Knockando Woolmill, in Aberlour in Speyside, is proud to introduce a new range of single farm North Country Cheviot Wool Yarn produced from wool from Dalrachie Farm's annual clip – the farm is located just 12 miles from the woolmill. Sourcing the wool directly from the farm means the mill can follow the journey from lamb to skein, and helps ensure they produce a sustainable product of the highest quality possible. Processing wool from local North Country Cheviot sheep carries on a 230-year tradition that has been at the heart of the district mill for generations.

All Knockando Woolmill knitting yarn is processed on Grade A listed machinery dating from 1870 - 1910, and is hand washed to ensure the best finish possible.

The Woolmill is one of the few surviving examples of a traditional district mill, and worked with local farmers by converting the fleece from their sheep into cloth and blankets.

The Woolmill is now developing new products as well as re-vitalising old ones, such as the production of natural knitting yarns and bespoke tartans & tweeds.

The mill sits on the same site it has occupied for more than 230 years and it has recently underwent an extensive restoration, and is now wholly owned by a charitable Trust.

This range of yarn is being launched at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival on March 15-17. For more information go to: For more information on Edinburgh Yarn Festival, go to: