In July, 1942 ...

Grain prices for the week ended July 11, 1942

British wheat 15s 5d/cwt

British barley 57s 3d/cwt

British oats 14s 10d/cwt

Potatoes price per ton - Golden wonder, 160s; Kerr's Pink, 125s

Eggs wholsale – Category 1, 17s 6d, per 120 and Category 2, 15s.

Cheese – Scottish Cheddar – Cheddar loaf, Dunlop, Canadian and New Zealand, 99s 2d per tonne.

Aberdeen – Messrs Reith and Anderson , had forward 327 cattle, 19 calves and 105 sheep. Home-bred bullocks sold to £20, 12s 6d; heifers to £31, 12s 6d; stirks to £14 2s 6d; Irish bulling heifers to £21, 15s; stots to £29; home-bred calved cows to £29, 17s and 6d; calving cows to £35; Irish calved cows to £44, calving to £50; young calves, £4. Suffolk cross lambs to 65s 6d; greyface hoggs to 59s 6d and Cheviot wedder hoggs to 52s.

Any other item – Bankrupt stock – "Mens highest grade heavy 'Maybole' Tackety Boots, regular 29s 6d for 19s and 11d pair; 'Superior Barhide' ackety or sparable 'Maybole boots regular 45s grade for 27s 6d pair; 'Worlds Best Maybole Craigdhu' tackety regular 50s boots, for 30s pair; 'Auchincruive heavy kip tackety hill boots, regular 65s, for 43s 6d, pair.