Keeping the kids busy throughout the show is made so much easier with the help of the fantastic range of activities held throughout the showground. Some have to be booked, others are drop in sessions. Have a read through our list to see where your kids should be, and when.

This year is the The Royal Highland Education Trust’s (RHET) 20th anniversary and they host The RHET Children’s Discovery Centre, located on Avenue Q which is open from 9am to 5pm over the four days of the show.

RHET organises a variety of hands-on activities for children along with a selection of partners and organisations which can be found in both The Centre and across the showground.

Keep in mind places are limited and are in high demand during 10am-2pm.

Bookable activities

(Get there early and book to join in the fun)

QMS Scotch Beef Cookery Theatre

Learn about a balanced diet whilst preparing fresh ingredients to create your own healthy tasty dishes, incorporating Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb and Specially Selected Pork.

30 minutes | age 7+ | RHET Discovery Centre Provided

Baking with RHET

Discover more about some of the fantastic ingredients Scotland has to offer and use these to make yourself either a sweet or savoury scone.

30 minutes | ages 3-15 | RHET Discovery Centre Provided

Poo Power, with Bobby the Jobby!

The educational aim of the activity is to raise children’s awareness of the value in waste. Teaching them for example, how we generate electricity and fertiliser from waste products in a fun and informative way!

20 minutes | All ages | RHET Discovery Centre

100 years of Forestry in Scotland

Come and explore what has happened to our forests over time. The interactive session will start with how forestry was done in 1919 and then travel to 2019 to see what changes there has been. What will our forests look like 100 years ahead in 2119?

30 minutes | all ages | RHET Discovery Centre

Honey Tent

Experience what it is like to be a beekeeper and try to find the Queen bee. Find out how bees make honey, taste some honey and make a beeswax candle.

30 minutes | All ages | Honey tent

Tractors and Combine Harvesters to feed the world

Take a tour round the agricultural machinery on the New Holland stand with discussions on the products and the use of technology in agriculture.

15 minutes | All ages | Agricultural Machinery Area, Avenue S

Minibeast safari

Minibeast Safari Insects play an important role in our agricultural ecosystems as pollinators of crops, natural enemies of pests, and food for other creatures. Knowing what wildlife lives where and how many there are, is important in protecting the environment. Come and help us spot and record our insect friends in this citizen science workshop.

40 minutes | primary age | West Gate (RSPB main location is on 4th avenue, stand 469)

Drop-in sessions

Please drop into the following sessions, over all four days of the show, they are located either in the RHET Discovery Centre or at a noted location on the showground.

Dairy session

Learn about where milk comes from, and milk our life-size Mabel! Discuss milk products as well as trying some.

Location: RHET Discovery Centre

Jobfarm: 2019

Following on from the RHASS 2018 Presidential Initiative, JobFarm will be in the RHET Discovery Centre this year. Are you looking for work experience as either a student or a host farm? Pop in to see us to find out about opportunities in your area.

Location: RHET Discovery Centre.

Landbased Engineering

Agricultural machinery is a huge part of the industry and the use of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) is constant. From computers, costs, calibration and consoles, see how farmers use STEM daily.

Location: RHET Discovery Centre

Food glorious food

Hands on experiment to explore role of colour in fruit – antioxidant properties and link to health. Exhibit will explore how what’s on our plates may change in the coming years. Kids will have the opportunity to explore current and future ‘plates of food’ options. (NB this is not tasting). What do they think about future food options and why?

Location: RHET Discovery Centre

The RHET Tram Trail

Pick up a map at the RHET Children’s Discovery Centre and follow the Tram Trail around the showground. Stop at different locations to answer questions related to food, farming and the countryside, and be in with the chance of winning an iPad.

Location: RHET Discovery Centre

Quality Meat Scotland

Have a go at lambing a sheep, take part in a quiz with officers from the Scottish SPCA and find out more about red meat and your health and a healthy balanced diet. Win a goodie bag. The stand also has butchery and cooking demonstrations which you are welcome to watch and maybe even try a tasty dish!

Location: Avenue O, provided by QMS

The Scottish Partnership Against Rural Crime

Go and see the new police tractor complete with blue lights! Plus learn about what goes on in rural communities to see if you can make a difference and help SPARC make Scotland a safer place.

Location: Avenue H, Stand 159

For event timings, please see the RHS website