Newton Stewart

Suffolks led Craig Wilson Ltd weekly sale, when selling to £170 for Messrs McMaster, Blairbuy, and to 342p per kg for a pen of 44 from the Hurcomb family, Bankhead, Cairnryan, with lambs averaging 319.26p with a SQQ of 320.43p.

A small selection of 190 cast sheep and hoggs sold to £180 for three Beltex from Messrs Dunlop, Glengennet.


More than 500 prime lambs came under the hammer this week at C and D auction marts' sale, with a pleasing lift in trade selling to £160 for Whiteyard and to 353p per kg for Dressertland.

A smaller show of cast ewes peaked at £200 for Texels from Skipmyre.

Among the OTM cattle Holsteins sold to £1359.75 for Gamerigg, and to 203p per kg for Luings from Over Cairn.


A sharper trade was met on the week for both prime lambs and hoggs at Penrith and District Farmers’ Marts' weekly sale, which topped at 438p per kg for a single 39kg Beltex lamb from WH Brass, Low Row, and to £172 for a 45kg Continental cross lamb from Messrs Mitchell, Grassknop.

Hoggs averaged 248p, having sold to £154 for Texel tup hoggs from D and R Cornthwaite, Lochmaben.

In the ewe section demand still held well having achieved £290 for a Texel from SJ Pigg, Gaitsgill.


A smaller show of prime cattle maintained recent rates at Aberdeen and Northern Marts' weekly sale where Limousins dominated all sections.

The breed firstly led the bullocks at 311p per kg for a 570kg entry from Chapelpark, Methlick, and to£1924.85 for a 685kg animal from Whiteside, Tullynessle, then also produced the top price among the heifers of 317p for a 565kg Limousin from Hillocks, Whiterashes, and to £1862.35 for a 595kg heifer from Boghouse, Tarves.

Texels from Home Farm of Auchry, Cuminestown, led the new season prime lambs (113) at 325p for a 48kg pen and to £160 for 55kg pen, to average 288.6p (+17.8p).

More of the same breed also led the old season prime lambs (276) at 239.8p for Kylieford, Duncanstone, and to £144 for Scarhill, Glenkindie, having cashed in at 194.2p.

Feeding ewes and rams (404) balanced out at £93.24 and sold to £193.50 for a pen of 10 pure Texels from Home Farm of Auchry.

Stirling (Cally)

Bullocks and heifers averaged 287p per kg and 304.71p respectively at Caledonian Marts' weekly sale on Monday.

Heifers sold to 332p for a British Blue from M Orr, Penston, MacMerry, and to £2253 for a Limousin from J Gilvear and Sons, Graystale, Stirling.

A 340kg British Blue from J Gilvear and Sons, Graystale, Stirling, led the bullock trade at 340p and £2183.

All classes of bulls averaged 262p and sold to 290p for a Simmental from W and P Stevenson, Ballingray, Fife, and to £2196 for a Limousin from J Burnett and Sons, Upper Spittalton, Blairdrummond.

On Tuesday, prime lambs met to a steadier trade having achieved an average of £121.95 with a SQQ of 276p and sold to 350p for Beltex from DS and RC Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, and to £167 for D Nicol, Auchtenny, Forgandenny.

A Beltex from AJ and G Orr, Lawhead of Stobwood, Forth, led the hogg trade at 304p and £149.

Stirling UA

Texels from Meadows of Ballied led United Auctions' new season lamb section at £180 and 382p per kg.

Among the hoggs it was crosses from Barnyards that led proceedings at £168 and 454p.

Texels led the ewes and tups at £178 from Barcaldine, and to £170 from Pitcairlie, respectively.


A buoyant demand was met at C and D Auction Marts' sale this week, with Texels leading the spring lambs at 378p for Newlands, Penrith, and to £180 for WH and M Sisson, Fenton, Brampton, and Cole Hill Farm, Elwick, Co Durham, also achieving that £180 price tag were Suffolks shown by Messrs Sherwen, Low Thorney, Egremont.

This section achieved an overall average of 335.7p with a SQQ of 337.7p.

A larger show of 2628 prime hoggs cashed in at 235.8p with a SQQ of 229.7p having sold to 304p for Cheviot hoggs from Creca Belty Farming Co., Blackrigg, Rockcliffe, and to £174 for Beltex from F Errington and Son, Hyde Park, Penrith.

Texel ewes topped at £230 from HM Martindale, The Land, Ecclefechan, with the same breed leading the rams at £235 for TD and JR Byers, Cubbyhill, Longtown.

A larger although more mixed offering of cows peaked at £1513 for an Angus from W Skilling, Cara View, Campbeltown, and to 202p for a Holstein from D Barbour and Co., Aucharua, Southend.


On Monday, Craig Wilson Ltd, witnessed a larger show of 1558 prime lambs forward to average 303.1p per kg, having sold to £166 for a Beltex lamb from Messrs Dunlop, West Enoch, and to 362p for another of the same of Messrs Shearer, East Revoch.

