A SCOTTISH NFU plan for dealing with the goose menace in Islay achieved unanimous support, in 1987.

The proposed scheme, which was to involve scaring the geese onto designated reserves was announced following a visit to the island by NFUS vice-president John Goodfellow.

He said: "After an extensive tour of the island, I am more than ever convinced of the need for positive action, either to drive these birds into the reserves which have been designated, or introduce measures to manage the goose population."

10 years ago

- It was reported that milk processors and retailers who were shirking on the 2ppl price increases to dairy farmers could be named, shamed and targeted.

This was the warning issued by NFU Scotland and backed by leading co-op, First Milk, which had told its producers that their October milk price increase will be just 1.1p.

- It was expected that the predicted world shortages of malting barley would create a strong upward price movement, according to industry specialists.

Growers admitted supplies would be tight and Gerald Prior, chairman of the Maltsters Association of Great Britain, put this down to "unprecedented multiple crop failures."

- Quality Meat Scotland was making it easier for crofters to become quality assured. This followed discussions with crofting interests which allowed it to revise its standard pricing structure which would make membership more affordable for crofting members.

25 years ago

- It was revealed there was a potential British market for 10,000 goat carcases each week worth some £23 million a year, provided production and marketing are properly organised.

A rosy future for goat farming as an attractive alternative or complementary enterprise for hill farmers and as a paying proposition for low ground units on a dairying basis, was projected by Dr Angus Russell of the Macauley Land Use Research Institute.

- A further £100,000 was added to an agricultural development programme on Skye.

Sponsored by the Highlands and Islands Development Programme, it had been innundated with applications from crofters to carry out "comprehensive" development schemes.

The scheme was designed to overcome the particular problems of small scale crofting agriculture.

50 years ago

- The pig production industry received criticism, with The Scottish Farmer saying it rides on a perpetual switchback and is either plunging sickeningly downwards or careering steeply upwards. No action that had been taken had been able to give production a steady run. This was worrying as pigs reflected changes in prices more swiftly and dramatically than any other farm livestock.

- The last Clydesdales crossed the Atlantic for America for 1987 aboard the Donaldson Line ship Letitia. The lot comprised seven females and three geldings, and they were shipped by Mr Peter M Sharp, Nether Logie, Eassie, Angus, to clients in the US and Canada.

100 years ago

- Popular 'Household' columnist Gretchen gave a recipe for 'a tasty sauce': "Chop finely two onions and fry till coloured in 1 oz. of butter; then add a wineglass full of vinegar, and pepper and salt to taste. Boil for five minutes, then thicken with flour, add a few drops of made mustard, curd of browning (if the colour is not deep enough). The flavour may be heightened, if desired by a drop or two of ketchup or any other flavouring liked."