IT'S been a strange old festive season and for many reasons, money might have been your 'present' from loved ones instead of a real one.

So why not go virtual to spend it on a host of new products for your or your horse?

Here's what's new to the market:

Rosehip for pregnant mares

The Scottish Farmer: Use the natural properties of rosehip to help look after your pregnant mare and her foalUse the natural properties of rosehip to help look after your pregnant mare and her foal

Nutrition plays a key role in horses at all times, especially when a mare is pregnant, but now you can give your horse a helping hand in a natural, entirely organic way with the use of Elite Equine 100% organic rosehip supplement.

Make sure you plan your breeding season ahead of time and start your mare on our organic rosehip before she heads off to stud in the spring.

Or if you already have a mare in foal then this supplement can help pregnant mares re-energize and ward off infection.

The supplement contains hand-picked rosehip, dried at temperatures that preserve the powerful, natural anti-inflammatory action it is known for. The high levels of vitamin C also encourage absorption of iron in the body making it even more valuable for pregnant mares.

Its pure grade of rosehip can help support your mare and her precious unborn foal naturally, organically and ethically.

Elite Equine contains no additives or preservatives and each tub is personalised with your mare’s name, at no extra cost. The supplement comes in a 1kg tub and is priced at £38 and can be fed throughout the pregnancy. Visit for more details.

Calming in-season mares

The Scottish Farmer: Looking after you breeding mare with this new product from NettexLooking after you breeding mare with this new product from Nettex

NETTEX is to launch its VIP Miracle Mare supplement in March in time for the main breeding season.

Many horse owners struggle with in-season mares as they can exhibit challenging behaviour, it said, and problems can occur when this becomes excessive, interfering with normal management, causing safety or performance issues.

This product is a non-magnesium supplement containing wheatgerm extract (WGE) which has been proven to help with challenging oestrus associated behaviour in mares in as little as 48 hours.

This key ingredient has prebiotic-like functionality which optimises gut flora balance helping the body’s own mechanisms regulate themselves, which in turn, supports mares that show signs of bad behaviour when in season. It has been developed by world-leading vets and scientists also contains B vitamins and natural botanical ingredients such as chasteberry, chamomile, vervain and red clover which also support healthy maintenance of the nervous system, metabolism and digestion.

Mares supplemented at the onset of oestrus, showed significant improvements in behaviour some in as little as 12 hours and, in all cases, by 36 hours to 48 hours.

It is fed just once a day at an average of 24g, depending on the size of your horse or pony, and it retails at £49.99 for a 1kg tub (lasting approximately 40 days for the average 500kg horse).

Charity T-shirt

The Scottish Farmer: Looks stylish and help charity with this new T-ShirtLooks stylish and help charity with this new T-Shirt

A stylish charity t-shirt that brings hope for the future, while at the same time raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

DVR Equestrian's ‘Tees for Charities, Tees for Change’ collection, has been supplemented by the unisex ‘Courage Tee’ made from certified fair wear 100% organic cotton.

It encourages the wearer to 'Inhale Courage, Exhale Fear' as per the slogan on the front.

Featuring a DVR logo print on the left sleeve in sky blue, it’s nice and long in length with a great fit, tucked in or left out, worn with breeches, joggers or jeans.

Part of the profits from every sale will go to the CFT because a valued team member, Nicole, has CF.

Horse riding is great for fitness and mental health and DVR chose this charity to help raise our awareness of people battling with the disease.

The T-shirts can be found under the ‘Tees for Charities, Tees for Change’ section on the website: – they cost £21.99, are available in navy and pink and sizes XXS to XL.