MEGHAN Markle probably gave the world one of the best examples of wedding make-up ever, and her look is the kind that brides try to replicate.

Now the Duchess of Sussex, not a whole lot has been revealed about what products were used on her face for the royal wedding, but one can only imagine said products cost a bit of money.

Fear not – everyone can recreate Meghan’s perfect wedding look, and here are some tips to ensure you are looking like your 'best self' on your big day:

We hear it all the time, but skincare is key to your make-up looking its best, particularly if you are planning to go with a natural look on your wedding day. But it doesn’t have to be overly expensive. There are plenty of products out there, available in Boots and Superdrug, at reasonable prices which do the job perfectly, and there are just three simple steps which are the best way to care for your skin: cleanse, tone and moisturise. Do that morning and night before your big day, and your skin will be flawless, meaning your make-up will sit perfectly.

Obviously there are lots of other skincare options, too, but those three steps are a great starting point. For more intense tips about skincare, visit:

Drink plenty of water. Yawn. But it is a fantastic way of hydrating your skin, from within.

If you are planning to get your make-up done, go for a trial before the big day. This, of course, will cost you around the same as the actual wedding day make up, but it is worth it, because it gives you and the make-up artist plenty of time to discuss exactly what your make-up style is like, so that you look as much like yourself as possible on your big day.

For those of you doing your own make-up, have a trial run yourself at home, and make sure your base matches the colour of your neck line – nobody wants an awful orange neck line on their wedding day – and don’t stray too much away from a make-up look that your normally go for, otherwise you won’t feel like yourself.

Make sure your eyebrows are well-groomed, and start this well in advance of your big day. Eyebrows really frame the face, and they can ensure your make-up looks complete and makes your overall finish look neat and tidy.

Sadly we cannot all look like Meghan Markle, but it is possible to recreate a natural and well-groomed look, ensuring you, too, look like the best version of yourself.