Meet The Batch Lady at this year’s Royal Highland Show, the next cooking sensation that is going to hit, by heading to Scotland’s Live Cookery Theatre on the Saturday and Sunday of the show, and allow her to take you on a journey which lowers your stress levels and saves you time and money in the kitchen.

The Batch Lady, aka Suzanne Mulholland, has become well known across Scotland and beyond for her batch cooking videos and demonstrations which she shares online with her growing number of social media followers which has reached 60,000 and growing!

Suzanne specialises in showing you how to batch-cook simple recipes in large batches that you can then freeze, ready to be taken out the freezer for healthy meals at a moment’s notice.

You can browse her website, download recipes and watch videos that show you exactly how to make each recipe individually. She also has her batch videos, which shows you how to make up to 12 meals in one hour. She says her meals are fast, simple, home made meals.

She organises her meals around one main ingredient, eg, minced beef. Then you will be shown in her video how to start cooking the beef, taking portions of it to add further ingredients to, to make burgers, meatballs, fajitas, chilli, spagetti bolognaise, cottage pie, all from the one ingredient. You then put your food in zip lock freezer bags, flatten them down and chuck ‘em in the freezer. She has recipes for chicken, fish, vegetables, desserts, everything you would need to feed a hungry family.

What did come to mind was that this would be a terrific time-saver when you have many mouths to feed, I’m thinking around silage or harvest time when the farm is usually full of people working dawn till dusk and expecting to be fed .

More recently, Suzanne has also become a media sensation and, just last week, she signed a book deal with Harper Collins.

Admired for the simplicity of her recipes, her ease in front of an audience and for helping to lower the kitchen stress levels of busy people, Suzanne’s invaluable tips are loved by thousands – soon to be millions.

On Friday and Saturday of the show at 11am, you can see Suzanne in the famous Cookery Theatre at the fabulous Royal Highland Show, and replicate her tips to shave valuable time off your weekly meal preparation.

Suzanne says: “Life is a constant juggle and as well as working hard and taking care of a busy household we are all frequently being told that we need to take more time out for ourselves in order to reduce stress, retain a sense of personal identity, restore balance and have enough energy left for the more enjoyable things in life.

“I can help you to achieve this elusive balance. When we end up not being organised and grabbing supper from the corner shop at the last minute, we spend more money and generally eat less healthily, thus compounding the stress effect.

“My batch recipes, videos and demonstrations are all about reducing hassle, giving people some valuable time back, unburdening their mental load, helping to save them money and, let’s never forget, giving them healthy and wholesome recipe ideas that the whole family will enjoy.

“I aim to show a new up to date way of easy planning and cooking so that all this previous effort and stress could instead be put into a simple one hour on a weekend, creating six prepped meals, with no food waste and minimal time spent cooking.

“Come and watch me in Scotland’s Live Cookery Theatre at The Royal Highland Show in June and allow me to help simplify your life!

“If you can’t make it, follow me on social media instead, I’m easy to find!”


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