Jeremy Clarkson has dismissed online rumours about how Clarkson’s Farm is filmed.

The hit Prime Video series documents life at Diddly Squat Farm in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, which Clarkson bought in 2008.

After initially airing in 2021, the third season of the popular show has been released this month with eight new episodes for fans to enjoy.

The former Top Gear star has faced some online rumours that the show may be scripted and not naturally filmed as suggested.

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The Scottish Farmer: Season three of Clarkson's Farm has been released on Prime Video.Season three of Clarkson's Farm has been released on Prime Video. (Image: Ellis O'Brien)

Dismissing the rumours, Clarkson took to social media to provide a tongue-in-cheek response to fans over the issue.

One fan on X said: “There's absolutely some scripting. Maybe not word for word, but some scenes are clearly planned.

“I don't care though, best show on TV for a long time.”

Another user agreed and added: “Without question. There’s no accidents here.

“So obvious the heart-tugging with Pepper the cow. The program is close tobeing storyboarded.”

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The Scottish Farmer: Jeremy Clarkson bought the farm in 2008.Jeremy Clarkson bought the farm in 2008. (Image: Ellis O'Brien)


Others on the social media platform commended the programme and its impact on supporting British farming.

“One of the best programmes you’ve created. Not that it takes much creating,” added another.

“Your job of simply running the farm and highlighting the issues of British farming makes for excellent television.

“A superb job you’re all doing.”

Clarkson responded: “You’re dead right. It isn’t created or written or planned. The cameras just film us doing stuff.”

Season Three of Clarkson’s Farm is now available to stream on Prime Video.