A joint top price of £230 was paid on two occasions both for Texel ewes firstly from J McWhirter, Underlaw, Darvel, and again for H Wardrop, South Craigton, Newton Mearns.

Hoggs averaged £67, having peaked at £92 for Charollais crosses from W Gibb, Bankhead, Galston.

On Tuesday, the firm held their weekly prime cattle sale, where bullocks averaged 288.9p and heifers cashed in at 294.9p.

Top price of 328p was for a Limousin cross bullock from the Smith family, North Boig, with heifers attaining a top price of 324p on two occasions, both for Limousins, one from Holehouse Farm, Inrine, and another coming from Messrs Smith, North Boig.

Young bulls sold to 268p for a Limousin off Giffordland, and to £1887.60 for a British Blue off Harelaw.


Limousin heifers from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie, led the way at Lawrie and Symington's weekly sale, when selling to 346p per kg and £2121.

Limousin bullocks sold to 310p from Greentower Farms, Lanark, and to £2211 from Messrs Taylor, South Arnloss, Slamanan.

Beef cows sold to £1970 for Penicuik Est, and to 247p for Messrs Hamilton, Bickertonhall, Whitburn.

A larger show of 691 lambs saw trade slightly sharper on week, achieving an average of 309p and a SQQ of 308p.

Texels led the section at £185 for Messrs Blackwood, Auldhouseburn, and to 425p from Messrs Padkin, Muirhouse.

The 544 prime hoggs peaked at £167 for Texels from Messrs Taylor, South Arnloss, and to 289p for Beltex from Messrs Wylie, Ladyurd, to level at 247p, with a SQQ of 252p.

A smaller show of 577 cast ewes still achieved an average of £101.37 having sold to £228 for Texels from Messrs Laird, Cambwell.

St Boswells

Cattle from Bee Edge, led proceedings at Harrison and Hetherington's sale, with bullocks and heifers to £2122.64 and £2085.44 respectively, with more heifers also topping the pence per kg section at 336p per kg.

Bullocks from Learielaw, made 319p.

Cast cows soared to £2119.50 for Wedderlie, and to 269p for Mosstower.

An average of £138 was achieved among the prime lambs having topped at £187 for Texels from the Knock, and to 365.2p for more of the same breed from Whitsome.

Texels also led the prime hoggs at £143 for Chesters Brae, having cashed in at £111.

A mixed show of cast sheep soared to £173 for a Texel ewe from C Weatherson, Roundabouts.


A great offering of 76 prime steers and heifers met a sharper trade on the week at Harrison and Hetherington's sale, where a top price of £2188.62 was paid for a 756kg British Blue cross steer from Messrs Dickinson, High House, Wigton.

Heifers reached £2063.95 for a 650kg Limousin from Messrs Scott, Dalton Hook, Lockerbie.

Some 300 cast cows and stock bulls sold to 271.5p for a 842kg cow from DA Harrison and Co, Hill House, Wigton.

Texels from Joseph and Julia Wilson, Meadow, Camerton, led the prime lambs at £182, with Beltex lambs from Alf Thompson, realising 410p. Hoggs sold to extreme rates having hit £152 for a Texel from W Errington, Hunley and to 300ppkg for another of the same from Cand D Rayson, Birch Craig.

Another large show of ewes attained £188 for Texels from TJ Magee, Ballymagorry with rams to £148 from Hall Bank.


Bullocks (10) and heifers (13) averaged 275.6p per kg (-0.7p) and 277.2p per kg (-14.4p) respectively at Dingwall and Highland Marts' sale.

Limousins led the bullock trade at 285.0p for a 565kg cross from Dunain Mains, Inverness, and to £2041.30 for a 745kg entry from Teawig, Beauly.

Prime heifers sold to 294.0p for a 615kg Limousin cross from Bridgend, Dingwall, and to £1998 for a 740kg Charolais cross from Groam, Kirkhill.

Also forward were 335 prime sheep, which witnessed a Texel ewe from Deas Avenue, Dingwall, lead the feeding sheep at £232.

A pair of 45kg Suffolk crosses from Glasstullich, Nigg, led the new season lambs (118) at 289.0p and £130.

Old season lambs (108) sold to 217.0p for a 46kg Mule from Achnabat, Torness, and to £115 for a pair of 59kg Cheviots from Dorrery, Scotscalder.

Castle Douglas

Wallets Marts sold 1062 prime and cast sheep on Tuesday, where 784 new season lambs averaged 287.79p per kg having topped at £140 for Suffolks from Messrs McConchie, Mossyard, and to 312.8p for Beltex from Messrs Jardine, Upper Hardland.

Cast sheep sold to £192 for Cheviot tups from Messrs Galloway, Gallahill, with ewes to £158 for Texels from Messrs Armstrong, Farhills.