also purchased his choice of reserve, a similarly bred animal from Messrs Dandie, Learielaw, at 360p.

Leading Awards

Native single bullock – 1, Sunnycroft, 582kg, 332p; 2, Penston, 608kg, 315; 3, Hollybush, 592kg, 300p.

Native single heifer – 1, Mosstower, 590kg, 340p; 2, Mosstower, 564kg, 328p; 3, Upper Nisbet, 548kg, 300p.

Single bullock by Limousin sire – 1, Learielaw, 686kg, 325p; 2, Pogbie, 612kg, 320p; 3, Bee Edge, 642kg, 330p.

Single heifer by Limousin sire – 1 and champion, Bee Edge, 622kg, 400p; 2, Wester Middleton, 626kg, 345p; 3, Longnewton, 554kg, 340p.

Single bullock by any other continental sire – 1, Bee Edge, 788kg, 298p; 2, Learielaw, 618kg, 318p; 3, Bee Edge, 556kg, 310p.

Single heifer by any other continental sire – 1, Penston, 546kg, 328p; 2, Lylestane, 546kg, 295p.

Single bullock bred by exhibitor – 1, Upper Nisbet, 624kg, 320p; 2, Fowberry Moor, 574kg, 310p; 3, Learieaw, 618kg, 325p.

Single heifer bred by exhibitor – 1 and reserve, Learielaw, 610kg, 360p; 2, Wester Middleton, 632kg, 325p; 3, Mosstower, 520kg, 338p.