This poem was written by 12-year-old Keira Greaney of Usk Monmouthshire, even though she has never actually attended the Royal Highland Show. Her dad, Pat, thinks that maybe she picked up the importance of it from him over many years of attending.

So, Farmer Dells trailer was loaded up,

And he waved goodbye to Jess the pup,

With his overalls torn and his hair rough,

His peak cap and his wellies tough,

He leapt in the old land rover,

The anxious wait was finally over,

For Farmer Dell and his cow crew,

And all the other farmers too!

They were off on their way to the Highland Show.

Farmer Dell was very jolly,

And he loved dearly his wife, Polly,

This show meant the world to them,

And if they didn’t win then…

They’d lose the farm,

And to Farmer Dell that would cause harm,

Farming was all he knew,

As phones are to me and you,

And you see he isn’t very smart,

But with a large smile and an open heart,

He could do anything and go anywhere he wanted to go,

And where we went was The Highland Show!

Farmer Dell peered out the window,

And realised he was far from the show,

He saw wavy seas and beaches with tons of sand,

This looked nothing like Scotland!

Despite this weird turn of events,

With no cows or show tents,

Farmer Dell turner around,

Making a happy humming sound,

He left the seaside and was ready to go,

A long road to The Highland Show.

After all the driving he had arrived,

His smile even more wide,

Farmer Dell had competed his pilgrimage,

And showed his cows with pride and courage,

When he got back he told his wife the news,

And showed his ribbons of reds and blues,

Their farm was safe for another year,

Polly grinned from ear to ear,

And it was all thanks to the greatest farmer and husband as well,

The fantastic, the best Farmer Dell!

By Keira Greaney, age 12,

Duffryn Farm,