SCOT HEAT and Power has unveiled an exclusive partnership with Swedish bioheating leader Jernforsen and a "multi-million pound pipeline" of new projects.

Appearing at Glasgow’s All-Energy Exhibition and Conference for the first time, Scot Heat and Power announced that the new relationship would inspire fresh innovation and deliver greater value to the UK biomass market.

Jernforsen has delivered more than 1000 plants to clients across the world since it was founded in 1984, including working closely with the Swedish state university Linnéuniversitetet for almost 20 years. Recently, it has increasingly invested in smaller cogeneration plants of up to 5MWe, which it sees as a key growth market.

This parallels SHP's business progress – it currently supplies fuel and operates large boilers on behalf of clients including Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, St Andrews University, Aboyne Academy in Aberdeen, The State Hospital, Carstairs, and The Gleneagles Hotel – and the intention now is to leverage Jernforsen’s know-how into these and future UK projects, including wood processing, pellet production, and WID-compliant boilers.

Together, the two companies hope to realise lower operating costs, higher efficiency and greater reliability for clients through the pooling of their 40 years’ experience in the market.

SHP's managing director Malcolm Snowie said: “Like Jernforsen, our products are innovative, technically sophisticated, but simple and reliable to run, so the relationship is a natural one for us that we are certain will continue to deliver value, providing the most effective solutions that biomass and steam energy provides.

“SHP in particular is targeting fresh growth and is set to diversify into arboriculture, while maintaining a key focus on our core specialisms which remain the lifeblood of the business. In fact, we are set to yield several multi-million pound opportunities in the very near future that we look forward to announcing.

“It’s therefore an exciting time for us to talk about the considerable environmentally sustainable advances that we are now able to bring to the market as we look to further grow our interests. We see All-Energy as a significant strategic step in that direction as we look to further expansion both north and south of the border.”

Aside from its headline projects, SHP continues to enhance its own offering of efficient wood chip/wood pellet-fuelled boilers, specialising in 100Kw to 6MW biomass boilers, low temperature hot water boilers, steam applications, WID-compliant boilers, CHP, and district heating applications, working from multiple depots across Scotland, and its recently established new base in Cumbria.