Emma Kerr is the first full-time Carbon Manager appointed by Scottish Woodlands Ltd. tasked with advising investors and clients on how to derive green value from their forestry and land assets.

Ms Kerr, who joins the firm from Davidson and Robertson rural surveyors and consultants, is based in Dumfries and Galloway but will operate from a range of locations in Scotland and northern England.

"I am passionate about the future of natural capital and keen to specialise in this evolving area of land management," she said. "I understand that the necessity and opportunity to manage forestry, peatland and land in a sustainable way will be vital to seeking an environmental and economic equilibrium at a local and national level to reach Net Zero targets."

Scottish Woodlands' director of investment and business development, David Robertson, explained that Ms Kerr would carry out carbon assessments for clients, who were increasingly asking detailed questions about the carbon value of their woodlands: “She will focus on carbon assessments and carbon sales and marketing, advise farming and landowning clients about the Woodland Carbon Code and the Peatland Carbon Code, and help them to understand the natural capital assets of their land and how to derive the best future value from it. Another important aspect will be advising how woodland ownership can be used to ‘inset’ carbon to compensate for emissions within UK based businesses."