A NEW machine in the Malwa 560-series logging is being launched, the 560.4.

The most notable difference compared to previous models from the Swedish company is that the 560.4 new 2.8 litre CAT-engine meets the demands according to the Euro 5/Stage-V emissions standards.

The engine comes equipped with a particulate filter and catalyst. With all the checkpoints and filters now collected at the front under the hood, daily supervision has become easier and more accessible. It is also more silent and has better torque. The hydraulic pumps are now from Bosch Rexroth and the fuel tank is bigger.

Apart from the new engine, there are a couple of updates aiming to increase the performance and user friendliness of the machine. The control system has been modernized, with a larger touch screen and remote diagnostics as standard. There's a modem for operation info to transfer directly into your smart phone.

The harvester also comes with a stronger crane from FTG Cranes. It has more robust slewing power, crane pillar and main boom.

"Much of the work with 560.4 has been about, in collaboration with contractors and landowners, to further improve operational reliability, performance, service friendliness and comfort," said Malwa Forest founder Magnus Wallin. "Our aim is to provide the most sophisticated low impact logging machine on the market – and with 560.4, I think we have cemented our position further as one of the major players within the compact class."